Biotin for hair growth: how long does it take for biotin to work? 

Should you be suffering from hair thinning and be seeking for a helpful method for hair growth, we would mention biotin as the top-searched keyword. From the users’ review, so far, biotin has done a good job in recovering hair loss. It is a good deal actually. However, the big question of first-time users should be ‘how long does it take for biotin to work’. In other words, you ask about how long you need to wait.

If you are curious about this hair growth supplement, do not ignore biotin right at this moment. In this article, we will ascertain that biotin has the potential to help you. Go and explore it with us!

What is magical biotin?

Before rushing to know ‘how long does it take for biotin to work’, we need to grasp a rounded knowledge of biotin (( Why? Because biotin must be a new name to many people; however, it is just because you do not take enough notice of. Biotin, in its nature, is everywhere in such products as banana, nuts, avocado, mushrooms, and eggs but in small amounts.

There is a wide variety of different names for biotin. In other articles of various authors, you may happen to see coenzyme R (( vitamin B7 or vitamin H. If so, they all want to refer to biotin. Besides its natural appearance in food, biotin is also available in form of supplements which you can purchase in both pharmacies and some online retailers.

In prescriptions, the manufacturers will provide you with the usage, dosage and how long does it take for biotin to work. However, in just a few lines, you cannot be convinced. Therefore, we sincerely hope that after this guide, you are no longer upset and obsessed with your hair loss. Let biotin do its work.

how long does it take for biotin to work
Vitamin B7, also called biotin, is not limited to mushrooms and eggs. If you want to naturally absorb it, do not skip this useful infographic (Source: Internet)

Biotin deficiency causes illness and diseases

Perhaps, it is beyond your domains but biotin deficiency is a major cause of several illness and diseases. Therefore, before diving into the result by urgently asking ‘how long does it take for biotin to work’, please take your time and know the threat is real. Once you are feeling nervous, you are aware of the importance of taking pills. No coffins, no tears.

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Vitamins, in general, all do good to your body. Once your body is lack of this vitamin, your hair and nails would be affected first. Biotin shortage causes hair loss immediately and brittle young nails at the same time. Without timely treatment, you will be likely to get diabetes and high blood pressure.

how long does it take for biotin to work
So, it is vital that you should eat healthily and eat well. In order not to be low on biotin, your body needs supplying with food rich in vitamins and minerals (Source: Internet)

Before requesting us to answer your question in terms of ‘how long does it take for biotin to work’, have you ever thought that biotin deficiency is very rare and if we say that it is true, what would you react to that news? Do not feel too worried about your special case.

In the viewpoint of scientists, lack of biotin is rare because of the fact that biotin is available in a wide range of food and a necessary amount of biotin that human body needs is pretty small. To be honest, the average person does not have to take biotin supplement.

how long does it take for biotin to work
This is the recycling cycle of biotin. Beware before it is too late to recognize. It is good for you and your family as well. (Source: Internet)

Thanks to the list we provide you with in the previous part, you can easily get vitamin B7 from them. For example, to add eggs or whole wheat bread in your daily menu is such an easy as a pie thing. However, why do you consist that you get the genuine shortage?

It is necessary to note that our bodies are able to recycle the absorbed biotin themselves. In this case, working with medical professional would be beneficial to create a personalized eating plan and dosage of biotin in form of pills. Once again we want to repeat that ‘how much and how long does it take for biotin to work’ should rely on your health stage and you must be thoroughly followed. Do not take anything in at random.

Using biotin for many reasons and hair growth is one of those

Biotin is good for our health and body. This vitamin helps to produce energy in your body by altering food into glucose ((, fatty acids (( and amino acids ((, which has a positive effect on your hair, skin, and nails. For this reason, it is popularly called as beauty vitamin.

how long does it take for biotin to work
Ask for biotin in any pharmacy or retail shop and you would love to hear their piece of advice for a suitable type (Source: Internet)

It is the case that you can utilize it to treat a great number of conditions but depending on individuals, this has a personal usage to achieve their goal.  Over the years, it has been revealed that using vitamin B7 for hair growth is a common target among a large community of thin hair people.

