How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost? Useful Information You Expect

A hair transplant has been an excellent solution for anyone struggling with hair loss for decades. This transplant type helps users once again have healthy hair and improve their confidence in many situations. 

However, not everyone can afford the transplant fee and supplemental hair care products after the surgeon. Financial condition is the main reason that prevents hair loss patients from getting a fresh look. 

So, how much does hair transplant cost? How to choose a suitable method for my situation? Let’s find out the answer to these questions with Ivirgo Hair Vendors!

What Is a Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant refers to surgery using hair follicles and moving to areas with no hair. There are three procedures for hair transplantation to take to the palace.

First, you need to book an appointment with doctors and do some tests for preliminary information about your hair loss. Your doctor will consider your hair loss situation and choose a suitable method for the transplant.

Generally, the doctor can choose whether follicular unit strip and follicular unit extraction are for specific situations. 

Follicular Unit Strip 

With the follicular unit strip method, surgeons will use specialized tools to remove your head skin and transplant it directly onto your head. 

Next, they will calculate and divide your head into different sections and transplant a strand onto it. The number of strands can differ in each area, depending on the follicles’ quality and size.

Then, they sew it closed and wait for the hair to grow until it covers the stitch. You can use supplemental hair products to speed up hair growth.

How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost 2
The Number Of Strands Can Differ In Each Area, Depending On The Follicles’ Quality And Size

Follicular Unit Extraction 

Regarding follicular unit extraction, it involves shaving your scalp’s back, followed by removing hair follicles one at a time. Your existing hair will slowly cover the tiny dots on the area during the healing process.

After that, they use surgical instruments and elaborately create or split on your scalp. Your hair will grow from them naturally after the surgeon.

For a hair transplant surgeon, it may take between 4 and 8 hours. After the surgeon, the doctor will take your transplanted areas into account.

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Your Existing Hair Will Slowly Cover The Tiny Dots On The Area During The Healing Process

How Much Does Hair Transplant? 

A hair transplant will set you back between $5,000 to $15,000, and insurance won’t charge your surgery fee or unwanted accidents during your surgery.

Because most insurance companies consider hair transplant cosmetic surgeries, they don’t pay for your appearance. There are many factors determining the amount of money you are going to pay for a hair transplant.

The hair transplant method is the first criterion, depending on your chosen method. You can pay $3,000 to $13,000 per section for the follicular unit transplantation. The surgeon fee can increase to over $50,000 if you want to transplant multiple areas. 

If you are going for the follicular unit extraction, you will pay $4,000 to $15,000. The surgeon fee also increases when you want to extract follicles from different areas of your head. 

There’s a difference between transplanting hair onto a section between multiple sections. The price will significantly increase by around $30,000 to $40,000 for a head fully covered with follicles. 

The transplantation method is relatively cheaper than the extraction method. Because the follicles are removed one by one from a particular area to other areas of your head, the transplantation method is more affordable. 

The professional skills of your surgeon are variable. If you walk into a prestigious beauty salon and hire a competent surgeon, you will pay a lot for them. 

However, you need to research carefully for preliminary information about hair transplants. Do your research on well-known surgeons in this field, and consider the cost carefully.

The travel cost will be an additional fee you should take into account. Sometimes, you need to move around to find a skilled surgeon, especially for anyone who lives in remote areas. 

Considering the travel cost carefully will help you save money on the hair transplant effectively. 

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Do Your Research On Well-Known Surgeons In This Field, And Consider The Cost Carefully

Expectations And Recovery

After the hair transplant, you must wear bandages and take painkillers for at least 2 to 3 days because your scalp is hypersensitive. The doctor will prescribe for each patient according to their scalp situation. 

Commonly, you can return to work or school after 2 to 5 days of taking medicines carefully. The hair starts growing after 3 to 4 weeks but will significantly increase after several months.


Does Fue Transplant Last Forever?

Yes. The follicular unit extraction (Fue) typically uses surgical instruments to penetrate your scalp, creating holes and extracting follicles into them. 

In other words, surgeons have restarted the hair growth process of your scalp. Your hair will naturally grow and fall out in your life if you properly take care of the scalp after the operation.

Can You Have Fue Twice?

In fact, many patients require an additional hair transplant after several years because the portions of their head where they don’t shed their hair will nonetheless experience hair loss.

Is Fue Surgery Painful?

Patients don’t feel uncomfortable or painful with painkillers during the operation. By the time the procedure is over, the unpleasant feelings will worsen.

What Is The Best Age For a Hair Transplant?

To have the best transplanting result, the recommended age range for hair transplantation is 25 to 75 years old. The 20s patients are not advised to transplant hair.

The follicles tend to fall out quickly, making patients look unnatural and uncomfortable with exposed transplanted stitches. 


Everyone deserves a chance to have a healthy, shiny, and voluminous head of hair. The detailed information we provided in the post has helped you to understand: How much does hair transplant cost?

This information will help you become more confident at home or outside. Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service department if you are still confused about these hair transplant methods.

Thank you for reading!

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