Some effective tips telling you how to cut your own hair black men. Let’s try it!

You, guys, are busy men. You spend most of your time a day in work, family, friend, and something like that without having free time for the hairdresser cut your hair. Perhaps, after a hard day, if you do need to get someone to cut for you, you can go to salons in a hurry, right? Today, this problem will disappear for certain.

Let’s draw your attention to this following short post! We will recommend you some tricks so that you can know how to cut your own hair black men with your style. Definitely, you don’t need to go to the salon from time to time. You can totally DIY. That’s amazing, right?

Why should you know how to cut your own hair black?

     As previously stated, knowing how to cut your own hair black men will help gentlemen save your time as much as possible. However, many people find it quite difficult to do it yourself. Don’t worry about that! In this post, we will give you, gentlemen four reasons why guys should consider DIY.


Through some recent answers, cutting your own hair black men at your home spends at least 10 minutes. It means that it takes gentlemen about 2-3 hours to do some other things. Moreover, to save time better, please select one clipper with a strong engine and sharp blade, which makes the cutting process become easier and faster.

how to cut your own hair black men
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The style will go on

The hustle and bustle in pace of living make you have less leisure time. However, when you have your own unique cutting, you can completely make style along you. For starters, please invest a clipper cord-cordless. It will provide you with the freedom of cutting.

how to cut your own hair black men
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You understand better than anyone, which makes you find a hairstyle easily. You only spend 20-30 minutes for the first turn and 5-10 minutes for the next week to maintain like the first turn. As a result, when knowing how to cut your own hair black men, you can absolutely have the convenience and control for yourself.

how to cut your own hair black men
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Expressing your skills

When you have new skills, you have rights to show-off, actually. If someone tells you to cut for him, you can do it proudly. Also, everyone is very impressed by your useful skills that not many people obtain. This is a proud stuff, and you can teach both your children and your future children, right?

These are four reasons why you should consider how to cut your own hair black men. Indeed, it’s not difficult as gentlemen used to think if you, guys draw your attention to the next part. In this part, we will show you in details in order that you can absolutely DIY. Let’s watch!

The ways of telling you how to cut your own hair black men

How to cut your own hair black men is considered to be a comfortable process. Moreover, it is said to be a suitable arrangement that can’t be compared to every using. As long as you don’t make complex hairstyles, it won’t take you more than 3 minutes while you can spend 15 minutes for stuff that needs to be more details.

These are some steps to follow in order that you can know how to cut your own hair black men at your home. What are they? So, let’s discover, OK?

how to cut your own hair black men
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The top

When you are planning to have a shorter buzz, please pay attention to the crown like our skin a little bit because it has a bit delicate stuff than some other parts on your head. Please to be smooth in this section and start up with the top, go towards the top to come back.

One important to you is remembering to look out when you reach to the wrinkles on the behind and please to be flexible in that section.

how to cut your own hair black men
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Go to the sides

Section surrounding by ears seems to be a bit difficult. In this situation, if gentlemen are using a naked blade, the best thing for you is trying doing as slow as possible without hurting your ears. Although you can’t hurt yourself, you are totally hurt. So, please be careful with that!

how to cut your own hair black men
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The back of your head

If you don’t want to make your hair incorrectly, the perfect solution for you is using a small handy mirror set in the back of your head. With this suggestion, you won’t leave any uneven hair patches on the back of your head. It means that apart from a sharp blade, you do need another right tool for your own hair black men.

The neckline and sideburns

This is one of the most important steps so that you can know how to cut your own hair black men at your home, gentlemen. If gentlemen want this part to become more beautiful and sharper because they are easy to see, so please tell everyone that how you are cutting your own hair black men.

In some situations, hair in the sideburns seems to be bigger a little, please make a fake impression that cutting your own hair doesn’t parallel. This is the reason why you do need to make use of a little bit, which makes you balance and makes your hair look more beautiful.

Remember that please put two sideburns shorter a bit than your head it you like a professional look with your own haircut.

how to cut your own hair black men
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All of these steps telling you how to cut your own hair black men are only used to suggest and every step can find its place itself. Sometimes, you can change your hand, but this thing must require both practices and skills. It isn’t really important to you if you follow these steps correctly or not. On the contrary, it is very important to have a nice haircut in the end.

6 hair care mistakes that men often have

  • Using 2-in-1 shampoo + conditioner

2-in-1 products are both shampoo and conditioner mostly ineffective. For clean hair, hair follicles need to be opened so that shampoo can clean the dirt inside. Meanwhile, the conditioner has the main effect of moisturizing and “closing” the hair follicles. 2-in-1 shampoo seems to make hair look clean, but in fact makes it flatten and makes hair dirty faster.

  • Do not take care of the scalp

For healthy hair overall, do not skip the scalp care step. Men should choose specialty shampoo to remove all styling products, dandruff and dirt. They must include essential nutrients for hair and scalp.

  • Choose an unsuitable hairstyle

Men also inevitably follow the trend and choose the type of hair that does not match the face. It is best to go to the barber shop and listen to the barber’s advice. You can also bring a picture of the hairstyle you plan to cut to get advice from them.

  • Use too many hair products

A hair covered with hair products looks very heavy. Remember that if you are missing you can use it, but when you have excess you cannot wipe them off. The boys should also take care to rub the product on their hands before stroking their hair to avoid clumping and always starting from the front hairline.

  • Dye your own hair

No matter how little your hair is, it is not easy to dye your own hair at home. You will often not be able to dye evenly, so that the color is too bright or too dark compared to the skin color.

  • Shave the hair too high

Men pay attention not to bring razors too high, especially those with long faces. Sideburns are often the highlight of men’s faces.

Hopefully, through this brief post, gentlemen can find the best haircut by themselves to attract people’s attention. More significantly, our gentlemen can freely make hairstyles that they want to make it. This partly expresses their own both personality and appearance, right?

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