How Much Do Hair Stylists Make? Average In Every State

How Much Do Hair Stylists Make

Developing as a professional hairstylist will open you up to excellent career opportunities. It also gives you a lucrative career with an attractive salary. So how much do hair stylists make? What factors affect the income of hair stylists?

Ivirgo Hair Vendors will answer it all for you and give some of the most helpful tips in this article. Keep reading to understand.

How Much Do Hair Stylists Make?

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How much do hair stylists make?

Hair stylists are among the highest income groups. On average, they receive up to $29,779 per year.

A salary comparison across major cities across the US will help you understand more about this job pay.

In New York City, a hair stylist can earn up to $27,154 to $40,156, while the median income in Dallas ranges from $22,425 to $33,163 per year.

If you work in Chicago, you can expect an average annual income of $23,946 to $35,412.

Due to the job nature, most stylists can increase their income higher if they work evenings and weekends.

While many factors affect your earning potential, there’s no doubt that they can even lead you to a six-figure salary.

What Factors Affect A Hair Stylist’s Income?

Income for a hairstylist is flexible but fluctuates. It is greatly influenced by other factors such as education, qualifications, experience, and additional skills.

Also, it depends on working hours, compensation, and tax rates in different states. For better understanding, you can continue reading below for details.

Education and training

Education and training are the first requirements to meet if you want to work as a hairstylist. You will have to complete a cosmetology program and gain a license before you can start working in the field.

The time spent on training is short. An average program also takes you at least a year to eighteen months to handle Vietnamese hair or others at the academy.

Moreover, the cost is usually from $5,000 to $20,000. But in return, you can get a high starting salary if you join the best training programs.


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Levels you should consider

Qualifications or skills are a significant factor affecting the salary you will receive. Most hair salons set different pay levels based on their qualifications.

This hierarchy combines experience and education, specifically as follows.

Beginner stylists, who have just completed a school program and are licensed to begin, typically provide fewer services and earn the lowest.

Level two includes hairstylists with one year of experience. They regularly work with more advanced stylists to learn and improve critical professional skills.

When you reach level three, you are a professional. To achieve this level, you need to continuously work for three or four years on the skill’s mastery.

Level 4 experts make the most money. At this level, they are master stylists with the perfect creativity and skill. These people often work with famous supermodels and artists on the most popular projects.

Work location and place

The workplace is another important factor that significantly impacts earnings potential for any career, including hairstyling. Some places pay more because they have a greater need for professional hairstylists, while others pay less.

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According to the BLS, the highest-paying state for hairstylists is Columbia, averaging $72,000 annually. Massachusetts is also a high-paying country with more than $44,000 per year.

In short, major cities like New York, Chicago, and Boston offer different opportunities to work and build a potential client base.

Tips for Earning More Money

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What are the tips for earning more money

Becoming a stylist takes a lot of work, so by embracing the following tips, you can maximize your profits and work smarter:

  • You should continuously improve your skills. It is essential to help you quickly get a raise and career advancement. It gives you insight into the latest trends to expand your fantastic skill sets. It will be an excellent opportunity for you to work at top professional organizations.

  • Owning your spa or salon is an ideal way to increase your income. you can hire other stylists and rent locations to serve more customers within a timeframe.

  • Connecting media and advertising will give you more opportunities to make money. So, make the most of these media to attract new customers.

  • A unique and personalized process will help you attract new customers and build your reputation.

  • Seize career opportunities in the big city.


Why did many people quit being a hairstylist?

Being a hairstylist, you must deal with problems like stress, boredom, and lack of clients in certain spots. Those are also common reasons why many stylists leave the profession.

Can an introvert be a hairdresser?

Many introverts have developed into beauticians based on face-to-face interaction with clients.

They even maintain good relationships with customers over the years. So, it is possible to refute the notion that introverts cannot be hairdressers.

What is the highest salary for a hairstylist?

A hairstylist has earned an average of $28,261 yearly in recent years. The lowest earners get $23,465, while the top earners get $34,701.

Is hairdressing a happy job?

Yes. Hairdressing is one of the happiest jobs in the world. The reason is that this person often creates and updates his skills every day.

Is becoming a hairdresser easy?

Many people assume that being a hairdresser is an easy job. They consider it only a last resort when there is no other choice.

However, with intensive training, this job inherently requires intelligence, creativity, and passion in anyone who wants to join it. That said, growing as a good and proficient hairdresser is challenging.


Being a hairdresser can be a rewarding career. When you take the time to plan to build this career, you can certainly make the money you desire.

Hopefully, the information I share above has helped you better understand this profession and the answer to the question, “how much do hair stylists make?

Thanks for reading!

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