How Long Does It Take To Grow An Afro? The Complete Guide To Grow One

Afro hair is a growing trend throughout the world. Not only African, or Black, but people of all races are increasingly following the afro hairstyle. Afro hair has long been regarded as a distinctive feature in the African community in particular and the Black People culture in general.

Afro hair is not just a hairstyle, it’s also a custom that represents the Dark Continent’s culture to the world. However, with beginners, there are doubts and skepticals due to the complex nature of afro hair. They hesitate to grow one at the time for afro to fully develop is hard to determine. Don’t worry, you will soon know how long does it take to grow an afro?

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Everything you need to know about afro hair

how long does it take to grow an afro

Afro hair – The new trend worldwide (Source: Internet)

To answer the question, “How long does it take to grow an afro?”, you need to have a deep and thorough understanding of afro hair. First of all, in general, people with afro hairstyles seem to have a thicker hair. However, the truth is quite the opposite, according to a study of American scientists, afro hair people has the least hair on the scalp, compared to Asians and Whites.

Each hair is growing from the hair follicle on the scalp, and the shape of the hair will depend on the shape of the pores . While Asian and Caucasian hair has the circular shape, afro hair is flat. This increases the area of contact with damage, so it takes longer to grow Afro hair.

Asian and White hairs of equal thickness from root to tip. But Afro hair does not. It usually has different thicknesses at different points on the strand. This makes the hair susceptible to fibrosis and fractures. One more obstacle to afro hair growth.

In addition, Afro hair is much thinner than normal human hair. This leads to frequent tangle and damage to the hair. That is why people with afro hair often spend more time to take care of their hair. This shows that the time to grow an afro hair ain’t short.

Factors that influence the speed of hair growth

  • Hair damage

A damaged hair certainly cannot be a healthy hair. This is also the factor that slows down the speed of hair growth.

Many people keep their hair long, even though the tops are split. This split ends will take away most of the nutrients needed for hair. Therefore, the best way to have smooth, long-lasting hair is to trim the damaged part of the hair.

  • Do not provide enough nutrients for hair

In fact, hair is also part of us. So, when we eat, our hair will eat. It seems strange, but that’s completely true. To keep your hair shiny, strong, you need to eat well with plenty of vegetables, fruits and full protein.

  • Stimulates the scalp

When the scalp is stimulated by massage movements, massage will help hair grow faster. Head massage helps increase blood circulation, thereby stimulating hair growth.

If you want to have strong, fast growing hair, you can spend 10 minutes a day to massage your head gently. This not only helps your mind relax, but also helps your hair grow faster.

  • Use good quality hair care products

Each hair will fit a separate shampoo, conditioner. You need to thoroughly understand the hair care products to choose the most suitable type. Limit the use of products that contain many toxic chemicals that affect the speed of hair growth.

  • Prepare psychological comfort

Psychology is also a factor affecting hair growth. Frequent stress will make hair loss worse. If you want fast, healthy hair, relax and wait.

How long does it take to grow an afro?

For Wavy afro hair

how long does it take to grow an afro

Wavy afro hair (Source: Internet)

A wavy afro hair is the easiest afro hair to grow. Common wavy afro hair has the basic characteristics of an afro hair: Curly, thin and sparse. Especially, wavy afro hair is easy to take care of. To get a complete wavy afro hair, you need your hair at least 8 to 10 centimeters long. So how long does it take to grow a wavy afro hair?

1.5 centimeters long each month. With afro hair, the length of hair grows each month is shorter because afro hair is weak and extremely vulnerable. And there are countless external factors that affect hair growth. So, on average, one person will take three months to grow wavy afro hair from the scratch. Remember not to be impatient because many things can happen to your hair.

how long does it take to grow an afro

Over-combing is not necessary (Source: Internet)

Do not worry about the time hair afro hair grow, here are some tips to help your hair grow faster. First of all, choose a suitable comb. The too dense comb will accidentally break your hair, while too thin comb will not remove the damaged hair. And do not over-brush your hair, twice a day is appropriate enough, once after getting up and once before bed. Excessive brushing will also result in your afro hair being harmed and fibrous. And this affects the outcome of the question: “How long for wavy afro hair to grow?”

how long does it take to grow an afro

Shampooing 3 – 5 times a week is enough (Source: Internet)

This sounds ridiculous, but do not shampooing too much. If you are one of those clean-freaks and prefer to wash your hair everyday, your afro hair will probably take a long time. Hair contains natural oils to protect and moisturize the hair. Regular shampooing will dry and break strands. You should only shampoo your hair 3 to 5 times a week so that your afro hair can grow better.

For Curly afro hair

how long does it take to grow an afro

Curly afro hair (Source: Internet)

Compared to wavy hair afro hair, curly hair afro hair is often harder to grow. This afro hair is curly, easily tangled and ruffled. Therefore, it takes more time to grow a curly afro hair. In order to have a complete curly afro hair, you need 10 to 12 centimeters hair long. Keep in mind that the longer your hair is, the more difficult it is to grow so that to come from 8 to 12 centimeters, a person needs at least six months.

how long does it take to grow an afro

Trimming your hair for better growth (Source: Internet)

Curly afro hair is easy to tangle, so to reduce the amount of time your hair grows, remember to trim your hair occasionally. This may seem strange when you want your hair to grow longer, but remember that curly afro hair is very fragile, especially the hair tip. The trimming of the hair tips will remove the damaged part, making the hair grow faster and more fresh.

how long does it take to grow an afro

Conditioner after shampooing (Source: Internet)

To solve the problem: “How to grow curly afro hair faster?”, remember that hair care is also a solution. Curly afro hair has a very complex structure, so you need to look after it carefully. Use conditioner after shampooing. Conditioner can make your hair shine and add a layer of protection to it. It also moisturizes the hair. This is important because curly afro hair needs a lot of moisture to maintain its strength.

In addition, you can also use oils for better protection. Oil will reduce the possibility of breakage when hair is too long. It also helps maintain moisture as well as soften the hair.

For Coily afro hair

how long does it take to grow an afro

Coily afro hair (Source: Internet)

Coily afro hair is the hardest to grow and the easiest to be damaged afro hair. It is difficult for coily hair to develop without strict hair care procedures, especially when it needs to be at least 12 centimeters in length. For a person to have a complete coily afro hair, it takes at least 3 years from scratch and can be up to 4 centimeters long for one year.

how long does it take to grow an afro

Vitamin tablets assist hair growth (Source: Internet)

So what can I do to grow coily afro hair? Even if you apply all the above methods, it is still not enough. You need to pay attention to what you take in your body to get your hair growing the fastest. Remember to use vitamin tablets daily. These provide a complete set of nutrients for hair to be healthy, especially with weak one such as coily afro.

Second, for coily afro hair, you need a diet riching in vitamins including meat, fish, vegetables and limited starch. Vitamins will stimulate the growth of hair, while helping to strengthen and prevent breakage.

Afro hair is becoming increasingly popular globally. For those who are hesitant and ask: How long does it take to grow an afro?”, what are you waiting for? Make yourself a fashionable afro hairstyle today.

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