How often should you trim your hair?

Have you ever questioned yourself about how often should you trim your hair? Most of the times,  haircut decisions are made based on personal preference. For some, it would be years from the recent haircut to the next. For some, the gap doesn’t expand further than one month or even one week.

Most of us are unaware of the reasonable hair cutting frequency. The following guideline will show you the answer to this question.

Before getting into the detail guideline on hair cut frequency for different hair types, we should clearify some myths around this issue.

Firstly, there is no consistent hair growth speed among people. Each one has their own pace at which their hair grows. Therefore, each should adjust the suggested frequency below to suit their situations.

Secondly, some people might ask, “Every inch of hair is precious to me, why do I have to give up my hard-grown hair?” The true reason for trimming hair is, indeed, to curtail the split and weak ends in order to sustain healthy hair. Moreover, split and weak ends also cause breakage, which even makes your hair shorter rather than growing longer.

Lastly, many people believe that cutting hair would stimulate your hair to grow faster and stronger. Is this a fact or just a myth? As explained above, it is true that cutting damaged hair will reduce the breakage and remain a healthy hair. However, if your hair is still strong and healthy, cutting your hair often has nothing to do with making it grow faster, or stronger. You just simply shorten your hair.

The key point is to realize the right time to cut your hair. The suitable frequency will help you part with the weak ends without making unnecessary sacrifice.

Biological structure and hair growth process

Hair growth cycle consists of 3 stages:

Anagen stage (Developing): This is the name for the developmental stages of a hair follicle. The Anagen stage for hair follicles on the scalp usually lasts about 3 to 7 years.

Catagen Period (Intermediate): At the end of the growth period, hair follicles prepare themselves for the rest period. The transition from growth to rest is called catagen phase. This period of hair growth cycle usually lasts about 1 to 2 weeks or longer. During the catagen phase, deeper parts of the hair follicle begin to collapse.

Interstitial Telogen (Rest): This is the resting period of a hair follicle. It usually lasts about 3 to 5 months and at the end of this period, the hair ends their “life” and will fall off, giving way to the newly developed hair.

The Anagen stage accounts for 90% of the growth cycle of hair follicles, while the intermediate stage (Catagen) and shedding (Telogen) only accounts for 10%.

Growth process

On average, a person has about 100,000 hairs, and the speed of hair growth is only about 1.5 cm per month. Recent studies show that daily hair growth is 0.05 cm. That means that when your hair is touching your shoulder, it’s about 2 years old.

And in the meantime, the hair has suffered a lot of environmental impacts such as sun, wind, dust, smoke, chemicals in shampoo, discharge, spray, of shampooing, regular brushing and so on. Therefore, you need to have health care for your hair.

How often should you trim your hair regarding your hair length?

Short hair

For a short hair the growth of hair is more visible. For some people, just within a month, their hairstyles would look totally different. If someone insists on having a short and neat hairstyle, they should have their haircuts more often than usual.

how often should you trim your hair
how often should you trim your hair

It is mostly about four to six weeks between the two cuts. The three-to-six-week frame is also suggested for men whose hair is mostly short.   

But if short-haired people have the intention to grow their hair longer, it would not mean that they should not have haircut at all. Instead, increase the gap between two trims to six to twelve month and reduce the length cut.

Long Hair

For long hair, the hair growth does not transform your hairstyle significantly as for the short hair. Therefore, the time between two haircuts could spread from six to ten weeks. Having hair cut every six to eight weeks is advisable for people who want to maintain their hair length. However, if the growth of longer hair is your first priority, you should have haircut every eight to ten weeks.

how often should you trim your hair
how often should you trim your hair

Some people with long hair just don’t give much attention to haircut at all. However, having no hair cut at all is not a strategic solution. The reason is that the longer hair grows, the older it is. And the older hair means the weaker and more breakable hair. Therefore, haircut is necessary to balance hair’s health.

How often should you trim your hair regarding your hair type?

Natural hair

Natural hair is hard to see these days. Most of people, especially females have their hair chemical-treated more than once. The frequency of haircut for natural hair is hereby little different from that of the other hair types. As natural hair takes more time to grow longer, the period between two haircuts is also longer, about three to six months.

Within this spectrum, three- to-four-month gap is advisable if you want to remain the hair length whereas four-six month gap is recommended for growing longer hair.

Chemical-treated hair

The use of chemical will, to some extent, degrade the quality of your hair. So this hair type needs more regular haircut than usual. Cutting hair every four to eight weeks is most suitable in this case.

In general, the decision of trimming hair depends more on personal reference or even a random, impulsive choice. However, if you know the secret behind hair growth, you could turn the hair trimming decision in to a useful tool to attain your desirable hair style and maintain a healthy hair.

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