How To Disguise Grey Hair With Highlights?

how to disguise grey hair with highlights

In each individual, the time when gray hair appears is different. It depends on many factors, including age, location, lifestyle, diet, or genetics. Regardless of the cause, we still have a way to disguise it.

How to disguise gray hair with highlights? What to pay attention to when taking care of hair after disguising? Read this article to get the correct answer!

How To Disguise Gray Hair With Highlights?

With today’s top hairdressing techniques, there will be countless ways to disguise gray hair for you. Not all are suitable for your gray level and health condition. I will detail how to disguise gray hair with highlights below.

Highlight Dye For Gray Hair

Highlight dye for gray hair
Highlight dye for gray hair

Highlight dye for gray hair is the perfect suggestion, helping your hair become more personality and youthful.

Compared with many other modern techniques, this traditional method remains special and stands out for its impressive coverage effect.

Accordingly, highlights will apply from root to tip in a consistent pattern. Next, it will be processed with foil to achieve a perfect brightening effect.

Made from the root, it allows you to cut gray hair short and quickly highlight it.

If you have yellow highlights, consider choosing cooler tones to bring youthfulness and personality to the face, such as ash and smoky yellow. This way, you will make them have the same tone as your gray hairs.

Hair Care With Balayage

Only a few people know about Balayage. It is a modern hair dye technique inspired by color painting art. And, it will help your hair have a more harmonious color to cover the dramatic gray hair.

Balayage is meticulously scanned from the roots to deliver precise, vibrant color to your hair. It helps you look much younger and more refined. However, it requires a high level of post-dyeing care to maintain a stable dye color.

Otherwise, after only a few months, your hair can show off gray hairs. It even makes it weaker and faster.

Use Lowlights

Use lowlights
Use lowlights

Lowlights are a good idea to disguise your gray hair. Lowlights are perfect for covering gray hair on a brown or red background compared to other ways.

So what exactly are lowlights? It is placing alternating dark colors into your light layers to suppress your hair’s brightness. From there, it helps you create a deep color for your smooth hair.

With this approach, technical requirements are the most important. So, placing them cleverly on gray hairs will help your hair become perfect.

Lights For Gray Hair

This approach is perfect for individuals who want to cover up a small amount of thinning gray hair. They are similar in color to natural highlights and are subtle enough to blend the tiny silver strands in your hair.

This method may be for a smaller amount of gray hair. They quickly reveal tiny gray hairs in different areas, which give the hair an ugly and unflattering look.

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Gray Hair Care Tips With Highlights

Caring for gray hair with highlights is a big challenge. It requires a high level of meticulous care planning with quality nourishing products. Here are some great tips to help you maintain your color and hair health for a long time.

Consider The Shampoo

You should use shampoos extracted from natural ingredients to best care for your hair. Accordingly, it helps maintain a brighter color fastness when you stand in direct sunlight.

You should avoid product lines that contain chemical ingredients, especially sulfates. It will quickly fade your hair color, even make it dry and break quickly.

You should use the conditioner that comes with the shampoo, so the protective and nourishing effect will be more excellent.

Deeper Treatment

A deep treatment with a hair mask is necessary to boost your hair’s moisture and color. At the same time, it makes your hair smoother, more bouncy, and shinier.

Consider using several different masks, such as a banana or egg mask. They are easy to make and give good nourishing results.

Limit Heat Impact

You should limit heat impact
You should limit heat impact

High-temperature styling machines can quickly fade your hair color. Therefore, please limit its use. It would help if you used a special conditioner to protect the paint and your hair’s health.

It will limit the negative impact of high temperatures on the quality of your dye.

How Often Do You Wash Your Hair?

Washing your hair many times will also make your hair color gray quickly. The most appropriate shampooing frequency is about 2-3 times a week. If you have oily skin, you can consider the number of washes based on your hair condition.


Is It Better To Highlight Or Color Gray Hair?

Full hair dye will help you completely cover the gray hair. In case you like to stand out with mixed hair colors, highlighting might be the way to go.

Is It Better To Go Lighter Or Darker To Cover Gray Hair?

I recommend dyeing colors lighter than your natural color to get gray hair. Thus, it will not reveal gray hair and make you young and confident.

How Do I Style Gray Hair Similar To Highlights?

What you should follow is to create a semi-permanent layer of color on your hair. For example, a bright blonde color will be an excellent suggestion if you own brown hair.

Can I Get Highlights To Cover Gray Hair?

Entirely possible. However, choose highlights with the right color and tone, similar to natural hair color. As such, it will make your hair look more impressive.


Ivirgo Hair Factory has helped you understand how to disguise gray hair with highlights. Most users think that there is no way to cover gray hair completely.

Yet, those are false stereotypes because you will have many different steps to perform this operation. Hopefully, this article will be beneficial to you!

Thank you for reading!

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