How long should I leave hair dye in my hair to have lighter hair color.

As far as we know, many people want to dye their hair by themselves at home, and it is not that easy to have the right color they wish. Therefore, the most frequent question sent to our website nearly is  how long should I leave hair dye in my hair to have lighter hair color?”. Today, let’s find out the answers of this question and other related wonders together.

how long should I leave hair dye in my hair
Hair dyeing

Q: Should I dye my hair at home?

A: Self-dyeing has been popular nearly because it will be much cheaper and more convenient. Besides, some people don’t want others to touch their hair or they don’t believe in hairdressers. In some cases, people do it by themselves to satisfy their passion or interest in hair dyeing.

how long should I leave hair dye in my hair

In contrary, dyeing hair at home has disadvantages as well. Since you are not a professional hair-makeup, you don’t have technique to make it right. Your hair color may go wrong if you let dye in your hair in too long or too short time. In addition, this can damage your hair and even fry it.

Therefore, you should go to salon to have your hair dyed instead of taking a risk by doing it by yourself. If you still want to try it at home, you should ask someone a favor to help you. Thanks to this, every strand of your hair can be more equal in color.

Q: How long should I leave hair dye in my hair ?

how long should I leave hair dye in my hair
The ideal time for hair dye to work it best

A: After mixing the developer and your expected hair color together, you can leave this mixture in your hair up to 45 minutes. After this period of time, the color will stop working because the oxidation of two chemicals time has exceeded. In another word, the color will quit working and it won’t go lighter anymore.

If you want lighter color, you should get the lighter dye and test it out on 1 strand for a certain amount in 45 minutes. Then, you can adjust the quantity of hair dye and time better to have your expected hair color. Note that you should take a trial with a strand under your hair rather than one on the top in order not to make different streaks.

how long should I leave hair dye in my hair
Sunlight promotes coloring hair

Besides, you can take advantage of sunlight which has ability to make it lighter as well. When you apply mixture of developer and dye to your hair in about 30-35 minutes, you can stand under the sunlight for 5 minutes. Then move to the shadow and check the color. If you still want brighter color, do the same until you reach your goal. Remember that you should not leave dye in your hair more than 45 minutes. If it is longer, it can fry your hair and harm you scalp.

Q: If I leave hair dye in shorter time (20-30 minutes), will the dye come out easier?

A: Every time you shampoo your hair after dyeing, the hair dye will come out gradually. The time in which you leave dye in your hair doesn’t affect the color fading. So, how long your hair color will last doesn’t depend on the time the hair dye stays on your hair. It is up on how you take care of your hair.

Q: What should I do to keep the color longer?

how long should I leave hair dye in my hair
how long should I leave hair dye in my hair

A: Some notes for you:

  • Don’t wash your hair within 3 days after dyeing. During this time, the hair dye will be absorbed at its best, so the color will last longer.
  • Use right shampoo and conditioner. You should use shampoo and conditioner for hair dyeing, which contains more nutrients than normal ones. Especially, the products with “Color protective” written on the label has some soft elements which will remove stains on the hair, avoid dirty and protect your hair without fading out your color.
  • Avoid effects of high temperature. High temperature makes it easier to wash your hair color away. Therefore, you should use cold water to shampoo your hair, limit the use of heat styling hair tools.
  • Apply hair care products. After being colored, your hair needs providing a lot of nutrients so you have to look after it daily. You can use hair care products in the market or make use of some beauty tips such as olive oil, milk, and so on.
  • Fix your hair color every 6-8 weeks. Your hair will grow and reveal your origin hair color so you should touch the hair roots up. Moreover, during this time, the color will come out and turn into other color. So you should go to salon and fix it to have your expected hair color.

You have just found out the answer of the question how long should I leave hair dye in my hair to have lighter hair color at home” and other related queries. Self-dyeing is really interesting and pleasing so you can try it at home if you follow the above tips. We hope that these advices will take effect to you. If you have any question, please contact us. Don’t hesitate anymore, follow our website to discover the secret of beauty world once and forever.

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