How to dye your hair salt-and-pepper in safe way at home

Salt-and-pepper color is used to regard as hair color of the elderly. However, it has become the catchiest color nearly, which is popular in celebrity world. But to have this beautiful hair style, you need to spend a lot of money on hair salons, so many people choose to make it t home. So how to dye your hair salt-and-pepper in safe way at home? We will give you some advices and tips to do it.

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how to dye your hair salt-and-pepper

What is salt-and-pepper hair color?

If you search “salt-and-pepper hair color” in the internet, you can find a link to Cambridge dictionary. Whereof, it is defined as a mixture of dark hairs and grey or white hairs. However, this is a new trend in hair makeup nowadays to make salt-and-pepper hair with black and gray.

how to dye your hair salt-and-pepper

Preparation for salt-and-pepper hair dyeing

How to dye your hair salt-and-pepper in safe way at home? The answer is that your hair needs to be ready first. Therefore, preparation is very important. If you have a dark hair color, to make it gray, you have to bleach it. Bleach may fry your hair and damage it. Therefore, you need to take care of it carefully before dyeing.

6 months before bleaching, you should not dye your hair. After being dyed, your hair is really weak and vulnerable. If you put a strong effect like bleach into your hair, it will totally get hurt. Consequently, your hair will get lack of moisture, hydration, split ends, and other bad results. You should try to grow out your previous hair dye as long as possible. Therefore, the bleach can lift your hair to an even color all over.

how to dye your hair salt-and-pepper

1-2 weeks before bleaching, you have to get a deep-conditioning treatment to your hair. The bleach will dry your hair out. So you need to provide nutrients and moisture to your hair to reduce the bad effect of bleach. If you don’t prepare carefully, your hair can be fried easily.

48 hours before bleaching, you should stop washing your hair. The natural oils in your hair will give a hand in protecting your scalp against irritation during bleaching process. These oils create a protectant fence to your hair to reduce the damages.

how to dye your hair salt-and-pepper

Right before bleaching, apply coconut oil to your hair to moisturize your hair  and protect it at the same time.

Note that it is necessary to cut off dead hair or hair that’s been dyed previously, because the bleaching process will cause more breakage and damage in these parts.

how to dye your hair salt-and-pepper
How to dye your hair salt-and-pepper

How to dye your hair salt-and-pepper at home

Step 1: Bleaching your hair.

You have to mix bleach powder and developer. You should follow the instructions on your products and remember to use a tint brush or plastic spoon. If you use your hands directly to make this mixture, it will hurt your hands, cause your skin to tear out or even burn it. Adding red gold corrector is a great idea to reduce brassiness and make your hair whiter, which will help you achieve a better gray.

Developers come in different strengths rated by numbered “volumes.” If your hair is already fairly light, use volume 10. Volume 20 is for darker blondes, volume 30 for light browns, and volume 40 for darker browns and black. The higher the volume is, the lighter and faster it will be. However, it will damage your hair more neither.

You should test the mixture on one strand first. Let the bleach set and check the strand every 5 to 10 minutes. Thanks to this, you can adjust the mixture as well as the time which is suitable for bleaching. Note that you should test the strand at the bottom to not show the uneven color.

how to dye your hair salt-and-pepper
How to dye your hair salt-and-pepper

You should divide your hair into small part to bleach. You should bleach one-inch sections around your roots last because this part can be bleach faster than the others.

After applying the mixture to your hair, use a shower cap or plastic bag to cover your hair and sit under yellow light to make the process faster. Don’t forget to check your hair every 10 – 15 minutes. The maximum time you should leave the mixture in your hair is 50 minutes. If time is up or you get your ideal color, rinse your hair with warm water.

If you have natural black hair, you don’t need to bleach all of your hair. Stay still the bottom strands and change the top stands to make them gray. To make it more natural, you can bleach all hair on top and some strands at the bottom of your head.

Step 2: Toning your hair.

If the bleached part is not as good as you expected, you should do this step. It means that toning your hair is optional.

In this step, you should mix the toner and developer together with ratio 1:2 relatively. Then, do the same as step 1.

You shouldn’t tone your hair right after bleaching it. You can wait until the next day to do this step to protect your hair.

how to dye your hair salt-and-pepper
How to dye your hair salt-and-pepper

Step 3: Go salt-and-pepper

Firstly, you need to separate your hair in many small parts and decide which ones are black and which ones are gray.

Secondly, apply hair dye to your hair. You need to smear the mixture to the length of your hair first, take a one-inch gap from your hair roots and the length of your hair. After finishing the length of hair dyeing, you start applying hair dye to the roots. Then wrap your hair into a shower cap or plastic bag, check your hair color every 10-15 minutes. Don’t leave hair dye in your hair over 45 minutes or it will fry your hair, cause hydration, split ends and so on.