According to a “Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Study” carried out in November 2017 and published in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, the biotin nutritional supplement is proven to increase hair growth for patients after a period of 90 to 180 days.

how long does it take for biotin to work
Feedback from patients who receive the biotin supplement (Source: Internet)

For those who need a simple understanding, biotin has a substance to activate the metabolism of protein in your hair roots and fingernail cells as well. Should your hair follicles are weak or in unhealthy conditions, take a biotin supplement. Nevertheless, take note that depending on your desired results, ‘how long does it take for biotin to work’ would be changed. 

How much dose of biotin should you take for a treatment?

Biotin myths and be alert

As we mention above, biotin deficiency is rare and you should only take it under the instructions of professional doctors. Biotin pills are good in terms of nutrients actually but spending too much love on complementing biotin should be something similar to an advertisement or something. We do not want that happens on our website.

how long does it take for biotin to work
We perceive that your wish is appropriate. However, do not put ‘how long does it take for biotin to work’ on number 1 of your priorities. Be beautiful in the safest way, please. (Source: Internet)

Therefore, like other medications, biotin does have side effects on some medications and on certain medical conditions. Currently, it is lucky to learn that there are no known adverse side effects of biotin which is taken as prescribed. However, too much biotin pills are something that is worth your anxiety.

Excess biotin consumption may provoke endogenous sirtuin activity, which facilitates inflammation and collagen disposition, together with cellularity and age-related metabolic matters. However, on record, outside of acne which is an understandable consequence after taking some dose, these side effects are tolerable to children and most women who are the two vulnerable subjects.

how long does it take for biotin to work
Remember to ask how much you should take before rushing to know ‘how long does it take for biotin to work’. Side effects are tolerable but it is much better if you have no irritating things. (Source: Internet)

If you take time to browse through Quora with the keyword biotin, you may happen to see hundreds of threads related to this vitamin treatment. We have seen many women sharing that they are willing to take very high levels of biotin because they need a fast and furious method for their surprising glamor.

We are not in a hurry to make any judgment and all we do is to hear their experience and feedback. These high intake levels all turn out to be safe in the end regardless of several uncomfortable feelings as we have aforementioned. To our expectations, they are all well with their dream come true.

However, everything just lets time tell. Even researchers have not come to a conclusion whether high accumulation of biotin over an extended time period is likely to pose any health threats.

how long does it take for biotin to work
Biotin in form of pills (Source: Internet)

We do not try to discourage or scare you but we do want you to be careful in choosing this medical method. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, which is inevitable. However, before taking a regimen of hair growth supplements, do speak with your medical doctor or professional.

What we really urge you to do is to focus on your eating habits. Eat healthily, eat on a balanced diet and you will get plenty of biotins. For those who desire to follow this ‘small-rain-lays-great-dust’ method, we will present in the next part. For those who attempt to get the quick result, you must pay much attention to the appropriate dosage.

How much dose of biotin should you take for a treatment?

In spite of toxicity risks you may, unfortunately, be exposed to, it is vital to highlight that there is no official instruction related to the daily intake of biotin. Studies have revealed that two factors should be considered before doctors determine an appropriate dosage. They are your age and your current health conditions. They are also the factors that determine ‘how long does it take for biotin to work’.

It is the case that based on individuals, the dosage of vitamin B7 should be prescribed. However, should you still need a guide to do it yourself for your hair growth, please take a close look at the so-called standard dosage limits suggested by the Institute of Medicine (note: mcg means micrograms).


  • 30 mcg for adults aged over 18 years old
  • 25 mcg for young adults whose age ranges from 14 to 18
  • 20 mcg for children who are 9 to 13 years old
  • 12 mcg for children ages 4 to 8 years old
  • 8 mcg for children ages 1 to 3 years old
  • 7 mcg for children under 12 months old
  • 35 mcg for pregnant women

In fact, most recommended hair and nail supplements possess 2500 mcg or more. This information will lead you to the conclusion that toxicity is highly likely. Nevertheless, do not forget that biotin is the water-soluble vitamin and that toxicity is rare indeed.

how long does it take for biotin to work
Stare at this fabulous hair that you have been secretly longing for. Now, it is high time for us to tell you ‘how long does it take for biotin to work’. (Source: Internet)

How long does it take for biotin to work?

