Amazing and easy ways on how to get hair dye out of clothes for you

Dyeing your hair at home has a lot of benefits: faster, cheaper and more convenient than going to the salon. However, when you recognize the color of the hair dye which has fallen down to your clothes from your hair, you will get a bit startled and anxious.

However, the dye can stay on the hair long does not mean it cannot be cleaned when stuck on the clothes. Here are some tips and tricks on how to clean your clothes.

These are some tips on how to get hair dye out of clothes which will help you solve the problem of hair dye. Some are fairly easy to apply with familiar materials around the house, but some of them are a little bit complicated.

how to get hair dye out of clothes
Getting hair dye out of clothes is sometimes very difficult (Source: Internet)

Tips for how to get hair dye out of clothes with chlorine-containing bleach

how to get hair dye out of clothes
One of various products containing chlorine detergent (Source: Internet)

Chlorine detergent is a very strong detergent and has special effects to remove stains from white clothing. Although hair dye is one of the most difficult substance to be removed, it will have to be surrendered to chlorine bleach. This will be how chlorine bleach works: The chlorine base in the bleach will oxidize the substances in the stain, remove the adhesion on the fabric and stain the stain.

Note: Before using chlorine bleach, check that the fabric is bleach resistant. Do not use chlorine bleach with colored fabric, silk, wool or spandex.

The steps to bleach dye stained on the shirt with bleach as follows:

Step 1: Soak your clothes in the detergent in about 10 minutes. Do not soak for too long, which will spoil and make the fabric easy to be worn out. You should use this bleach solution with the rate of 4 water : 1 bleach. Make sure you mix them well before using.

Step 2: Wash your clothes which has been soaked in bleach. You ought to wash your clothing with soap to remove all bleach.

Use hair spray to bleach hair dye

Hair spray is a way to on how to get hair dye out of clothes, which is quite simple and useful. Alcohol in hair spray acts as a stain remover. Hair spray is not only a way to bleach hair dye on clothes but also works very well for other stubborn stains. Since the main cleanser in hairspray is alcohol, you can use the cheap type. Avoid wasting money when using expensive hair sprays that work the same as the cheap one.

The method of bleaching hair dye on the clothes with hairspray can be done as follows:

Step 1: Clean the hair dye on the clothes with water first. Because dyes can stick to your clothes quite long, you can wash your clothes with water as much as you like.

Step 2: Use hair sprays to remove stains: Put the dyed clothes on the table and lay the tissue underneath. Wet the stains with hair sprays, then wait for the hairspray to be effective on clothes, then wipe off with a tissue.

Spray the hairspray on the stain once a gain and let it overnight. Do not remove the tissue under the clothes, as it will absorb the dye overnight.

Repeat until the stain is completely removed. Finally, wash and rinse thoroughly the clothes with water.

How to get hair dye out of clothes with ammonia or hydrogen peroxide

With colored clothes, you will need to find a way to bleach hair dye on clothes carefully. If you do not do well, either the stain will remain, or your clothes will be faded. So there should be a way that just removes the stain, while keeping the color of the clothes is the best way to bleach hair dye on the colored clothes. Ammonia is the answer to that. Strong oxidation capacity does not break down the color structure of the fabric, making ammonia / hydrogen peroxide very good for bleaching dyes.

The procedure to bleach hair dye on the shirt is quite simple as follows:

Step 1: Dilute ammonia/hydrogen peroxide with enough water (depending on the thickness of the clothing and the adhesion of the stain). Soak the dirty clothes in the liquid for 15-30 minutes.

Step 2: Take out the clothes, continue to get ammonia or small oxygen directly into the stain and lightly rub the clothes.

Step 3: Wash and rinse your clothes thoroughly with water, soap/ (If you use ammonia, avoid the smell of ammonia clinging to clothes, it is difficult to smell.)

Some other natural ways on how to get hair dye out of clothes

Lemon juice

First, you squeeze a cup of fresh lemon juice mix with the detergent and soak the clothes in about 20 minutes. Then you leave it out and wash with water as usual.

The acid in lemon is very good for bleaching and deodorizing on clothes. Another way to use lemon to clean clothes with hair dye is to boil a pot of water with a few slices of lemon.

Then soak the clothes in the pot of boiling water for about an hour. Rub your clothes once again with lemon slices and then wash clothes as usual. The process using lemon juice on how to get hair dye out of clothes is very simple.

Soda Baking

how to get hair dye out of clothes
This can be a solution on how to get hair dye out of clothes (Source: Internet)

Baking Soda has long been used as a very effective bleaching agent. You can easily buy Baking Soda in private pharmacies with names such as saleratus, floating salt … Baking Soda is widely used in food industry with the ability to absorb moisture. It is a very good bleach. If you are wondering how to get hair dye out of clothes, this is your answer.

When your white clothes are stained with hair dye, you should quickly remove them from the coloring. Lightly bind the affected area with Baking Soda. Then, mix 2-3 tablespoons of Baking Soda with the water and soak before going to bed as usual for about 8 hours. Give it a try, because I’m sure the effect that Baking Soda brings you will surprise it!


how to get hair dye out of clothes
You can also use vinegar to solve this problem (Source: Internet)

Vinegar is also a effective material for the question “how to get hair dye out of clothes”, used for cleansing stains on clothing because of its acidity. Compared with fresh lemon, the acidity of vinegar is stronger, so the effect of bleaching is also higher.

The method is very simple as follows: First, you mix about 120ml of vinegar with 5 ml of laundry. Soak the color-coded mixture into the mixture for about 30 minutes before washing as usual.
Another method you can use to remove stains on clothing is to use vinegar and scrub brush directly on the stain. This method is quite effective for clothes with stubborn stain .

These above is some ways on how to get hair dye out of clothes, which helps to cleanse your colored clothes. Hopefully you will easily solve the problem with these solutions. Wishing you all the best.

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