How to detangle matted weave with some amazing steps?

Someone who owns hair extensions commonly wonders: “How to detangle matted hair?” The answer you can find in this article. With the help of detangling matted weave, you will become more attractive and unique. You will not feel confident about your matted weave anymore and enjoy the life easier.

If your hair doesn’t meet your expectation, it is the high time for you to read this article. This article is really a necessary salvage for you. It only takes you a few minutes to wade through the post but the advantages you receive will make you feel satisfied. Don’t hesitate anymore. Scroll through the article and find some amazing tips to solve your problem right now!

How to detangle matted hair
How to detangle matted hair

Using suitable combs

The matted weave can make you confused and dissatisfied. You need some patience and some tricks to deal with this problem as soon as you can. The matted weave can come to visit you at any time: after great sleeping, after going picnic outdoor, after playing interesting sports, etc… Suitable combs and brushes can help you make the statement better. First, it is important to separate your hair into sections. Consequently, you can pay your attention to the matted part easily.

To have the best results, you should divide your hair into four parts. First, you sperate your hair vertically from the top to the end of your hair. Then, your hair should be separated horizontally from the left ear to right ear. With small sections, you can be more comfortable to brush them.

It is a great choice to use the wide-tooth brush and start to comb the hair from the bottom of it. Then, it is advised to move the comb up gently. Be careful of the tangles of the hair is a note for you. Once you solve the tangles, the story will become easier for you to brushing the rest of the sections.

Here are some tips which may be useful for you to avoid the matted hair when brushing or using hair dryer:

The wet hair is more convenient for you to comb your hair. With a wide-tooth brush, you can use some proper conditioner to make your hair softer. Be aware of combing slowly and gently!

When you wipe your hair, the soft towel is a good choice to make your hair drier without rubbing it. It helps you prevent the detangles and shadings.

How to detangle matted hair
How to detangle matted hair

Deep – How to detangle matted hair

After shampooing, you should use conditioners to care for your matted hair. It is highly suggested that women should use hydrating conditioners with no paraben and sulfate free. The ingredients of them play an important role to make sure the improvement of your hair. Your hair will be moisturized and become softer, brighter and healthier.

A suitable conditioner is essential for ladies who have matted weave. It is really a disaster with the mess of hair without conditioner. Conditioning will not only help you control frizz but it also gets rid of tangles.

The conditioner will help your hair become stronger. Therefore, if you have weave hair extensions or unhealthy hair, it is a great way to use conditioner for your hair. If you don’t like any chemical, you can find great homemade conditioner. The natural ingredients not only provide full effectiveness as the conditioners at the store, but they are also easy to find and quite cheap. Therefore, you can use them as a treatment for your hair

Conditioner made from coconut oils and honey ((8 Reasons Honey Is the Hair-Transforming Miracle You’ve Been Searching For. You can use some tablespoons of coconut oils, mix them with honey and add some a little of lemon to make a conditioner. Apply them to your hair and wait for a half of hour before washing clearly with water.

Conditioner made from olive oil: It is a flawless choice to use olive oil for your hair. With some tablespoons of olive oil, you can mix it with a few favorite essential oils to create a home-made conditioner. Apply them to your hair and wait for a half of hour. After that, remember to rinse your hair gently. The results will make you feel amazing

Why don’t trying some clips?

You can try clips in order to solve the problem: How to detangle matted weave. They are very useful to control the frizz and prevent sections of your hair from detangling. In the market, there are many types of clips with various sizes and colors. It is suggested that you can try claw clips because of the great quality and effectiveness. It is a solution for small sections and keeps your weave in place instantly.

You should use them before going to sleep to make sure sections of your hair are locked into place tightly and you can wake up with the perfect weave.

Employ the sprays properly

Sprays are also a good choice to detangle matted weave. You can use them before falling to sleep. It is very useful, especially with tight weaves. You only need to spray gently on your hair and wait for few minutes to make sure your weave has been absorbed the sprays.

After that, you can use a brush and brush gently from the bottom up. Remember to treat your hair lightly and use your hand for the stubborn knots.

Here are some tricks about how to detangle matted weave. Its necessary for the women who want to have perfect weaves. Your beautiful weave hair without no shedding, tangle free will make you feel more confident and attract the people’ attention naturally. If you have any questions, please comment on this post, we will answer you as soon as we can.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am very confused by the statement of my hair. It is dry, unhealthy and frizzy. How can I take care of my hair?

A: The problem of your hair is quite popular with women. Fortunately, it is easy to solve the problem if you know the right way. You need to find some suitable conditioners and apply them regularly (2 – 3 times per week). Besides, you can use some natural oil to make hair masks for your hair such as argan oil, olive oil or coconut oil, etc…. You also can use a wide-tooth comb and separate some frizzy sections. With some simple tricks above, you can make your hair healthier and stronger.

Q: I think this article is quite useful. I apply this method to my hair and the results make me feel satisfied. My hair is softer, more silky, and shiny. Hope you will have more meaningful articles.

A; We are very happy that some tips are useful for you. We have researched many documents to bring the readers the most meaningful information. If you have any question, please lets us know. Hope you will support us for the next times.

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