How to dye jet black hair to red – Simple but impressive

Hairstyles have always been an important factor in shaping the fashion and lifestyle of every person. So choosing the right hair color to create the perfect hair is equally important. In many popular hair colors today, red is highly appreciated by most people and it itself has a lot of fans. Because of that, many people are interested in how to dye jet black hair to red. Let’s follow step by step in the article below to get the beautiful red hair color

Different red tones for hair

how to dye jet black hair to red
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It is all “Red” but there are many different red tones that you can try. Each tone gives you a different feeling. Before you learn how to dye jet black hair to red, find out if some red tones are popular.

Red copper hair

how to dye jet black hair to red
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Adding a bit of bronze on reddish brown hair can make your hair a more weird and modern appearance. Red copper on the hair can help skin more rosy, radiant. Under the natural light like the light of the sun, the hair becomes more shimmering than ever. This is the “color for the skin” because whether your skin tone is light or dark, you are still beautiful with this hair color.

Reddish purple hair

how to dye jet black hair to red
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If the color of the bronze can highlight your hair, then the combination with the purple color gives the hair more depth and courtesy. Do not worry about the highlight because with this reddish-purple color you will find yourself becoming more youthful and modern. This trend is very popular among young people.

Red wine hair

how to dye jet black hair to red
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Red wine is modern and personal, but still, retain the gentleness of women. The designers gave the best praises to this wonderful hairstyle and always chose it for the first place in the hottest hair dye rankings. Red wine will help the face bright and attractive. This is also a very effective hair color for your skin tone!

Red-brown hair

how to dye jet black hair to red
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If you choose dark brown tones, your hair will have a long lasting dye. This hair color is not picky and suitable for all types of hair. Moreover, you do not have to spend a lot of time choosing clothes to work with because most of the costumes are suitable for this hair color. It will also help your skin brighten up quite a lot.

Natural red hair

how to dye jet black hair to red
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To be able to dye this color for your hair, you must be really confident about the brightness of the skin. If the skin does not meet the brightness then you should not try this beautiful hair color. Natural red, when combined with bright white skin, will help overall face more prominent, more impressive.

Which style for red hair

Similar to the variety of color tones, there are many hairstyles that match the red tones and make your red hairs stand out. Depending on your taste, style, body, and face, you will have the right choices in your hairstyle. Make sure you have a good hairstyle before learning how to dye your hair.

Short haircuts

how to dye jet black hair to red
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With a shortcut, red hair will make you become more youthful and energetic. With this type of hairstyle, high cheekbones will no longer be defective. You do not need to spend a lot of time looking after your hair, too. Every single girl should have short hair once, so after learning how to dye jet black hair red, why not try it some time.

Long red hair

how to dye jet black hair to red
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The long red hair will make you the center of all looks. You can create many styles such as long straight hair, curly hair, and wavy hair. Long red hair will make you look warm in winter. Comfortably combine accessories with your long red hair to make it look more fashionable.

Hair with the underneath dyed red

This hairstyle is entirely new and is very popular with young people. You will look unique with this hairstyle.

How to dye jet black hair to red


  • Choose the right hair color.

As mentioned above, there are many red tones. You must determine what color you want to dye first. You can refer to friends before making a decision.

  • Choose the suitable dye

Choose and try the dye before dyeing. Be careful because if the dye does not fit you, it will cause allergies. There are two types of dye on the market: permanent and temporary. Because you dye from jet black to red so choose the permanent one.

  • Fully prepared dyeing tools

In addition to the dye, be sure to prepare the full instrument. You probably do not want to be in the process of dye but have to interrupt to get the tools right? Make a list of what you need. Here are some suggestions: dye box, comb, plastic clamp, brush, towel, gloves and so on.

Let’s start:

  • Brushing and dividing the hair

Brush the hair smoothly before dyeing because the tangled hair will make the dye not evenly applied to the hair. You can apply lip balm on the roots. This will help prevent the scalp from coming into direct contact with the dye. Divide the hair into 4 equal parts. Partially fix with plastic clips.