While the evidence that biotin decreases hair loss is not strong enough to convince the academic circles, biotin is still utilized by amateur users and the results all turn out to live up to their expectations.

how long does it take for biotin to work
Whether biotin is the magical treatment or not depends on how you use it and if you use it in the right way suggested by the doctors (Source: Internet)

In fact, while some bodies are pleasant to absorb these vitamin pills and they work quickly, some may not provide a proper working environment for capsules to survive. Therefore, a slower outcome is produced. In other special cases, they claim that little improvements in their hair growth are not worth it to them.

When it comes to the question ‘how long does it take for biotin to work’, we would say that it is better to divide changes into stages in which you can see several physical alterations both in your hair and skin. There are 6 remarkable landmarks that you should bear in mind.

Now, let’s get started with these stages that most users agree upon from their experience with biotin.

A week after usage

After just one week of usage, do not feel disappointed and get bored with the result. It is up to our prediction that your expected outcome does not come up at this point. Your body will use the first amount of biotin absorbed for other more essential processes. Therefore, biotin supplements are not sufficient to make changes in your hair and skin. If there are changes, they are so negligible that you feel discouraged.

A month after using biotin supplement treatment


In this phase, it would be glad for most people to see some minor but recognizable changes. However, as we reason before, results of biotin vary from person to person. Your hair may appear slight changes that will bring you to cloud nine or it is just a dream that you are longing for.

In other words, changes could be visible but changes could be invisible. We understand that you are losing your patience and at some points during the first month, you tend to think that biotin is just a fraud of online marketing and it is never effective.

Just keep calm, be patient and keep using vitamin B7 in form of pills on a regular basis!

2 months after your usage

At this point, you will no longer need to moan with pain about ‘how long does it take for biotin to work’. You can have a bright smile now as the results are clear. Biotin will make differences to the color and the appearance of your strands. From now on, you keep being surprise at the magic of biotin supplements.

how long does it take for biotin to work
Be beautiful because you deserve. Let’s take care of your own beauty by providing with your hair enough biotin (Source: Internet)

You are likely to see several noticeable signs of hair growth. We are sure that you are completely talked into by biotin. Your appearance will change thanks to positive new hair. 2 months can be considered as a satisfactory time because you can both enjoy the gradually thicker hair and say no to acnes or unwanted breakouts.

3 months after usage

At this point, you do not change anymore. You are a new version of yourself, actually. Hair growth is too noticeable for others to recognize and your skin color is different as well. Overall, everything seems to improve from the appearance to quality. It is high time for you to enjoy complimentary comments from your network.

how long does it take for biotin to work
People keep telling you are great and you are not obsessed with ‘how long does it take for biotin to work’anymore. (Source: Internet)

4 months after using biotin for hair growth

Clear is not enough to describe the changes at this moment. They would be huge and comprehensible. You can see them in your own appearance, growth, color, texture, and length too. Transformation should be reflected both in quantity and quality. You can feel your longer, darker and more lustrous strands with your own hands.

6 months after usage – final stage of the answer to the question ‘how long does it take for biotin to work’

So, this is really the end of taking biotin supplements on a regular basis. Changes are no longer related to your hair appearance. After such an investment, your follicles and roots of strands are strong enough to be replenished.

Now, let’s go outside with your bared head and be confident to claim that your healthy and attractive hair is your own treasure!

Some other ways to stimulate hair growth you can refer

  • Coconut oil

Coconut oil is the best hair care ingredient from nature. With natural nutrients and antibacterial ingredients, coconut oil, when used to condition hair, will help smooth hair, restore damaged, clean dandruff and help hair grow quickly and thicker. In addition, quality coconut oil can also be used to eat and drink directly. You can prepare coconut oil with dishes or dilute the oil into a cup of warm water to drink every morning, which will effectively nourish healthy hair from the inside.

  • Grapefruit peel

Grapefruit peel can be used to boil shampoo or distill it into grapefruit essential oil. These two methods are both effective in stimulating hair growth quickly. For grapefruit essential oil, to maximize the use, you should put essential oil into a spray bottle, after shampooing and drying your hair, spray the essential oil evenly into the hair roots and gently massage. You can spray once more in the early morning when you wake up, the thinning areas of thinning hair will be significantly improved.

