How long should you wait before dying your hair again?

You are tending to change another hair color because your previous hair color is behind the times. However, you wonder yourself that you should change the hair color or not because you have just dyed for a short time. Also, you are scared that whether that dyeing again can affect to your hair and your health as well.

Right now, you won’t worry that. Please take a look this post to understand deeply the time that you can dye your hair again without affecting to your hair. Hopefully, through this brief post, you can answer the question above “ How long should you wait before dying your hair again ?”

The time you dye your hair again is too short, so what will happen?

Dying is one of the beauty – makings that everyone has tried at least once in the lifetime. Also, dying is the fastest way to change external beauty and make unique impressions. However, not few times, you have ever faced to being disappointed because the dyeing your hair fails, or after dying, you don’t feel like this hair color and you want to change another hair color and you wonder that dyeing your hair twice times can have problems or not?

That worrying about the time you dye again has evidence, because we all know that dye has a lot of toxic chemical substances. Apart from making beauty about color, dye don’t benefit to your hair health at all. According to some medical research, some dyes include substances that can affect to your scalp such as itchy, or ulcerated.

How long should you wait before dying your hair again
how long should you wait before dying your hair again

Why should you need time to dye again?

You, guys can understand that every chemical process also affects to your hair and dyeing has no exception. This is one of the reasons why you should not dye immediately. If your hair is strong, you can take it into consideration to dye again. On the contrary, if your hair is easily damaged, you can wait for a long time before dying again.

Hair-splitting and hair loss are two the most well-known effects because of dyeing too regular. Every time you dye your hair, which causes to damage hair axis. As a result, your hair will become less silky and become crunchy and greasy, instead. Therefore, you must have reasonable time so that your hair can grow again first.

How long should you wait before dying your hair again
how long should you wait before dying your hair again

How long should you wait before dying your hair again ?

You, guys are curious about the best time for you to change hair color again, right? We all know that beauty- making process is important, but our health is very essential and dyeing is similar to that. You can dye many times you want as long as you should pay attention to the time for you to dye again, ok?

According to some expert salons, the best time for hair growth lasts at least four weeks before coming to new dyeing if you care to your hair. Indeed, the best ideal time for you is about six or seven weeks if you feel worried about the safety of your hair.

Don’t be in a hurry when you want to correct your disliked hair color. Remember to be patient to wait for hair- growing longer, and the dye become lighter, and then you can totally change hair color you want. Please take it into account carefully for the next dyeing.

You should consider about color problems and it is pivotal that dyeing process should be guaranteed. The best advice for you is selecting stuff dye that has clear origin, and moist ingredients to hair. Also, you should also limit chemical effect to your hair with the dye you use.

After dyeing your hair again, you need to take care of much more than you used to. More easily, your hair is quite sensitive and it needs to be looked after. With this situation, you can follow some following suggestions in order that your hair in this second time is always strong and silky.

Combining to reinforced-conditioner

When your hair is dyed, hair connection is damaged and hurt, brushing your hair with the ordinary shampoo is not enough because as far as we know, your dyed hair seems to be easily sensitive and weak. So, what are you doing? Which things should we know to take care of our hair?

You don’t worry about it a lot. Some kinds of reinforced conditioner will help you because the dye has a lot of chemical substances that make your hair quickly greasy, and easily fall down. Therefore, that providing with one kind of reinforced conditioner used for the dye becomes important to us.

Also, incubation process can’t ignore when your hair has passed too much negative effect. Some expert salons advise you to incubate once time a week. As a result, your hair will become stronger and smooth in the second dye, even in many next times.

How long should you wait before dying your hair again

Limiting beauty- making with equipment giving off heat

In some circumstances, your hair has passed too much damage because of your dye. If you continue using tools that giving off too much heat, your hair will become worse and worse. Therefore, you shouldn’t use some tools such as hair- dryer with a high temperature. This makes your hair become dry, greasy, and fall down.

It means that you can completely use hair-dryer or some other tools as long as they are put in a normal temperature. The higher the temperature is, the greasier your hair become. That is really pity if you ignore this point, let’s look out!

How to care for dyed hair effectively?

– Three days after dyeing your hair, you can wash your hair, avoid shampooing your hair immediately after dyeing it. But if your skin is allergic to dyes, wash your hair immediately to remedy this situation.

Such shampooing will keep the new color layer clinging to deeper layers of hair cells, the color will be more durable.

– Use shampoo and hair cream according to each hair type. You should choose oils specifically for dyed hair. Shampoos not intended for dyed hair often discolor and cause hair to become rough, less smooth.

– Shampoo your hair with cold water, do not wash with hot water because hot water makes the color of hair fade quickly and hair weakens much. Cold water will keep the hair color dyed longer and will not lose the shine of the hair.

– Using a hair dryer will make your hair dull and pale. You should let your hair dry naturally. If you have to dry, dry your hair at the smallest temperature, not drying it until your hair is dry. If possible, it is better to let your hair dry naturally.

– Wearing a hat when going to the sun because sunbeams can also cause your hair to soon oxidize.

– Dyes do not have the effect of glossing and smoothing hair, they only help the hair with a different color. After dyeing, the hair becomes more dry and split ends. Applying a balm mask twice a week will help you improve somewhat.

– Every month and a half to two months, you should fix the hair color for the hair roots that have grown.

– Pruning the tail hair periodically every two months, because the hair tail grows very fast and causes split ends, discoloration of the hair.

– Choose a shampoo that says “Color protective” on the label, with gentle ingredients, it will remove the stain and stains of the hair, help the hair color to not fade, protect the best hair and avoid makes hair hydrated.

– Choose an oil with a high moisture content for dyeing hair to better protect hair color.

– The dyed hair has been subjected to a lot of chemical effects, so when using nutrients on the hair, it should be gentle and careful with the time needed to achieve the best effect. When shampooing and nourishing your hair, you need to arrange the time so you don’t have to go out when you’re done because it’s more harmful to your hair and hair color.

– Choose products without Ammonia, Peroxide and alcohol. Because products that contain such ingredients will cause the hair cuticle to open and cause the hair color structure to change.

– To balance the state of the hair, you should add two tablespoons of dye to shampoo, done every month. Each time you just need to leave about 3-5 minutes and then gently wash through warm water to provide more color to the hair.

– Use some moisturizing nutrients for hair before going outside. In this way, each strand of your hair is covered with a layer of nutrients that enhances the shine as well as the softness of the hair. These moisturizing nutrients not only protect hair from ultraviolet rays but also help to regenerate damaged hair.

As previously stated, the dyeing process needs to have time with a view to preparing for the next dyeing. You completely have rights to make beauty, but beauty- making process must be harmless to your hair and your health as well. So, the answer “How long should you wait before dying your hair again?” has just answered above. Hopefully, you, guys will have an ideal hair color without worrying about affecting to hair and health.

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