  • Mix dye

Mix the dye in the correct dosage in the instructions. Mix well until you see the dye is smooth.

  • Apply the dye to the hair.
how to dye jet black hair to red
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Use a comb to brush the dye slowly and evenly. Brush to the ends of the hair. Please do not brush the roots. Take turns with each part of the hair which has been divided. With small hairs around the ears, if it is difficult to brush with a comb, you can use your hands to apply color.

Wear plastic gloves during hair dyeing to protect your hands.

  • Wait 15-30 minutes depending on the instructions. You can flexibly change the length of time that is shorter or longer depending on your hair. After you have waited half of the time, apply the dye to the roots. Because the root hair is virgin hair so it could change color very quickly.
  • Rinse off with shampoo and conditioner. Use special shampoo and conditioner for dyed hair. Rinse until clear. You can use warm water or cold water, do not use hot water to flush your hair

Take care of your red hair

The tips to having a beautiful hair do not come from the hair color, hairstyle, but it comes from having enough attention for your hair. So, even if you have good red hair, do not skip hair care to have long-lasting hair color.

Dyed hair will make your face look more prominent. However, keeping the color of the hair dye is not easy, especially the fresh and floating colors. What’s more, to let your hair always shine and be into the folds you need to know how to care properly.

Do not use hot hair dryers to dry your hair

how to dye jet black hair to red
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Temperature is the decisive factor in the durability of hair color. When your hair is wet, if your hair gets hot, it will not be ready to adapt. This will damage the horn and splinters. If you want to keep the color of your hair dyed, instead of using a hot dryer you should dry it with a fan or a cold dryer after shampooing.

Cover your hair when going out

Sun damage to the hair much as it does to the skin. Sunlight is the direct cause of dry hair and the discoloration of hair. If you have to go out in the sun, you should cover your hair with a wide brim hat or a cap, as long as it is not exposed to the sun.

Use shampoo for dyed hair

Shampoos for each type of hair will have different effects. The shampoo which is specially used for dyed hair contains a non-sulfate formula to ensure that the dye does not fade quickly. It also helps to clean and nourish the hair.

Brew your hair

You should also brew hair once a week. You should keep the hair about 30 minutes to help nutrients permeate the hair. Although it is not able to bring the perfect 100% as the original but the hair will be to soften and less tangled.

Go to hair salon once a month

You should re-dye the new hair grows every month after dyeing. For those of you dyeing with distinctive colors such as red, there is a difference between the old hair and the new hair, so you need to re-dye your hair.

Many of you will be afraid that dyeing will dry your hair regularly, but in fact, in addition to keeping the color of hair dyed, dyeing your hair roots regularly will make your hair less dry.

The salon will be an ideal place for re-dyeing and hair care.

Hair care with hot oil

how to dye jet black hair to red
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This is a very useful method for girls dyeing your hair and you should do it every month. Hair care with hot oil will help your hair to restrain dryness and damage. The nutrients contained in the oil will keep the hair smooth and full of vitality, furthermore, the way is also quite simple and you can easily carry it at home.

You can use any kind of beauty oil like jojoba oil, coconut oil, butter oil. However, remember to omit olive oil because olive oil will make your dye color fade quickly.

Heat up the oil by putting it in the microwave or steam for 5 minutes. Then apply the oil on the hair from the tip to the hairline. After applying hot oil, fix your hair with a warm towel wrapped around the head and allow the oil to soak in the hair for 30 minutes. Then, follow the shampoo procedure, as usual, you have shiny hair already.

Never go to bed when your hair is wet

Wet hair can make your hair weak and damp. Furthermore, the dyed hair will fade if you put wet hair along with the pillow all night long. Drying your hair before going to bed also helps keep you from having a headache in the future.

Here is how to dye jet black hair to red that everyone should know. Instead of going to the salon, which is expensive and time-consuming, you can do it at home in a convenient way. This process is not difficult, you can even from the above suggestions, create new hairstyles. However, no matter how much “creative”, do not forget to take care of your hair. As a woman, everyone has the right to shine. Do not let yourself lack self-confidence just because your hair color does not make you satisfied.

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