How many packs of freetress hair for crochet braids

Since 2014, wearing crochet braids has been becoming a hot trend in popularity. It is no surprise that the question “ How many packs of freetrees hair for crochet braids ?” is one of the first one appearing in one’s mind when it comes to an installation of crochet braids. Our post today is going to answer thoroughly for those who are concerning about the subject. If you are intelligent customers don’t miss out any part of this post. Amazing information, in the end, will make you surprise. Read on!

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What are crochet braids?

Before answering the question “How many packs of freetress hair for crochet braids?”, it is very essential for you to know some basic information about crochet braids. This style is very common and famous to African American culture. Also known as latch hook braids, crochet braids use crochet hooks or latch hooks to braid synthetic or human hair extensions into a person’s natural hair.

How many packs of freetress hair for crochet braids?

Over the past several days, the question “How many packs of free trees hair for crochet braids?” have appeared a lot of online forums and beauty groups. According to specialist stylists, by using the combination of research and experiences, they provide good information for you. First, you should consider the current state of your natural hair whether it’s suitable for installing or not.

Remember that make sure you make a right decision before wearing crochet braids as well as any protective hairstyles. Next, you need to purchase for wearing crochet braids such as volume, style, and length. Finally, you just determine how much hair you need based on these choices. Normally, it only needs 2 – 6 packs of free trees hair for an installation. In addition, the price of crochets relatively reasonable just spending $3-$10 a pack. It means that a person’s head only needs $12-$60, perhaps. We think that they are absolutely appealing to you, right?

5 hot trend crochet braid styles in 2018

Crochet braids can be worn with many different textures such as straight, curly, kinky, braided or twisted. Refresh yourself with recommended hairstyles following. Let’s explore some fabulous styles:

Deep twists

This style takes about 4 packs of free trees hair. The look is super attractive with long small curls, right?

How many packs of freetress hair for crochet braids
(Source: Internet)

Straight style

Just only need 2 packs of kanekelon braiding hair you can own a gorgeous look like this beautiful vlogger. Try it on!

How many packs of freetress hair for crochet braids
(Source: Internet)

Locs and twists

You feel impressive her hairstyle, don’t you? Have you ever felt so boring with original color hair.

, try to change new color hair like this!

How many packs of freetress hair for crochet braids
(Source: Internet)

Curly looks

Vlogger Kiitanaxo looks super pretty with this hairstyle. Gorgeous waves make her face become beautiful and fresh. Don’t hesitate to give yourself a try!

How many packs of freetress hair for crochet braids
How many packs of freetress hair for crochet braids (Source: Internet)

Kinky textures

Would you like to look fabulous like vlogger Kymberli Brazell? Just need 5 bundles of freetress hair for this protective style, try it once!

How many packs of freetress hair for crochet braids
How many packs of freetress hair for crochet braids (Source: Internet)

Why should you try crochet braids?

  • Inexpensive: compare to sew-in, crochet braids are pretty cheaper
  • Relatively easy to install: you only need use a crochet hook or latch hook without adhesives or thread
  • Suited for DIY: you can do it yourself at home just need a little patience and basic skills
  • Great protective hairstyle: you can hold the style for weeks and while you wear this style you are still able to moisturize your scalp and hair
  • Look like our natural hair texture: maybe this is a top reason making beauties being flocking to crochet braids

With its great advantages, we suggest that you should give crochet braid styles a try.

A bonus: some useful tips to get an installation for crochet braids without damaging natural hair

Not braid too tight

If you feel like your cornrows being snatched while hair extensions are not installed yet, it is going to cause a whole lot worse with the attached weight of the crochet braids. This constant tightness can be lead to thinning hair even hair loss. So, should not be overly tight when you apply cornrow crochet braids.

Right proportions

When it comes to an application for individual crochet braids, hair damage more often causes of installing too big of crochet braids onto small of a section. Make sure you have proper proportions to avoid damaging your hair.

Caring for hair underneath

The top mistake with wearing crochet braids is that your hair and your scalp don’t need to require any maintenance while the protective style is installed. In fact, before adding crochet braids, make sure that your hair underneath is moisturized carefully with a long lasting moisturized products. It highly recommended using moisturizing butter products, butter mixtures or natural grease products.

Have you satisfied with our answer to the question “How many packs of freetrees hair for crochet braids” yet? We really hope that some of the bonus information related to crochet braids will be helpful for you. If you have any question about this post, don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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