A thing to consider: how much is Cambodian hair in Nigeria

In the world where people become more interested in their appearance investment, hair extensions tend to be an indispensable part of their fashion wardrobe. This market is worth millions of dollars and the focus is on India and China. However, these days, Cambodian and Vietnamese are gaining the popularity, especially in the proximity of African-American ladies. For this reason, ‘how much is Cambodian hair in Nigeria’ has been on line of top-searched keywords recently.

In a country where we can see a strong contrast between poverty and wealth, it is hard to believe that hair extensions are something that they regard them as cultural belongings. The demand for hair integrations in Nigerian villages and cities is skyrocketing everyday. Women there are willing to spend an extra amount to look good.

Therefore, Nigeria is a viable and lucrative target of businesses and you do not need to be worried when you are in Nigeria and have intention of buying several bundles of Cambodian hair! Let’s follow us and dive into the world of unknown things!

Nigeria and the potential of hair extensions

When somebody is asked about Nigeria, she/he would say that it was a familiar name to recall but he/she did not have anything to tell about this country. ‘Where is Nigeria?’ should be the question on the lips of the majority of participants. No matter what your answer is, we still need to provide you with some basic backgrounds and to your surprise, hair extensions are the prevalent and profitable industry here.

Everything should start from the scratch and before exploring ‘how much is Cambodian hair in Nigeria’, we must be aware of trends and styles that Nigerian women are into.

how much is Cambodian hair in Nigeria
Where is Nigeria on earth? (Source: Internet)

First, Nigeria is popularly known as the giant of Africa and is covered with over 150 million people, which puts it into the most populous black nation in the world. As you can see in the map, it is located in the west of the African continents. If you consider Africa as the gun, Nigeria looks like a trigger. These are some very basic things that we believe that they are intriguing enough for you not to forget.

Now, it is high time to explain why Nigeria is one of the roots that help hair extensions to rapidly develop just over a few decades. Hair is one of the symbols of a woman’s beauty and as you often see in television, African people are famous for their Afro-textured hair. Therefore, they are willing to save up to cover their head with a better type.

According to an informative report revealed by Reuters, the purchase of Peruvian hair, Brazilian hair, Indian and Cambodian hair by African nations, especially Nigeria has facilitated an industry to annually generate more than $7 billion dollars. Thanks to this figure, you can sigh a relief that in Nigeria, you can even buy some bundles of hair extensions and ‘how much is Cambodian hair in Nigeria’ is not a big deal anymore because this market is even more professional than its counterparts.

how much is Cambodian hair in Nigeria
Do you think that you are better at investing in your appearance than black ladies in the other side of world? (Source: Internet)

Such global giants as L’Oreal and Unilever have been drawn into this potential market. From 2013 to 2018, the liquid haircare output increased by approximately 5 percent in Nigeria and Cameroon. Therefore, you can totally find a reliable supplier to enjoy e fixed rate or price. It seems that for example, ‘how much is Cambodian hair in Nigeria’ should be replaced by the net tag.

Why is Cambodian hair taking Nigerian women by storm?

‘How much is Cambodian hair in Nigeria’ becomes one of top-searched keywords for a reason. Let’s think it over a bit and you can find the answer yourself. It is like a circle of demand and supply. When ladies are fond of it, local companies start to increase their import to meet that demand. Once a woman see each other in lustrous Cambodian hair, they desire to have the same satisfaction. Then, everything repeats and Cambodian hair is booming.

In reality, in Cambodia, you just do not need to bargain because overall price is cheap and acceptable. There is a real story hidden where your hair extensions come from.

how much is Cambodian hair in Nigeria
Smiley faces hide suffering and poverty away (Source: Internet)

In Cambodia – a developing but culturally rich country rife with suffering, women are desperate enough to sell everything for survival. They sell their hair, their daughters and even their bodies to feed their family. Women aged from 18 to 60 are willing to queue to cut their hair to receive 20,000 to 33,000 riel (about $5 to $8) in exchange.

Should you have a chance to visit this country, you can directly ask to purchase their virgin hair. It is much cheaper than the price tag offered by manufacturers and you do not need to wonder ‘how much is Cambodian hair in Nigeria’. However, we are sure that this good deal will leave you mixed feelings – comfortable in finding a good one with reasonable cost but upset for the poverty they experience.

Four things to take into consideration before purchasing hair extensions in Nigeria

Before making any purchase from hair vendors in Nigeria, you should pay much attention to the quality and price. For locals, it is a bit easier to figure out ‘how much is Cambodian hair in Nigeria?’ or ‘how much is Brazilian?’ but for new-comers or tourists who desire to buy some as a gift, be careful.

