How To Cornrow Your Own Hair? Ways You Need To Consider

Women have favored cornrow hairstyles for many years thanks to their unique style and secured protection. The fantastic hairstyle is perfect for protecting your hair from ambient heat damage.

Cornrows can hold their form throughout the day whenever you do daily activities or participate in high-intensity workouts. And learning how to style this hairstyle is necessary to approach ultimate versatility.

So, this post will guide you in detail on how to cornrow your own hair. Along with step-by-step instructions, the article provides some extra tips.

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How To Cornrow Your Own Hair?

Nothing is more exciting than learning a new practical skill, significantly if it can simplify your life. The more careful you are while cornrowing your hair, the more beautiful the hair is.

Wash And Detangle Your Hair

To have the desired cornrow, you should carefully wash your hair with shampoo. Therefore, you must distribute the shampoo evenly between your hair shafts and scalp during the hair-washing process.

Proper distribution can provide nutrients all around your hair, nourishing hair growth. Then, consider applying conditioner to its surface and use natural products such as oil or butter to enhance the result.

Remember to use a wide-tooth brush to lessen the chance of damaging your hair during the brushing process.

For those with collided hair strands, you should dry your hair with a hair dryer at a low temperature. Because this helps loosen the curls before you start styling and give you a more alluring cornrow.

Remember to apply shampoo evenly
Remember to apply shampoo evenly

Part Your Hair In Rows From Front To Back

You can take a rat-tail comb and use its end to part your hair in rows stretched across your head, and the rows will typically range from your forehead to your neck and are divided into 3 to 4 sections, depending on your head size.

Then, use small clips or adhesive pads to secure the rows effectively. The number of pins will increase by the row you create.

If you want to avoid the middle row in your head, you can divide it into two rows on your head. However, try to separate the rows with them the same size, as these rows can complement the hairstyle.

Divide The First Row Into 3 Small Sections

With this step, you should remove the attached clips. Take some hair strands on your side or in the middle of your head, and divide them into three different sections, including the left, center, and right.

Use both hands to handle your hair more efficiently during the hairstyling process. One hand holds a single section, while the other holds two different areas.

You should pay attention to your hairline by separating the sections evenly because this will facilitate your first attempt and give you the desired cornrow with little effort.

Using both hands can help you handle more easily
Using both hands can help you handle more easily

Make The First Braid Stitch

Many people have stuck with this step and still need help to achieve the desired result. It would help if you practiced braiding your first braid stitch the next time you want to cornrow your hair.

You can move the left or the right sections to the middle section and start braiding from now. Gradually move the area to the other side and attach it to the existing centerpiece.

Remember to use both hands; one hand moves the side section while the other prevents other areas from falling.

Add A Small Section Of Hair To Each Braid Stitch

When up to the braid technique, consider adding a 1.3 to 1.5 cm section of hair to each braid. In addition, remember to add hair strands from your forehead to the nape of your neck will help secure the braids efficiently.

This step is essential for those who usually move around or participate in outdoor activities. Because unsecured braids can loosen and sabotage the cornrows on your hair.

Finish The Braid

You can complete the braid only once you’ve sewn your hair to the nape of your neck. You can use some elastic bands or clips to secure the cornrow.

Try not to tie the braids too tightly and securely. Even though you want to hold the hairstyle’s form as long as possible, too-tight attachments can cause hair loss and intense pressure on your scalp throughout the day.

The length of the cornrow depends on the size of your natural hair; some people will nourish their natural hair to shoulder length to achieve a neat cornrow.

Your hair length will determine the cornrow length
Your hair length will determine the cornrow length

Continue The Same Technique For Other Row

When you have done the first braid, continue with other sections with the same technique. Consider removing the attachments on each area and weaving them together.

An alluring cornrow will have around five to six braids. Therefore, don’t over-style your head. It might lead to unaesthetic cornrows and cause excessive pressure.

When you want to untie the cornrow, consider removing each stitch one by one and washing your hair with conditioner and shampoo. This will moisturize your hair for the next time you cornrow it.

Practice And Have Patiencehow to cornrow your own hair

You can style a perfect cornrow at home by yourself. You need to have a proper hair length and pay attention to each step carefully.

In particular, your natural hair needs to have inches in length to facilitate the styling process. Remember to keep it simple and minimal for your first attempts.

Messy or curly hair shafts can help the styling process, especially for beginners. If you have just practiced cornrowing your hair, consider styling French braids.

You can divide your hair into two sections in the middle and braid them downward. This hairstyle is effortless to style, which helps you strengthen your skill over time.


Cornrow is a practical solution to organize and protect your hair from ambient effects. With the information above, you can strengthen your skill to have professional stitches.

Ivirgo Hair Factory has helped you understand how to cornrow your own hair. From there, you can have an aesthetic hairstyle to express your fashion sense.

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