How Often Can You Dye Your Hair? It’s More Important Than You Think

Even though there are no limitations on the hues you would choose to express your fashion sense, there are rules when deciding to change your hair color.

Because a proper schedule can extend the hues’ beauty and recover your hair strands over time for other dye jobs, you can retain the dye job result for many months without much effort.

In the article below, Ivirgo Hair Factory will provide information to answer the question: How often can you dye your hair? We also give you some extra tips on maintaining your colored hair.

How Often Can You Dye Your Hair?

You should wait for at least 4 to 6 weeks before another chemical treatment, as your hair strands need time to recover and build up nutrients.

However, this time frame can change depending on your hair type, condition, and hair dye method. Some hair dye products deliver harsh chemicals that penetrate your cuticles deep inside.

Before chemical treatment, consider checking your hair type and consult hair experts carefully for a better overview of your condition.

Over-dyeing your hair too often can lead to many problems, including breakage, hair loss, and a hypersensitive scalp.

Don’t dye your hair too often
Don’t dye your hair too often

Factors Determining Your Dye Job

Determining the proper time frame for your dyeing process is simple. Suppose you have just learned about hair dye and want to try a new color immediately. You should take a step back and consider these factors first.


Genetics is the most critical factor determining your hair growth process and other elements of natural hair. You should adapt this effectively if you have a fast hair growth speed.

The hair growth speed doesn’t directly affect your chemical treatment, but you must repeatedly redye when the roots start overgrowing. Moreover, you need to pay additional fees for a meticulous dye job.

Generally, as for ordinary people, hair strands will grow 0.5 to 0.7 inches per month. If you have fast hair growth, you need to redye at least two times to maintain the consistency of color.

Product Type

While temporary hair dye and semi-permanent hair dye won’t penetrate your hair shaft, permanent hair dye requires a significant time frame to enter your cuticle layers, which can last longer than usual.

Customers who opt for permanent hair dye might extend their redye session to over eight weeks. However, their hair is prone easily to scalp irritation, breakage, and allergic reactions.

In most cases, if you are searching for a dye job with decent quality and longevity, you should go for a temporary position. Because they don’t contain harsh chemicals, allowing your hair strands to recover more efficiently.

Your Preferences

Nothing is more exciting than choosing your favorite colors, as they express your personality and fashion style at home or outside.

For those searching for a classic and charming appearance, consider choosing natural brown and black. These hues can also be compatible with many skin tones and complement eye color.

If you want to try some color trending in several months, don’t hesitate to choose dynamic hues such as rich chocolate brown, deep blues, and natural-looking balayage.

They ensure to infuse a new spirit into your look, making you confident and energetic throughout the day.

When Should You Bleach Your Hair?

You need to wait for at least 8 to 10 weeks before bleaching your natural hair. Every hair type, even hair extensions, need time to repair the damage.

Hair bleaching typically involves using chemicals to strip off your natural color pigments. The hair stylist will bleach your hair if you use highlight colors and create color ombre effects and highlights.

The hair stylist will apply bleach chemicals to your natural colors during the bleaching process. These chemicals contain harsh ingredients that harm your hair and scalp.

Therefore, you might suffer scalp redness and itching when they apply it to your hair. Over-bleaching might lead to hair loss, scalp irritation, and dryness.

You can skip the hair-washing schedule for several days before a dye job because the natural nutrients of your hair will create a protective shield. It can protect your hair strands from the harmful substance of hair dye.

Bleaching consists of harsh ingredients for a desired bleaching result
Bleaching consists of harsh ingredients for a desired bleaching result

How To Make Your Color Last?

No one wants to book a hair salon appointment to redye their hair sooner than expected. A hair salon might save you a lot of money to take care of your hair during the dyeing process.

Therefore, the following tips below will help you maintain your hair color more effectively for long-term use.

Use A Color-Safe Shampoo

The color-safe shampoo is typically produced for color-treated hair. The product contains gentle ingredients, including sulfate-free surfactants, conditioning agents. and pH balancers.

These ingredients work together to nourish and strengthen your hair strands deep inside. Moreover, the pH balancers of color-safe shampoo protect your strands from excessive alkaline, which can cause color fading.

Use A Heat Protectant

The heat protectant creates a protective shield between your natural hair and high temperature. This is a good idea for those who usually dry natural hair with a hair dryer in the morning or after washing.

This hair care method comes in various forms, including sprays, serums, and creams. Users must apply heat protection to their natural hair before using hair styling tools.

Even though the heat protectant can protect your color-treated hair from high temperatures, it’s essential to use hair styling tools wisely and effectively at low-temperature.

Consider using hair care supplemental for long-lasting color
Consider using hair care supplemental for long-lasting color

Try A Color Gloss

This supplemental hair care product can add shine and vibrancy to your hair color. They can also condition and moisturize your natural hair.

A professional hairdresser usually applies color glosses. However, a specific at-home kit is available for DIY. This is a great way to revitalize faded or dull hair color, giving your hair depth and dimension.


Your hair needs 4 to 6 weeks before undergoing another dye job. However, you can extend the session with a proper hair care routine and some usual tips.

The article has answered the question: How often can you dye your hair? I hope you have a better overview of hair dye for long-term color-treated hair.

Thank you for reading!

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