How to fix a bad short haircut for girl in 2018

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Hair styling is a favor of most girl in the world. It makes them more beautiful and not too boring in appearance. However, how about you suddenly have a bad short haircut? Most of girls are worried and don’t know what to do to fix them. So, this writing is to help you know how to fix a bad short haircut and your beautiful hair will be back to you as you want.

How to fix a bad short haircut with simple tips

After cutting your hair and it’s such a bad haircut so here are tips about how to fix a bad short haircut for you to refer.

Bangs is cut too short

This is one of the most common mistakes, especially when cutting bangs [1]. Due to the negligence or touching of the hand that the cutter cuts some of the hair, making the flat bangs no longer proportionate. In this case, the treatment is as follows:

– With the long bangs: Move from the middle to the sideways so that the thick layers of hair can cover the damaged part. In contrast, if the bangs is too short, the hair can be moved to the middle or flat bangs (cut off the entire length of the broken bangs into a flat bangs).

– With shortened bangs that cannot be cut shorter, you can leave the freestanding bangs with sloping, jagged, messy bangs.

If the section of the bang is cut short,  the best way to overcome is simply to fix as pruning, jingling style.

how to fix a bad short haircut
How to fix a bad short haircut

Hair style is broken

According to hair stylists, the solution in this case is to create a new style suitable for face and length of hair. Such as:

– With short hair: Change to the hair style as follows: Vic Hair -> Bob Hair -> Thick Hair (Cut shorter if it does not be treated by using outer layer to cover the inner layer).

– With long hair: change the shape of the leaf hair (taper) -> oval hair by cutting off the broken parts and move to new form.

Trim the hair ends too short

This is trends in 2 years ago, girls love to cut hair in trimmed layers to create a claw at the ends of the hair and make hair thinner. But nowadays, there is less use of this method of pruning. It tends to sharp cutting lines to increase the bulging of the hair roots. If the hair is trimmed wrongly, it will be cut off, the first is to fix the problem and the second is to help the hair layer (hair prone and not sticky).

Some special sections of hair are cut bad short

– Long hair is cut short: Women’s hair is often cut but if it has an accidentally cut, you should use the out layer of hair to the cover. If it is short hair, it should cut the two sides, creating a hairstyle.

– Haircut at the top of the head is wrong: Usually happening with short hair, you should correct by pruning and creating a tangled hairstyle, not to stick to hide defects.

Ways to ‘live’ with a bad short haircut

The accessories for hair like pins, clamps, bows, flowers … will be the highlight on the hair, pulling everyone’s attention from the bad points of the hair you have cut. The bangs are too short, the hair is cut too much, the light is dyed wrong … there are many problems recorded in the list of common mistakes when cutting hair. When faced a bad short haircut in the hair salon, the lady often becomes desperate and find ways to hide the broken hair and wait until they grow back. However, that is not the only option. You can completely repair the mess of hair in a variety of ways how to fix a bad short haircut.

– Say no to self-repair a bad short haircut

Many women after seeing the new style “cut off” of her hair had thought that she needs to fix it immediately. She has all sorts of ideas how to fix their own hair. All ideas come out in the minds of “unwanted hair stylists.” However, manually fixing the hair is the worst idea you can have at this important time.

This home beauty job can turn your “bad” hair into “bad over bad” with jagged lengths. Instead, find a more reliable hairdresser for some helpful tips.

– Say “yes” to the curling hair

If you are not ready to cut a short hair and become a tomboy, investing in a hair stylist is a good idea. Hairstyles can cover up your “fault” and they fit well with the disproportionately cut hair. The curls will increase the bulging of the hair and hide the bad points of the old hair.

how to fix a bad short haircut
How to fix a bad short haircut

– Dilate

With a dryer and a round comb, you can do more than you think with your hair. For emergency extinguishers with too short or too much curls, you can repair them by using a dryer [2] and brush them up. At a moderate level of cottonness, your hair will look adorable and great.

– Try different hairstyles

This small tip is usually reserved for those who prefer breaking apart in everyday life. For them, a haircut is a rare opportunity to try out all the fancy hairstyle they have not had a chance to try. It can be one-sided, and curly-haired.

– Use accessories

There are a dozen accessories for your hair such as pins, clamps, ribs, flowers … They will be the highlight on the hair, attracting the attention of the opposite person. General invisibility, the accessories will draw the attention of everyone out of the bad points of the hair you just cut.

– A correct attitude

There is an obvious truth: no one will notice your broken hair for too long. They will attend when they see you suddenly appear with the hair slightly abnormal but soon they will not care too much. Also, there is someone (other than you) who knows that it is a shabby hair loss experience. This hair may be the result of experimenting with new hair styles or simply your new style. The important thing is your attitude towards the hair, just think you are okay, it will be fine.

– Accept

Even the top Hollywood will have a bad hair situation as well. However, there are few tabloid articles that feature the headlines: “Synthesize the broken hair of the stars.” Simply, the ladies of this cinema often resolved the fastest by stepping ostars n the red carpet and laughing all the way to the new style. You can also learn them by knowing how to accept your real situation and get inspired by the details of the breakdown of life.

“Dictionary” of Ways to Take Short Hair Care

  • Use water spray to shape your hair every morning

Short hair is very easy to shape due to very fast drying time. Just a little water on the hair every morning, the girls will easily create their own style of hair by hand. In some cases when the hair is too hard, a hair spray can be used to fix the hair shape.

  • Shampoo more often

The short hair length does not affect the oil secretion of the scalp, which means that the shorter the hair, the more easily the oil glands on the scalp “invade” the hair and make the scalp oily. This also means that she must wash her hair more often to keep her hair clean and healthy.

  • Use less shampoo and conditioner

Short hair does not need too much nutrients like long hair. On the contrary, excessive use of shampoo and conditioner will have the opposite effect, making the scalp easy to oil and hair.

Consider skipping if you have 2 to 3 steps of hair care (when your hair is long), because you have to increase the frequency of shampooing every week, hair care is not necessary.

Shampooing with dry shampoo is also one of her options for short hair.

Choosing shampoo that contains “Anti-frizz” or “smoothing” ingredients is also a way to help you keep your hair.

  • Limit use of hair dryer

Many people believe that the heating will help the hair to get in the way and keep it longer. However, too much hair drying will damage the structure of the hair, making it easier for hair to dry, brittle and broken. The secret to your hair style is:

Let your hair dry naturally, brush it with a round brush to create a curl

Hair styling every 10 minutes will help your hair become more effective

  • Pay attention to daily hair condition

You may think short hair and long hair are all hair. However, short hair means that the same amount of oil on the scalp is now spread evenly over an area of less hair – the main cause of short hair is easy to get dirty and oil. Note:

Choose shampoo that suits your hair traits.

Avoid using too much hair products.

Scalp care is also a way to reduce oil secretion.

  • Use a hand / round comb when combing your hair

In fact, a short hair doesn’t need to be scrubbed too carefully because it’s not as easy to tangle as long hair. Each time you put your hair in the fold, you use a round brush to:

Gently brush your hair with your fingers

Use a round brush to comb your hair if you need to create swelling for your hair

In conclusion, how to fix a bad short haircut is not easy unless you really know the solutions. Hope this writing can help you with your bad short haircut. If you have any question, please give me feedback. Good luck.

Source: Wholesale Hair Vendors – Virgin Hair Distributors/ Manufacturer – Hair Extensions Supplier


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