Question In Dyeing: How To Dye Blonde Hair Black Without It Turning Green?

It is common knowledge that going darker from blonde can succeed without difficulty. No matter how easy it is, you can get in trouble either. Off-tone, especially going green, is one of the most popular failures you can take when dyeing. So how to dye blonde hair black without it turning green? Today, we will help you solve this problem.

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how to dye blonde hair black without it turning green?

Black greenish hair (Source: Internet)

What leads your going-black process to turn green?

Some hair professionals, including Clairol Professionals, say if your hair is too porous when being dyed a new color, green tints will appear. It is due to the lack of nutrients of your hair. Overly porous hair does not have enough natural color to support the tone in hair dye, which results in the color becoming off-tone.

how to dye blonde hair black without it turning green?

Porous hair cause off-tone hair color (Source: Internet)

In addition, bleach is an element leading to seaweed-green hair color. After bleaching, your hair will lose a lot of natural pigmentation and reduce its absorptive capacity. Therefore, the damaged hair only retains certain pigments. If you dye your hair with cool shade, it is easy to get green.

Besides, bleached hair color may turn green if it is exposed to chlorine repeatedly in a long time. Your hair will have chemical reactions to chlorine which results in bright green hair color.

How to dye blonde hair black without it turning green?

Get ready to your hair

How to dye blonde hair black without it turning green?
How to dye blonde hair black without it turning green?

The better condition your hair has, the higher ability the dye can stay on your hair. A healthy hair makes every hair makeup as a piece of a cake. Therefore, you need to prime your hair before dyeing.

Try to wash it in right way, apply nutrients by conditioner and other hair care products. Besides, you should not dye other hair color or bleach it in 3 months at least. The former hair dye prevents the new one to hold on to your hair. When dyeing a new color, you need to get ready to shorten your hair. Cutting damaged hair is necessary to have an even hair color.

Choose right shade of hair dye

It is really easy to get darker rather than lighter. However, the shade of your hair will affect to the risk of off-tone hair color. It will be a great idea to choose a shade which is cooler than your expected color.

how to dye blonde hair black without it turning green?

Traditional black hair (Source: Internet)

If you want deep black color, you should be careful with its pigment ingredients. Some deep black dyes include other color pigments such as green, blue and purple. Therefore, your hair has higher capacity to turn green.

Use pigment filler

If your hair is too damaged, your hair doesn’t have ability to retain some specific pigments, especially lighter color pigments. If you want to darker hair color from blonde, it can end up greenish. So how to dye blonde hair black without it turning green? Pigment filler is ideal for hard-to-color hair and is often used in color correction applications. It has ability to restores the pigments that are lost when bleaching. After filling, the hair is ready to absorb the darker dye.

How to fix your color?

Reapply a neutral-based color

If you are dyeing your hair and realize it is turning green, never dry hair that has developed green colors. Instead, immediately rinse the hair, and begin a color-correcting procedure. Green tints are neutralized by reapplying the hair dye with the addition of a neutral-based color with the same level as the hair dye.

Choose right shampoo

how to dye blonde hair black without it turning green?

Baking soda will remove green stains on your hair (Source: Internet)

We want to recommend some tips for you to wash away the green tints in your hair. You can mix baking soda with shampoo to create a paste. Then, smear this mixture to green parts leave it in for five minutes and rinse it out with cool water. Moreover, some handmade shampoo you can use such as aspirin and white vinegar, seltzer tablets and water, powdered lemonade mix and shampoo, and tomato paste and shampoo.

how to dye blonde hair black without it turning green?
Red pigment – a neutral solution for greenish hair (Source: Internet)

Red pigments neutralize green tints in hair. Therefore, another solution for neutralizing green stains is to use a color-depositing shampoo or conditioner mixed with temporary red dye.

How to take care of dyed hair?

Use a dye with a moisturizer

Dye can make the hair become more dry, from which the hair absorbs and releases more oil. This oil can dissolve the molecules of the dye.

Before dyeing your hair, ask your hairdresser to use a high quality dye that has moisturizing ingredients for your hair. Dye with natural oils will help maintain moisture for your hair and the hair will look healthier and more shiny. In particular, dyes that do not contain ammonium are a very good choice for your hair!

Do not wash your hair immediately after dyeing your hair

After dyeing your hair, you should wait at least 48 hours or maybe longer to wash your hair. If possible, wait 3–4 days after dyeing to wash your hair so that the color has better time to go up. This patience is an extremely important condition to take care of the durable dyed hair!

Avoid getting dyed hair wet when bathing

On non-shampooing days, you should use a hood to keep the hair from getting wet while bathing. You can also have a loose, pony-tail bun to prevent water from getting sticky. Wet hair will fade color quickly.

Caring for dyed hair thanks to … being lazy to wash your hair

This is a simple and effective way to care for dyed hair to avoid hair discoloration. The habit of washing your hair about 2-3 times a week or at most every other day helps to maintain the natural oils that protect the dye. This will help stretch the dye and ensure your hair is healthier and smoother.

