How Much Hair Is Normal To Lose In The Shower? 

Suppose you are searching for information about the number of hair strands lost in the shower daily, you have come to the right place.

You have nothing to worry about hair loss in the shower, as this is a natural part of hair growth, and your hair can regrow after several days. But what if the hair loss becomes excessive?

Ivirgo Hair Factory will provide detailed information about daily hair loss to help you answer the question: How much hair is normal to lose in the shower?

How Does Hair Grow?

Generally, natural hair will go through three main stages before reaching the desired length for both men and women. The hair growth cycle includes the anagen, catagen, and telogen stages.

Anagen Stage 

The anagen stage refers to the active stage of the hair follicle. It can last from two to seven years, depending on personal hair health, and will decide with age.

During this stage, your hair shafts grow around 1 to 1,2 centimeters per month, depending on internal factors, including hormones, age, gender, and other environmental factors.

Catagen Stage

The catagen stage is a transitional stage between the growth and shedding process. Because your hair shafts will suffer from apoptosis that the inner nutrients and cells of your hair decrease, and hair strands start detaching.

In most cases, people who are struggling with thin hair and excessive hair loss are in the catagen stage. At that time, their hair strands don’t receive any nutrients, which means their hair can’t actively grow.

Telogen Stage

This is the final stage of average hair growth. During the telogen stage, your hair remains inactive; your hair shafts begin falling to repair the regrowth process.

Your hair will last on your scalp for at least three months before shedding. This is an integrated part of the hair growth cycle, and you might lose about 10% to 15% of hair strands.

Therefore, you should repair some supplemental hair care products to provide essential nutrients for your hair timely.

Remember to notice your hair condition
Remember to notice your hair condition

How Much Hair Do You Lose In The Shower?

On average, an ordinary person can lose about 50 to 100 hairs in the shower daily, which can increase by internal factors. Many people consider this a symptom of hair loss, but this is just daily hair shedding.

When you shower, water and shampoo penetrate your scalp and dislodge the hair shafts, likely in the telogen stage. This will facilitate the final stage, and that’s why you notice your hair clung to drain,

For those worrying about excessive hair loss, consider paying attention to the number of hair strands lost over time. Remember to notice the drain and your fingers when taking a shower.

If the hair covers the drain more densely than usual, and you notice significant hair loss, you face hair care problems. Moreover, you might suffer from hair shedding when you comb your hair improperly.

Feel free to consult hair experts or speak with dermatologists. Proper hair care treatment can recover damaged hair and stimulate your hair growth cycle.

Extra Tips To Reduce Hair Shedding

Even though hair shedding is considered a normal part of hair growth, some people are obsessed with daily hair loss and want to find some tips to reduce it.

Maintain A Healthy Diet

It’s imperative that you need to provide nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, and iron for your hair growth. These nutrients increase the blood flow of your scalp, promoting the hair growth cycle efficiently.

Some vitamins from fruits help moisturize your hair shafts and scalp. Over time, you can reduce the risk of breakage and dry hair. It’s no longer a dream of having a voluminous hair texture without much effort.

Avoid Excessive Heat Styling 

Over-styling your hair with heat-styling tools and chemicals can quickly damage hair. After several hair styling treatments, you will likely face excess hair loss.

These tools apply high temperatures to your hair strands, which causes water inside your hair to evaporate. The situation can worsen if you don’t moisturize appropriately after hair styling.

Use Wide-Tooth Combs

This is an easy way to reduce hair loss for all ages. A wide-tooth comb can decrease friction between your hair and its teeth, which helps prevent hair from falling.

In addition, for those with curly or wavy hair, using a wide-tooth comb helps them facilitate their hair care routine. They can retain the beauty of curly and wavy texture long term without spending much money on supplemental products.

When your hair is damp, using these combs and gently combing from the mid-length to the hair ends will lessen the likelihood of tangled hair.

You shouldn’t style your hair with heat styling tools too often
You shouldn’t style your hair with heat styling tools too often

Consider Using Hair Masks

Hair masks are supplemental products that help you moisturize and nourish hair shafts from deep inside. They contain all the vital ingredients you are searching for in powerful hair care products, including oil, vitamins, and butter.

Applying hair masks after rinsing your hair with lukewarm water will be wise to recover damaged hair and stimulate the hair growth cycle.

Some hair masks come with a particular formula for different hair. Therefore, you should consider your hair type and condition to purchase a suitable hair mask.

Manage Stress

Please don’t underestimate the power of stress, as it might be more dangerous than you thought. It can cause many mental health problems, starting with hair loss, which is the first symptom.

Try meditation, cycling, and exercise that benefits your mental health. These activities strengthen your muscles and mental health and improve the quality of your life.

Stress can worsen your hair health problems
Stress can worsen your hair health problems


To sum up, you might lose about 50 to 100 hairs in the daily shower. Losing hair for the next hair growth stage is typical, so don’t worry too much.

Nourishing your hair with a proper hair care routine can bring you healthy hair strands regardless of daily hair shedding.

This article helped you answer the question:  How much hair is normal to lose in the shower? Please pay more attention to hair health after reading this post.

Thank you for reading!

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