Men Must Read: Hairstylists Talk About How To Blow Dry Hair Men! 

how to blow dry hair men
How to blow dry your hair, men? (Source: Internet)

Most of people think that drying hair is as easy as pie, and for men, it is not important. However, there is a fact that like women, men also need to dry and style hair with blow dryer, but not many people know how to blow dry hair men. Therefore, this post today will provide you, gentlemen, some tips and technique to dry your hair correctly.

Why do men need to dry hair?

Most men do not really pay attention to dry their hair. They prefer using spray or other products to style hair instead. However, they do not know that a blow dry can not only help them to dry hair but it can also help your hair to get a shiny and healthy look with great body and movement.

Moreover, knowing how to blow dry men’s hair for volume also helps bald men or people who are starting falling out their hair to have a fuller and denser look. So, you will see a clear difference before and after blow drying.

how to blow dry hair men
Do you know about basic steps? (Source: Internet)

How to blow dry hair men?

Actually, if you can figure out the techniques of blow drying, drying will not too difficult. However, to blow dry properly, the important thing is that you need to choose a good blow hair dryer for yourself. And now, I am going to introduce to you guys some basic steps of blow drying. Check it!


First of all, start the process by freshly wash out your hair. Then, take a soft towel to absorb water from your hair to make it partly dry if your hair is not curly.

how to blow dry hair men
Use a towel to absorb water before blow drying (Source: Internet)


Take your blow hair dryer and turn on the medium or high heat button. After that, gently dry your hair in any directions you want.


Dry each section at each time and angle under the longer hair to reach every hair strand. Finally, you can use some hair products like texturizer to style your hair.

Tips to blow dry men’s hair for multiple purposes

So I have already given you the basic techniques of blow drying men’s hair. I think it is easy for you to follow, right? And do you know that blow drying usually goes with various styles of hair. No matter what your hairstyle is, wild or tight or carefree, a great blow dry is as good as a product you use. Therefore, at the moment, after introducing you how to blow dry hair men, I am going to provide you with some more skillful techniques to blow dry your hair by your own instead of going to hair salons.

how to blow dry hair men
You do not need to go to hair salon anymore (Source: Internet)

Styled but not done

If you just want to have a casual style look but you do not want to spend too much time brushing or styling, what you need to do is to apply a small amount of your hair product at the base of your hair and power-dry it. The key of power-drying is not to use high temperature. It aims at using high pressure instead. Try to dry with a medium heat to avoid over-drying your hair and the product, and keep it flexible for comfortable manipulation with your fingers or styling tools.

Soft volume withhold

If you are wondering how to blow dry men’s hair for volume, you must read this part. This is a higher level of “styled but not done”. This style is for people who want to have your hair done but not too harsh. Use a small amount of a volumizing cream which is equivalent to a pearl, then apply it to the crown and get a lift. Continuing imitating the motion of a brush to comb and power-dry the product into the hair to add more volume. Picking up and pulling the hair straight up with tension at the base with a comb. As a result, you will have soft volume withhold. There is one thing you need to notice that you should not apply the volumizing cream to the sides of your hair, just apply to the crown.

Defined and strong

Gentlemen who wish to have a stronger style for hair, professional hair stylists advise that you need to select each kind of brush or each section. In particular, you need to pick a round brush for the Mohawk section and a paddle brush for the sides so that your hair will get the desired volume. Apply your hair product to the crown and throughout the Mohawk section. Besides, you need to apply the products to the sides as well. That is the difference between defined style and soft volume style. Then, you use the blow dryer with a round brush to blow dry each section to achieve a harsher look.

how to blow dry hair men
Using a round brush at the crown (Source: Internet)

Top 3 hair products for men’s hair

Although I am sure now you have already known how to blow dry hair men, you always need to notice that the importance of hair product is no joke in the process of styling hair. Now I will give you some hair products that are recommended by hair stylists to make you own a perfect overall look.

American Crew Pomade

how to blow dry hair men
The best seller American Crew Pomade (Source: Internet)

American Crew Pomade is something between a wax and a gel. This one is one of the best-sellers which can give customers a decent hold. The interesting point of this translucent product is that you just need to take a small amount of product each time you use. American Crew Pomade aims at providing men’s hair a shine. If you are finding out a product that helps you have a remarkable style but not too intense, this one is just what you need.

Oribe’s Crème for Style

how to blow dry hair men
A great style (Source: Internet)

Guys, you can blow dry with this product because it can not only give you weight, density but also volume and moisture, so that you can feel comfortable to blow dry your hair without afraiding of making your hair over-dry.

Dove Men+Care Defining Pomade

how to blow dry hair men
Best choice for bald men and men who are starting falling hair out  (Source: Internet)

A pomade, again. Pomade is always the best choice for clients who desire to own fuller hairstyles. This non-greasy product is really suitable for short to medium-length hair.

Well, that is all I want to share with you in this post. After reading this article thoroughly, hopefully all of you will know clearly how to blow dry hair men and can become stylish gentlemen. Thanks for reading!


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