The best answer for the question: How often can you tone your hair?

Nowadays, dyeing hair isn’t a strange affair with everyone. But not everybody really knows exactly about this. One of the most common questions about dyeing hair is that “ how often can you tone your hair ?”. Today, a hair expert will reply all your questions fully to know more about toning your hair. This is a synthesis writing about the answers of the hair expert for you to refer.

The first question “ How often can you tone your hair?”

There is a reader named Huyen has a question that: “I like to change my appearance regularly. So, I choose to tone my hair with different color each dyeing time. But I don’t know how often can I tone my hair?”. This also is a question that many people sent to us. Here is the answer of the hair expert about “ How often can you tone your hair ?”

“Worried about the time of toning your hair is absolutely valid. We all know that hair dye contains a lot of toxic chemicals. Beside bringing to us the colorful hair, it doesn’t have any benefits for our hair and health.

The minimum length of time to tone your hair is about four weeks. But it is just the minimum length of time, you can tone your hair if you need it expedite. If you really care of your hair, the ideal time to tone your hair is about 7 to 8 weeks. This is the best time that your hair can be recovered fully.

Don’t hurry to fix your bad color hair by toning your hair by another color immediately. Be patient and wait your hair for growing longer. During this time, the hair color will become faded.

Also, you need to pay attention to the color carefully at the next dyeing time and the process of toning your hair must be guaranteed. You should choose the hair dye having a clear origin and a moisturizing effect on the hair. Moreover, you should limit the chemical effects of hair dye on your hair to protect your hair healthier.”

how often can you tone your hair

Beautiful hair color after toning hair (Source: Internet)

The second question “Why should we wait a time to tone our hair?”

After seeing the answer of the question “How often can you tone your hair?”, another reader named Lan sent us a question: “I wonder why we should wait a time for toning our hair”. And here is the answer of the hair expert.

“Hi Lan, you need to understand that any chemical process can affect your hair and toning your hair isn’t an exception. If you are lucky to own healthy hair, you might consider dyeing it again without waiting too long. Because strong hair doesn’t suffer too many negatives from hair dyes.

If your hair is unhealthy and vulnerable, you should wait a time to tone your hair again. Do not intend to tone your hair twice in succession.

Splitting and hair loss are two of the most common affairs after toning your hair. They are consequences of dyeing hair too often and they make people annoy.

The third question “Can you give me information about the negative effects after toning hair too often?”

Beside the question “How often can you tone your hair?”. There are many people sent the question about the negative effects after toning hair too often to us. Here is a specific answer of hair expert.

“Some studies have shown that dyeing hair can cause bladder cancer. Because when hair is dyed, all the dyes must be absorbed through the scalp. This makes the dye is absorbed throughout your body. But it will stay in the bladder and cause cancer.

However, another study by the American Society of Cancer Oncology did not find a link between dyeing hair and cancer. But women who used black hair dye for more than 20 years were more likely to develop bone cancer and lymphoma than normal people.

On the other hand, the main constituents of hair dyes are: p-phenylenediamines (PPD), toluene-diaminesulphate (TDS), resorcinol (RES), amino azobenzene, xylidine, aminophenol. These constituents can lead to many bad effects on your hair, such as:

  • Hair is dry, fibrous, be broken easily, split ends.
  • Hair dyes can increase or decrease pigmentation on the scalp.
  • You can be cancerous when using hair dyes for a long time, especially with dark hair dyes.
  • Pregnant women should not dye hair because it increases the risk of fetal cancer increased 10 times.”

how often can you tone your hair

You can tone your hair after 7 weeks (Source: Internet)

The fourth question “How to have beautiful hair color in the next toning time?”

Another reader named Dung sent to us a question that “I am going to tone my hair again. But I don’t know how to have beautiful hair color and strong hair in the next toning time?”. And here is the answer of hair expert.

“If you want to have beautiful hair color, please pay attention to the following:

  • Use natural hair dyes, in reputable brands, suitable for your hair.
  • Before dyeing hair, you should put a little bit dye on your hair to ensure that you will not be allergic with the dye.
  • Avoid letting the dye touch the scalp or hair roots ..
  • After dyeing needs to care for the hair thoroughly, use shampoo and conditioner with moisturizing ingredients for hair.
  • Protect your hair from the sun.

If you can do these things, I think you will satisfy with your hair”

The fifth question “How to have long-lasting dyed hair?”

Avoid the sun

Like skin, hair has many layers of cells that are very vulnerable to pollution smog and ultraviolet rays. The sun is the main reason for the fast dyeing of the hair color and the hair becoming frayed.

After dyeing your hair, if you must go to the sun, shield your hair thoroughly with a wide-brimmed hat or neatly tied hair and a bun in high to avoid direct sunlight exposure.

Limit hair exposure directly to the sun during the period from 10 am to 3 pm because this time the radiation of UV radiation to the ground is very strong.

Use shampoo and conditioner specifically for dyed hair

Dye-specific shampoos will have the right formula to protect the hair after dyeing with less fiber and split ends, keeping hair color longer.

In addition, it is necessary to take extra steps to blow your hair after shampooing, to make your hair smooth and shiny. If you are a type of person with oily skin and do not want to use conditioner because the hair is prone to stain, just apply conditioner to the hair roots, avoid applying it directly on the scalp.

Shampoo properly

The rule that women must remember is not to wash their hair and scratch hard in the first 3 days of dyeing. This will help limit the allergies caused by the dye and keep the new color layer clinging to deeper hair cells, thereby helping to stabilize the hair color.

Note, do not wash your hair often. The farther between the washes, the longer the hair color will be. Use cool water or warm water to wash your hair, absolutely do not use hot water as it will damage the scalp.

While washing your hair, do not use a strong rinse on your hair, reduce the strength of the water jet by pouring it into a basin or using a shower filter.

Limit your hair to dehydration

All problems such as damage, break or split ends stem from the fact that the hair is too dry. This process takes a long time to make the hair lose its vitality and does not retain the right color.

Only dry your hair when it is absolutely necessary because exposing your hair to high temperatures will make the dye easy to fade. When drying, keep the machine away from hair about 30-40 cm. Naturally dry hair is the best hair care method.

Do not straighten your hair and dye your hair at the same time

The process of stretching, curling or dyeing hair uses chemicals to change the original properties of the hair. If you do these beauty treatments on the same day, it will cause 2 times the damage to your hair. Therefore, these methods should be done at least 7-10 days apart.

Avoid products containing sulfate

Sulfate can make the dye fade very quickly, so you should find a shampoo that does not contain this ingredient. Furthermore, sulfate with salt can remove moisture from the hair. This is one of the main causes of color fade.

Do not use shampoo labeled “Clarifying”

Shampoos labeled “Clarifying Shampoo” are a special shampoo that washes dyes because it contains a strong detergent, helps deep clean and remove dirt and chemical products.

Supplement vitamins for dyed hair

You can use functional foods to supplement your hair with vitamins because vitamins are one of the essential nutrients to care for strong and shiny hair.

Vitamin C keeps the strong blood in the scalp healthy by supporting hair follicles and helping you absorb iron from plant proteins.

Avoid chlorine exposure to dyed hair

If you’re a swimmer, wet your hair and use a hair restoration essence before going into the pool to prevent chlorine in the pool water from damaging your hair.

Chlorine chemicals can accumulate and change the hair color to green. In addition, you can also wear a swimming cap to prevent hair from coming into contact with water.

Above is the synthesis answers of the hair expert on “ How often can you tone your hair ?” and some more question on tone your hair regularly. Hope this is useful for you. If you have any question, please give comment below. We are willing to help you solve the hair problems.

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