Here are 4 things that you should consider before making a deal on your own!

  • Hair texture

When you have money in hands, Nigeria suppliers can offer you a wide selection of gorgeous tresses at unbelievable prices. Though you are not professional, you still feel the real textured hair thanks to these following tips.

how much is Cambodian hair in Nigeria
You must be seeking for virgin or human hair and you never want to be cheated on. (Source: Internet)

There are various kinds of human hair out there in this little country but bear in mind that texture is a thing in common and it is never too shiny or too coarse. For Afro-texture, you can feel the typical texture of permed natural strands. A certain bounce should be achieved instead of coated or silky smooth that synthetic hair brings about. For hair depriving from Asian countries, you can feel its scent that has accumulated from natural hair wash.

  • Quality

Why is quality separate from texture? In fact, texture is one of the factors that determine the quality of a certain product. It must be prioritized in the list of necessary questions, even prior to the question related to price such as ‘how much is Cambodian hair in Nigeria’.

how much is Cambodian hair in Nigeria
Raw Cambodian hair that you may be in love with (Source: Internet)

Human hair is always in search list of many people despite its high price and maintenance. However, you will be in favor of deal if you are contacting with a Nigerian seller. In fact, in this nation, sellers always import hair in large amounts; therefore, the price tag is much cheaper than the fixed one that you may find online.  

Tricks arise also because of this. While packaging ordered products, they may mix human hair with synthetic fibers or processed hair in order to make more profits. There are two things you should do in case this unexpected incident happens.

+ Watch out for unnatural hair color – a definite sign that indicates there must be some tricks here.

+ Read reviews from previous buyers. This stage requires your critical thinking a lot. Be alert, be patient and you can find a trustworthy one.

  • Shedding and bulky wefts

Shedding is not a major requirement for a good hair distributor but if one receives many eventual complaints of shedding and bulky wefts, you should attempt to seek for a better one. It is perfect that human hair often comes in bundles without being packed.

how much is Cambodian hair in Nigeria
Perfect is something that is hard to reach but too much shedding is not acceptable. (Source: Internet)

Price should be equal to the quality and good experience but normally, you have to come across bad things before reaching the final good one. Therefore, such questions as ‘how much is Cambodian hair in Nigeria’ are understandable because as for you, price will determine different parts of the overall quality.

A tip for you is to run your finger through strands. If possible, let’s ask them to shake and put a brush through. If they are unusually swollen or you can feel tight seams, it would be okie. If not, you need to reconsider not purchasing if shedding is the enemy of yours.

  • Price – a trap that is difficult to step out

How to score a good bargain after questions like ‘how much is Cambodian hair in Nigeria’ are raised? Never will a vendor sell an original the same price as that of synthetic strands regardless of its length. They need to get profits for the cost of importing, packaging and caring for hair. It is feasible to compare prices in order to get a better transaction.

how much is Cambodian hair in Nigeria
Budget is a thing that always prevents your shopping dream (Source: Internet)

How much is Cambodian hair in Nigeria?

Normally, you have to compare price of one supplier to that of others before making any decisions. Therefore, to help you in search of Cambodian hair, we will provide you with a price list of a reliable Vietnamese hair vendor as a standard. Click here to see (https://www.wholesalehairvendors.com/price-list).

To answer the question ‘how much is Cambodian hair in Nigeria’, it would be so long to mention because there are hundreds of types and thus, a myriad of prices. We could only say that the price ranges from 30,000 to 90,000. It depends. You can check it on the official website of recommended hair suppliers we inform you of in the next part.

how much is Cambodian hair in Nigeria
It is noted that you should not visit Lagos Island Market to buy human hair (Source: Internet)

For valid reason, market is the complex of many retails and stores that sell a huge numbers of hair extensions. Hair extensions are supposed to be of high quality but marketing ploy is beyond your expectations for sure. Therefore, Lagos is abundant in fakes and should you be a foreigner, you must be charged over price.

How to care and preserve Cambodia hair?

How to comb the wig properly

– Put the wig on the mannequin head and position the latches firmly.

– Use a wide-toothed comb to smooth the hair or use gentle fingers to brush the hair before combing.

– Brush in the direction from the bottom to the top, the top part of the hair must be brushed first and then towards the top.

– When brushing does not allow the comb to touch the wig cap, this may cause the hair to break quickly.

