How to become a hair weave distributor for Vietnamese hair

POSTED ON November 28, 2017 BY Thomas Taw

You want to run own business yourself and you are thinking about what type of business you will start: which will be suitable for you, which will make you richer. This post will show you some tips to start your business like a  hair distributor. How to become a hair weave distributor for Vietnamese hair. However, let’s see whether a hair weave distributor is suitable for you.

become a hair weave distributor
how do i become a hair weave distributor


Why should choose this type of business: a hair weave distributor

Distributors, who have a little of proverty and be interested in human hair [1]. You want to become an owner. This business is also very suitable for people who are owning a hair salon. You can buy hair in bulk like a distributor, and use them on your business-hair extensions.

However, you also decide that you will be a retailer or wholesaler. Wholesalers, you can buy human hair with the cheaper price so much, but you have to face man riskiest because of remaining hair on your stock. Which one is right for your business, all depend on your business, on yourself, your target, and your experience in this field.

How do I become  hair weave distributor for free

For free, it is very very unbelievable, but that is true. You can become a hair weave distributor for free if you are loyal customers of my company-Ivirgohair hair commercial and investment Joint Stock company. “For free” means that you will buy in bulk hair first and transfer money, you can collect all the orders of your customers, then tell us. By this way, you can become a hair weave distributor for the free of my company.

Which kind of hair you can order when you become a hair weave distributor

My company offers many kinds of hair, and deliver them around the world, such as : bulk hair, weft hair, tape hair, clip in hair, flat tips hair, closure, fontal hair, …. When you become a weave hair distributor, you do not only order weave hair, but also order all of them.

You can sell all of my products from my company and run your advertising all of them.

We always support my distributors for all photos, videos about hair extensions, you can use them in your business

become a hair weave distributor
how to become a hair weave distributor in south africa

You become a hair weave distributor, how to do business with each other

You don’t know how to make business with my company and you find very difficult to do that, don’t worry about it, now I will guide you step by step.

  • First step: let’s collect all your orders from your customers, and check again with my company, or check directly with me- Ms. Lily. Then, I will tell you the price, the times need to do, and whether we can do that order or not?
  • The second step: you confirm all of the detail for your customers and send my company the final orders of yours. After that, my company will send you the invoice.
  • The third step: we will start making your hair and choose all high-quality hair to make your hair, promise that they are the quality which you choose.
  • The final step: Before I deliver your hair to your country, complete your payment and we will send your hair.

Then you receive your hair, you can check your order and see the quality. However, I am very confident that you will fall in love the hair from the company because of we always focus on the quality of them. But if they can meet your standard, you can feedback to my company to find the solutions: or refund money, refund the goods, or discount for next orders.

We are confident that my policies about distributors of Ivirgohar Join-stock company are very clear and suitable for you. If you are seeking a supplier with this characteristics, do not forget Ivirgohair investment and development joint stock company. And “How to become a hair weave distributor” become very easy.



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