  • Aloe

Aloe vera is a medicinal drug for skin and hair due to its high content of vitamin E. For cases of women losing hair due to hormonal changes, this is a perfect savior, because aloe vera supplementing the scalp skin with vitamin E deficiency due to hormonal hormone depletion. Usage is simple: take fresh aloe vera gel onto the scalp from 30 minutes to 2 hours or mix it into conditioner to rinse the hair after each shampoo to bring about the desired hair growth results.

  • Honey

Pure honey is a natural moisturizer and antibacterial agent, so in addition to enhancing the body’s resistance, beauty effects on the skin, honey when used for hair care also brings nutrients especially good for scalp, helps hair grow more and stronger. Use honey to dry hair twice a week and wash it with shampoo and clean water with a few drops of lemon juice. Persist after about 2 months, you will surely be surprised by the effectiveness that this method brings.

  • Green tea leaf

With high anti-oxidant (( and bactericidal properties thanks to its high content of vitamins and minerals, green tea is the most widely used ingredient to beautify and improve the appearance of skin and hair. Using water from green tea leaves to shampoo your hair will give you a clean, dandruff hair that is stronger and thicker than normal shampooing.

  • Castor oil

Not as common as coconut oil or olive oil, but castor oil is also one of the oils that are good for human health, often used in combination with dishes. In castor oil contains ricinoleate ((, oleate (( and linoleates, essential nutrients for the human body. In addition, castor oil also has vitamin E, omega 3 & 9 along with natural antibacterial properties suitable for beautifying skin and hair. You can use castor oil as an annealing cream to restore damaged hair, thicken hair, moisturize hair follicles thereby stimulating hair regrowth and growth. With benign characteristics and very light scent (almost hard to smell), castor oil is suitable for all subjects, including men.

  • Apple

As a fruit that contains a lot of vitamin B2, apples provide superior antioxidant properties for the body and help hair grow up to 70%. Therefore, just using a pure apple mixture to incubate the hair or use apple cider vinegar, cider to soak up the scalp with cotton wool will make hair grow faster, growing in areas of thinning or bald hair.

  • Lemongrass

Using lemongrass combined with a grapefruit peel to shampoo or use citronella oil in combination with hair conditioner oil is effective to nourish healthy and antibacterial hair follicles to prevent dandruff, thereby causing hair to shed less, hair grow much up. In addition, the fragrant lemongrass will definitely make you feel comfortable and relaxed every time you apply this method.

Final thought

In this article, there are some domains that we are not certain to say. They are just some standard guidelines that you can stick to or not and there is really no absolute answer to such a question as ‘how long does it take for biotin to work?’ and ‘does biotin really work?’. We all know that in this bustle and hustle life, time is something so precious but if you have not noticed any changes since you took biotin supplements, do visit doctors or the nearest pharmacy.

From our point of view, it would be better for you to hear from other users to share their experience, their satisfaction, and their pain as well. We believe that commercial things do not have the power to talk you into. Only word-of-mouth could do its work.

#1. I began trying biotin supplements for hair growth approximately 3 years ago and 1000mg did not work. I had no reactions or changes. Then, I tried to increase the amount from 1000 to 5000 and 7500. I never suffer from breakouts and my hair is thicker now. My advice is to take biotin pill from the smallest dose and work your way.

#2. Although I might experience breakout sometimes more than usual, in general, it was not enough to interrupt me from continuing to make my dream hair come true. My hair did grow thicker and stronger, which is what I long for. However, my nails do not show up any differences.

#3. Biotin using is a nightmare all the time to me while I am wishing for a more lustrous hair. Some months ago, I was advised to take biotin supplements by a friend. Everything was alright in the first few days then when biotin infused hair products that I had been taking advantage of, unluckily it gave me the most cystic acne I had had in life. From then on, biotin is in my blacklist because I only calm down once I stop using it. If you have an intention of biotin trial, get a small extract to see if you have terrible reactions or not.

#4. I have been taking it for 3 months and all I can see is my original hair and nails. How long does it take for biotin to work for me? I am really looking forward to…

how long does it take for biotin to work
Some other comments from a forum where women can have their own beauty world to live with (Source: Internet)

It is like a funnel of all the positive and negative comments. However, the final decision is yours now. Let’s be reckless once and have your own experience because we know that if you do not try, you will regret someday but remember 2 things for us. If it works for your hair, please share your case. If it does not or you, unfortunately, get side effects, go to the doctor to get the prescription. Good luck!

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