Clean the wig properly

This is an indispensable principle when using wigs. The wig is in direct contact with the scalp, causing more sweat to be produced. If you do not clean your wig regularly, the bacteria will be itchy or scratchy. After using the wig 2-3 times to clean the hair. But note that wigs are not the same as real hair, so there is another way of cleaning, specifically:

– Add shampoo to the diluted water.

– Put the wig in a soaking basin for about 5 to 10 minutes (just soak, do not use your hands to scratch your hair, because it will mess up the hair).

– After soaking the hair with a shampoo head, rinse with water.

– Continue to add conditioner to the diluted water tank. Soak the hair similar to shampoo and rinse it off with water. You should use a wig for wigs with high hair conditioning to help restore the hair.

– After that, put the hair in a soft towel and gently absorb it (do not use your hands to rub your hair).

– When hair is about 70% – 80% dry, comb your hair again with a thin comb and spray water to your hair, then let the hair dry naturally.

Nurturing is the easiest way to restore wigs

If you want a smooth and glossy wig like real hair, you should use conditioner, oil absorption, moisturizing solutions to provide essential nutrients for hair fibers.

Drying for a wig made of Cambodian hair.

– Put the wig into a soft towel and gently soak it out (do not use the hand to squeeze the water, as it will damage the hair).

– When the hair is in a humid state, there are two ways to dry: One is to dry the hair in the light in the morning, the other is to use a dedicated hair dryer at a moderate temperature (it is also advisable to limit the use of the dryer because it will reduce the quality of hair fibers).

– Before drying, we fixed the wig firmly on a wooden bow head, using a comb to comb the hair.

– Adjust the dryer to the average temperature and wind, change the top-down airflow, place the 45 degree diagonal machine against the top of the head and about 20 cm away from the hair.

– Use 5 fingers to gently squeeze the hair, shake the wrist evenly so that the heat can penetrate deep inside to help hairdry faster, spray more moisture and comb hair back smoothly.

– If carefully, after drying, you should use some olive oil on your hair to increase the shine and flexibility for the hair. Olive essential oil is a great ingredient for hair and this is the way to restore wig made with Cambodian hair that few people think of.

– Note: Avoid drying hair at high temperatures if you don’t want the wig to deteriorate quickly. Do not expose your hair to harsh sunlight, this will make it easier to dry and split ends

Recommended list of hair vendors in Nigeria

With the advent of Internet, you can easily locate a hair vendor in the proximity of your living areas. You can check for their location, their products, their price list, reviews and shipping policy within several minutes. To shorten the time you need to compare ‘how much is Cambodian hair in Nigeria’ in A supplier to that in B supplier, we provide you with this list. Let’s check and choose one on your own.

  • Chizella hair and beauty accessories

Where to visit: 41 ROAD, G Close, Fesatc Town, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos, Nigeria

It is rated 5 star in vconnect.com

Reviews from previous customers:

“Pretty good hair extensions. I have been utilizing chizella strands since December 2012 and I still love it now. It is original indeed. I will never regret investing my money on it. Keep it up”

how much is Cambodian hair in Nigeria
Their hair sample (Source: Internet)
  • Floxy Queens Enterprises Ltd

Where to visit: KM 48, Lekki-Epe Express Road, Olonkonla Ajah, Lagos Nigeria

In addition to hair extensions, Floxy Quees also offers cosmetics and beauty service.

Reviews from its customers:

“This is a hair vendor that I have checked online and was lucky enough to reach. I always have problem calling numbers I got from the internet but on this occasion, I called them, they picked up and were very polite. Above all, I got what I wanted without any worries in terms of “How much is Cambodian hair in Nigeria”. They are moderate and the hair vendor is located in a very good site. You can’t miss it!”

  • Other hair suppliers to visit

+ K-Styles Virgin Hair Collections – No 32 Eluama Street Trademoore Estate, Lugbe, Abuja FCT Nigeria

+ Harnie Hairs – 62B Opebi road (House of soto), Ikeja, Lagos

+ Fabulous Beauty Supplies – 12b Olubunmi Owa Street Aarons Lekki Mall suite 18 Off Admiralty Way Same Street as Ebano, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos Nigeria

+ SnT Collections – 7a Asafarogun Road Off Osolo Way Ajao Estate, Isolo, Lagos Nigeria

Here are all the things that you should be equipped with. We sincerely hope that you are no longer obsessed with such queries as ‘how much is Cambodian hair in Nigeria’ or ‘Is it good if I buy…’. Please be confident in domains you are provided with and good luck with your purchase.

Should you any worries to consult or desire to send us your own feedback, please be free to do it via our box or email. Thank you for taking your time to digest such a long guide!

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