Thirdly, wash the color out. You have to rinse all the dye out of your hair with cool water, shampoo and conditioner.

How to keep salt-and-pepper color last longer

Do not wash your hair immediately after dyeing your hair

After dyeing your hair, you should wait at least 48 hours or maybe longer to wash your hair. If possible, wait 3–4 days after dyeing to wash your hair so that the color has better time to go up. This patience is an extremely important condition to take care of the durable dyed hair!

Use shampoo and conditioner wisely

After rocking your hair with salt-and-pepper color, you have to do lots of maintenance. Bleaching has damaged your hair, cause the lack of humidity and other problems. Therefore, you need to provide moisture to your hair by using conditioner every time you wash it. And remember not to apply shampoo to the length of your hair or shampoo will hurt your hair more.

Comb your dry hair only

When it is wet, your hair is at its weakest period. Therefore, brushing wet hair makes more damages to your hair follicles, which causes split ends, hydration and so on. It will be better if you brush your dry hair in right way. You need detangle and remove knots by hands first, then start combing the end of your hair with a wide tooth brush and at last, use a suitable comb to your hairstyle to make it smooth and in shape.

Limit the use of high heat styling tools

The bleach weakens your hair and makes it thinner. Yet, high heat will damage your hair easier and even fry it if you use high heat styling tools too long. Hence, you should not abuse them to make hair style. Before using these tools, you need to apply hair care products to protect your hair better.

how to dye your hair salt-and-pepper
How to dye your hair salt-and-pepper

Try to limit the use of high heat styling tools

Instead, you can use some non-heat hair making methods to have beautiful hair shape without hurting it.

Avoid getting wet hair dyed when bathing

On non-shampooing days, you should use a hood to keep the hair from getting wet while bathing. You can also have a loose, pony-tail bun to prevent water from getting sticky. Wet hair will fade color quickly.

Care for dyed hair with cool water

You should wash your hair with warm water or cool water. Hot water will cause the dye to fade faster because hot water will cause the surface of the hair to open, causing the dye molecules to float out. So don’t forget to adjust the temperature just right before shampooing.

Avoid products containing sulfate

Sulfate can make the dye fade very quickly, so you should find a shampoo that does not contain this ingredient. Furthermore, sulfate with salt can remove moisture from the hair. This is one of the main causes of color fade.

Do not use shampoo labeled “Clarifying”

Shampoos labeled “Clarifying Shampoo” are a special shampoo that washes dyes because it contains a strong detergent, helps deep clean and remove dirt and chemical products. matter. So, you should only use these shampoo when you first dye or re-dye your hair.

Caring for hair dyed with protective essence

The use of hair restoration essence can help make hair less tangled and protect the hair from damage due to heat tools as well as other factors from the outside environment.

You should find a hair restoration product dedicated to protecting dyes. The key to taking care of this hair dye is especially important if you often use a dryer, bending, stretching or if you leave your hair bare in the sun for too long.

Use hot oil treatments

Hot oil treatments are quite simple and you can do it right at home to make your hair shine brightly.

Apply oil evenly to the hair when the hair is clean and dry. After that, keep your hair in a shower cap. Heat yourself by using a hot towel, dryer or even sitting in the sun. After the oil is hot, you should let it cool down to room temperature and then wash it with clean water.

Supplement vitamins for dyed hair

You can use functional foods to supplement your hair with vitamins because vitamins are one of the essential nutrients to care for strong and shiny hair.

Vitamin C keeps the strong blood in the scalp healthy by supporting hair follicles and helping you absorb iron from plant proteins.

You also need to add biotin – an important B vitamin that improves weak hair and texture of hair. Biotin is often found in salmon, carrots, egg yolks and sardines.

Avoid chlorine exposure to dyed hair

If you’re a swimmer, wet your hair and use a hair restoration essence before going into the pool to prevent chlorine in the pool water from damaging your hair.

Chlorine chemicals can accumulate and change the hair color to a beautiful green color. In addition, you can also wear a swimming cap to prevent hair from coming into contact with water.

Salt-and-pepper color is on viral now. You can try this color to catch up with the latest trend but it is really expensive to have it on a hair salon. So you should follow these tips above to solve the question “how to dye your hair salt-and-pepper in safe way at home?” and save your money.

If you have any wonder, let us know and we will respond as soon as possible. Besides, we will show you more beauty tips in our website. Then, don’t hesitate anymore and remember to click follow button to discover the most useful trick to pop your hair up.

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