How long does it take to bleach hair to have a good hairstyle

I am sure you have probably heard about bleaching hair for a long time. Bleaching hair is removing the original color from your hair with the process of oxidation. Besides highlight, bleach hair is one of the trends in the young, who maybe want to change and perform their personalities. However, few people know an answer to the question how long does it take to bleach hair and what exactly it is. Therefore, here are some useful information about bleaching hair and some related information about it. Also, one can make his decision about bleached hair.

How long does it take to bleach hair?

how long does it take to bleach hairs
Bleaching hair ( Source: Internet)

After you have your hair bleached, you can wash it out on your own in some minutes with a sprayer at a sink or in a shower. Since when you bleach hair, the original color will be removed color because the effects of bleach on your hair last long until you change other colors.

The period of time for growing hair from the scalp is slow and the average speed is about 1/2 inch per month, the new hair will be the original color. One can apply hair dye over bleached hair to restore color to it. Bleaches can be very harmful to your hair. You had better get some advice from the hair professors.

How long does it take to bleach black hair?

how long does it take to bleach hairs
Black hair to blond hair by bleaching (Source: Internet)

Getting hair bleached is considered one of the favorite trends for women and every woman also wants to try it one time in her life. However, if your hair is naturally very dark, the effect of bleaching is a disaster. So, you should follow some steps to have beautiful bleaching hair.

Step one: Firstly, divide your hair into four parts ( 2 at the front of your head, and 2 at the back) and secure each part with clips.

Step two: Next, mix the bleaching powder and cream developer based on the instructions on the product packaging. You should mix correctly to have a good mixture for your hair.

Step three: The next step, brush the mixture on your hair from the hair ends to the roots, but don’t brush the root

Step Four: After four sections have been finished, continue to bleach your roots

Step Five: Now cover a plastic cap or bag over your hair and wait about 1 hour. Remember to check the color every ten minutes.

Note: Some notes you should consider for bleaching the hair:

To have a good hairstyle thanks to bleaching, your hair must be in good condition, and you should wait at least a month after perming or straightening—if you don’t, your hair will become damaged after bleaching. In addition, it’s better if you don’t wash your hair for a couple of days before bleaching. That way is good for your scalp because it can be less sensitive to chemicals.

How long does it take bleached hair to grow out?

how long does it take to bleach hairs
How long for bleached hair to grow out naturally at home (Source: Internet)

Having bleached the hair, people usually wonder a question how much time it takes for bleached hair grow. As usual, the average speed for normal hair is about 0.5 inches per month depending on your kind of hair and what kind of hair you get.

For bleached hair, it can not come back to its original color so there is a quick method for this problem is to cut them off, but if you don’t want to have a short hair, there is no solution except for waiting it to grow gradually. However, you also can some techniques for growth and stimulation such as multivitamins, scalp massage, and essential oils.

How long does it take to bleach hair with peroxide?

how long does it take to bleach hairs
Bleaching hair with peroxide (Source: Internet)

Hydrogen peroxide is an ingredient in most hair product. It is one of the most popular ingredients in order to brighten your hair or make hair more attractive.

Here are some steps on how to bleach hair with peroxide:

Step 1: Add peroxide to ¼ a cup of baking soda

Step 2: Mix it to have the loose paste

Step 3: Spread on your hair by your hand

Step 4: Massage by your hair once again

Step 5: Sit down and take about 15 minutes for hair bleach to go on effect

It takes only about 15 minutes for bleaching hair

Good tips to help you take care of your bleach hair properly and effectively

Use the right shampoo

When dyeing hair with bright colors such as platinum, ash gray, pink, purple and want to retain that hair color, you naturally cannot use shampoo for normal hair. The most ideal friend for hair now is purple shampoo because it has a balancing function to help the hair retain its deep, vibrant color and help the hair retain color longer. Wash your hair with this shampoo once a week.

Shampoo less

Although you can rely on purple shampoo, you should not overdo shampoo. You should only wash your hair up to 2 times a week and should alternate purple shampoo with hair nourishing shampoos like protein supplement shampoo, sulfate-free shampoo. That way, your hair will keep the color longer and keep it soft and shiny.

Hair care

Once you have bleached your hair, the hair will become very weak, dry, brittle and that’s why you have to pay special attention to restoring the hair. Once a week, “nourish” your hair with a deep conditioning mask to moisturize each strand of hair. In addition, you should also use dry conditioner or hair conditioner to replenish protein to restore hair strength.

Protect hair from heat

Hair after bleaching will become absolutely weak, so it is best to minimize the heat impact on your hair such as hair drying, straightening or curling your hair. In case of the need to apply heat to the hair, create a protective film for hair with a specialized product. In addition, bleached hair is also easily attacked by the sun because once bleached, the amount of melanin in the hair will be significantly reduced compared to hair, which often causes hair to lose its ability to protect itself. Therefore, when going out especially when it is in the hot sun, wear a hat to cover your hair and apply it on a special protective hair solution.

Trim your hair often

After being chemically affected, the ends of the hair will become dry and brittle faster than normal. Because of that, you should regularly trim this part of the hair. Besides, when you re-color your hair, you should only dye the new hair roots. Absolutely avoid hair bleaching that has been bleached before.

Bleaching hair is one of the trends for most young people. However, most of them didn’t know how long does it take to bleach hair and how to bleach it. Although this kind of hairstyle brings a new appearance, it is better when you consider its drawbacks and take some advice from professors for your decision. In addition, after bleaching, you had better take care of your hair by suitable conditioner and shampoo for your hair growing and develop naturally without damage. Anyway, don’t worry and let’s try it once in the lifetime and enjoy it.

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