Use shampoo specifically for dyed hair

When shampooing hair dye, you should take care to use shampoo to protect hair color. A good shampoo will help maintain your hair color longer and increase the health of your hair.

Care for dyed hair with cool water

You should wash your hair with warm water or cool water. Hot water will cause the dye to fade faster because hot water will cause the surface of the hair to open, causing the dye molecules to float out. So don’t forget to adjust the temperature just right before shampooing.

Care for dyed hair with specialized conditioner

If possible, consider avoiding shampoo. You should use moisturizing conditioner for hair dye. Shampoos can make hair color easier to fade than conditioner.

In addition, use a specialized conditioner for care of dyed hair. This conditioner will help your hair color look brighter and more even. Some conditioner products that contain Tahitian monoi oil and Ojon seed oil can help limit fading and create a protective film on dyed hair.

Avoid products containing sulfate

Sulfate can make the dye fade very quickly, so you should find a shampoo that does not contain this ingredient. Furthermore, sulfate with salt can remove moisture from the hair. This is one of the main causes of color fade.

Do not use shampoo labeled “Clarifying”

Shampoos labeled “Clarifying Shampoo” are a special shampoo that washes dyes because it contains a strong detergent, helps deep clean and remove dirt and chemical products. matter. So you should only use these shampoo when you are about to dye it for the first time.

Take care of hair dyed with protective essence

The use of hair restoration essence can help make hair less tangled and protect the hair from damage due to heat tools as well as other factors from the outside environment.

You should find a hair restoration product dedicated to protecting dyes. The key to taking care of this hair dye is especially important if you often use a dryer, bending, stretching or if you leave your hair bare in the sun for too long.

Use hot oil treatments

Hot oil treatments are quite simple and you can do it right at home to make your hair shine brightly.

Apply oil evenly to the hair when the hair is clean and dry. After that, keep your hair in a shower cap. Heat yourself by using a hot towel, dryer or even sitting in the sun. After the oil is hot, you should let it cool down to room temperature and then wash it with clean water.

Use thermal protection products for dyed hair

When using a dryer or straightener, make sure your hair is completely dry before being exposed to heat to avoid damage from inside hair. You should also use a pre-discharge conditioner to strengthen your hair and finally use hair spray to protect your hair.

Dyed hair is more vulnerable, so you should avoid using hair dryers, curlers or stretchers to a minimum.

If possible, let your hair dry naturally. When you need to dry your hair, keep it in the lowest temperature or let it cool.

Take care of hair dyed with nutrition

Everything you eat every day affects the health and appearance of your hair. Nutrients from a healthy diet will provide energy, which will help hair grow better and make it brighter. Some iron-rich foods help nourish your scalp and hair by building a solid keratin layer that protects hair, protein and helps hair grow, improves texture and stimulates hair growth.

You should add lean meat, fish, low-fat cheese, egg whites, spinach and soybeans to keep your hair color as beautiful as possible. In addition, add snacks such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and cereals.

Supplement vitamins for dyed hair

You can use functional foods to supplement your hair with vitamins because vitamins are one of the essential nutrients to care for strong and shiny hair.

Vitamin C keeps the strong blood in the scalp healthy by supporting hair follicles and helping you absorb iron from plant proteins.

You also need to add biotin – an important B vitamin that improves weak hair and texture of hair. Biotin is often found in salmon, carrots, egg yolks and sardines.

Sun protection to care for dyed hair

Regardless of the season of the year, the sunshine can fade the hair color. Therefore, you should avoid exposing your hair to the sun for too long and using products that contain hair protection agents from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

A lot of styling products, hair restoring oils or SPF sprays will help you protect your hair from sun damage. Even sun protection products for hair contain vitamins to help restore the dye and prevent hair damage.

If you have to be outdoors for a long time, you should prepare a hat. In the summer when the sun is most intense, use a wet spray with an SPF of 10–15 to protect your hair color.

Avoid chlorine exposure to dyed hair

If you’re a swimmer, wet your hair and use a hair restoration essence before going into the pool to prevent chlorine in the pool water from damaging your hair.

Chlorine chemicals can accumulate and change the hair color to a beautiful green color. In addition, you can also wear a swimming cap to prevent hair from coming into contact with water.

Trim often if hair is damaged

If your dyed hair becomes frizzy and split ends, it may be damaged! The best way is to maintain the healthy look of your hair by cutting it regularly. You don’t need to cut too short, just cut off the split ends.

Taking care of dyed hair requires investment in money and time. However, if you take care of your hair properly, you will get durable colored hair without worrying about damage!

Although it is much easier to go darker from lighter hair color, it still has some risk to dye your hair black. Hair turning green is an example. After reading this post about “how to dye blonde hair black without turning green”, we hope you can have your desired hair color. If you have any question, please let us know. And don’t forget to follow our website to get more tips and tricks on taking care of your hair.

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