How Long Does Tylenol Extra Strength Last? Guide From Pharmacist

Fever is one of the most common disease that everyone can easily get because our bodies cannot adopt to weather changes, especially in winter, and that is the good condition helping virus enter into the bodies and causing fever. Or sometimes, suddenly you get a toothache or headache at midnight but you cannot go to the hospital or clinic, what should you do? 

After many researches, scientists released Tylenol Extra Strength which is a medication to treat fever and unwanted minor aches and pains. So, what is Tylenol Extra Strength? And How long does Tylenol Extra Strength last? You will find the answers after reading this article.

What is Tylenol Extra Strength?

How long does Tylenol Extra Strength last
What is Tylenol Extra Strength? (Source: Internet)

Tylenol Extra Strength  is considered the most widely used pain medicine in the world. As I  mentioned, whenever you get minor aches, pains or you want to reduce fever, use Tylenol Extra Strength. Tylenol Extra Strength (acetaminophen) is a medication created to treat people who suffer from above diseases temporarily. With the active ingredient Acetaminophen in each caplet and other ingredients, Tylenol Extra Strength as a pain reliever and fever reducer should be prepared available at home. You can purchased it every drugstores in the world. It is mostly sold as an over-the-counter drug.

How long does Tylenol Extra Strength last?

Now, I am going to give you the instructions: How to use and how much should we take.


– Tylenol Extra Strength is usually used to temporarily relieve mild to moderate  aches and pains resulting from the cold, package, headache, muscular aches. Sometimes, it can be used to treat minor pain of arthritisor premenstrual and menstrual cramps. Besides, it can be taken to temporarily reduce fever.

How long does Tylenol Extra Strength last
Use Tylenol when you have a headache (Source: Internet)

– How to use:

  • Take this medication directly by mouth. Follow the directions on the package. If there is anything confused, come and ask a doctor or pharmacist for details.
  • Use a mean product for children. Find out the right dose by basing on your child’s weight or age.
  • For liquid medication, you can shake it before taking. Use a measuring spoon or cup to evaluate the dose. Do not use your household spoon.
  • For dissolving tablets, you can chew or let it dissolve, then swallow with or without water. For chewable types, chew thoroughly in advance, then swallow.
  • Extended-release tablets are not allowed to chew or crush because that actions can release all of the medication and raise the risk of side effects. Without a score line or doctor’s permission, do not split the tablets, too.For effervescent tablets, dissolve them in the enough amount of water and drink.

Now, I believe that you are still curious about ‘ How long does Tylenol Extra Strength last ?”, right? After learning about the dosage of Tylenol, you will have the answer.


For the elderly who are 60 or over:

  • For people who do not have liver problems, doctors think that 6 pills (3000 mg) per day is safe.  
  • In contrast, for people suffering liver damage, especially people who are addicted to alcohol, they should take 2000 mg of acetaminophen per day.

For adults and children of 12 years old and above:

  • Use 2 caplets every 6 hours. That means they can take about 8 caplets a day. However, it is better to just take 6 caplets a day. It is similar to liquid form, 2 capsules every 4 to 6 hours while symptoms last. Remember to not exceed 10 capsules within 24 hours without the direction from your doctor.
  • Do not use more than 6 caplets around 24 hours without the direction of a doctor
  • Do not take over 10 days unless instructed by a doctor.

For kids under 12 years old: At the age of under 12, kids are really vulnerable. Therefore, asking a doctor before let your children use Tylenol Extra Strength. The dosage for them bases on their weight.

How long does Tylenol Extra Strength last
Follow recommended dosage (Source: Internet)

So, how long does Tylenol Extra Strength last ? According to scientists and doctors, each dose of Tylenol Extra Strength usually lasts from 4 to 6 hours. After taking Tylenol Extra Strength, it is absorbed quickly, and analgesic effects will begin within 20 to 30 minutes after using the medication.

You also need to know that using Tylenol with food may slow down the process that the drug is absorbed, but overall, the effect of the drug does not change.

Side effects

  • Tylenol Extra Strength usually has no side effects. But sometimes, if you have any unusual reactions, ask a doctor for a help.
  • The common effect when using Tylenol is allergy, but serious allergy is so rare. However, if you point out any acute reactions like itching or trouble breathing, go to the hospital or call the doctor right a way, so that they can do you a favor.
  • Before taking Tylenol, if you are allergic to acetaminophen, tell the doctor or pharmacist in advance. If you have other allergies, you also need to tell them because maybe one of inactive ingredients in Tylenol can cause allergic reactions.

Noticeable things

If you already know “ How long does Tylenol Extra Strength last ?”, now you should notice the following things. During the process of using Tylenol, maybe you will get some troubles. For example: you do not know if pregnant women can use Tylenol or not, how about the dosage for them, and so on. So, take a look at these rules in order to use the drug correctly.

  • Asking pharmacist thoroughly about dosage, when you come to the drugstore. Then, after going home, carefully read and follow the instructions printed on the package.
  • It is really necessary that you should tell the doctor or pharmacist about your medical history before taking Tylenol, especially if you are suffering from a liver damage or you are an alcoholic.
  • For people who get diabetes or you are on a diet, all of you should stay away from special forms of Tylenol such as liquid products, chewable or dissolving tablets because they may contain sugar that will negatively affect on your diet. Just ask doctor or pharmacist to know how to use Tylenol correctly.
  • Be careful to use Tylenol Extra Strength when you are pregnant. Please ask a doctor or pharmacist for their instructions. Additionally, Acetaminophen can pass into breast milk, so talk to your doctor before
  • Remember that Tylenol Extra Strength is just for minor pains and mild fever. If you have serious pains, aches or you have a fever of 39°C or higher, get into the hospital immediately.
How long does Tylenol Extra Strength last
Asking your doctor or pharmacist for details (Source: Internet)

Although we have Tylenol Extra Strength to treat minor aches, pain and fever, we should avoid getting these disease by taking up exercise regularly, drink enough water, providing ourselves enough vitamins and minerals and keep our bodies warm in the cold weather. If we can do that, I believe that we will not get disease easily.

Anyway, through this post, I hope that you will get more information about Tylenol, How long does Tylenol Extra Strength last ? Is there any side effects? I hope now you know the answers, and maybe you can talk to other people and let them know. Besides, I also hope that this article is really informative. Thanks for reading!

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