How to do under braids make you become a fabulous girl

Common hairstyles such as straight hair or curly hair are too boring and simple. You want your hair to be fresh and attractive whenever you go to work or hang out with your friends, but you do not know which style is suitable. Do not worry about it because our article today will introduce how to do under braids make you become a fabulous girl. Read on!

Regular French Braids

how to do under braids

The French braid may look quite complicated but actually, it is not difficult to do. Follow these simple steps:

What you need:

  • A brush
  • A band

Step 1: brush hair

Start by brushing hair to smooth out any tangles or knots.

Step 2: gather hair at the top of the head and divide hair into 3 parts

Gather hair to start braiding. Divide into 3 equal parts. Hold left part in left hand, similarly hold right part in right hand and middle part between thumb and another finger of either hand.

Step 3: cross the parts

Cross right part over middle part, and repeat similarly with left part.

Note: you should pull parts fairly tight if you don’t want the braids to be loose.

Step 4: add hair to the part

Before repeating your cross motion with the right part, take a little additional hair from the right side of the head, and add it to this section; Now cross the bigger portion of hair over the middle part of the braid.

Step 5: add hair to the part on the other side

Step 6: repeat adding hair and crossing parts

Repeat this until the ends

Step 7: fix this braids with a band

Upside down French braids

how to do under braids

These steps of upside down French Braids are similar to French braids, except this time, you are going to do it starting at the nape of your neck. This style will look like French braids running up the back of your head and disappearing into ponytail or bun at the top.

How to do two under braids with weave

how to do under braids
How to do under braids

Double under braids with wave that is one of the types of under braids is been popular by many famous stars and especially African American women. This hairstyle created by weaving pieces of real or artificial extension hair into a person’s existing hair in order to increase its length or thickness.

You need to prepare:

  • A brush
  • A rat tail comb
  • A styler gel
  • Rubber bands
  • Extensions

Now, follow these steps:

Step 1: brush hair

Make sure that your hair is detangled

Step 2: divide your hair into 2 sections

Use a rat tail comb to create a middle part. Make sure that your part is straight and equal.

Step 3: tie left section with a rubber band

This will keep the hair separated into a part so that you don’t pull hair from that side while you braid on the other.

Step 4: apply gel to the right section and start off with braiding

Use gel to braid your hair easier. On the right side take a small section of hair to starting braiding. Divide the section into 3 small equal sections. Then cross the 2 outside strands over the middle one. Techniques are similar to French or Dutch braids.

After for 6 times braiding (or over), take the hair extensions to place under the finger that closes your hair. Then bring it around your natural hair and keep braiding. Repeat and stop adding extension hair until you are actually braiding the left part.

Tips: starting off braiding your hair depends on how you want your braid to lay this braid in particular but it is recommended to get as close as to the edge of your face you can.

Step 5: continue braid until you reach the end and tie off the pigtail with a band

Step 6: repeat on left side

How to do under braids updo

how to do under braids
How to do under braids


Under braids updo, which is one of the luxury hairstyles, is popular by most female celebrities every time they appear on the red carpet. It highlights the harmony between classical and modern; which helps to change their look into a sweet princess.

What you need:

  • A brush
  • An elastic band
  • Bobby pins
  • A curling iron

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Divide the hair into two sections in front of your face (side right parting). Leave a thin layer of hair in the lower left then clamp it

Step 2: Take a thin layer of hair on the left side, divide into 3 equal sub sections and start braiding. The French braiding is used here again (just grab the hair on the outside of the left section)

Step 3: braid the back of your head (towards the top of your head). When you braid to the nape of the neck, stop adding hair and continue regular braiding to the end and tie it with an elastic band

Step 4:  repeat steps 2, 3 to another side

Step 5: take the left pigtail then cross up the right one and hide the end of the left braid on the right one. Use bonny pins to hold it tight

Step 6: repeat step 5 to the right pigtail

Step 7: use the curling hair to make soft wavy for the hair left at step 1

(You can apply hairspray to your hair if you like)

How to do under braids is super easy, isn’t it? Have you chosen a right under braids for yourself? If you have any question about this post, please leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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