How To Get Paint Out Of Hair? Life Tricks to help

Have you ever got paint on your hair? If you are a painter or an artist, I am sure that having paint on your hair is a normal problem that you get every day. However, if you are not, I bet that you will get some troubles to find how to get paint out of hair. Therefore, to help to resolve this kind of problems, the post of today will give you some useful tricks that you should know. Check it out now!

how to get paint out of hair
Do you know how to get paint off hair? (Source: Internet)

“What should I do first?”

The common question I get is what the first step is. To remove paint from your hair, you need to define what type of paint you have in advance; then I will give you each instruction for each type. Maybe you have ever heard of oil-based paint, latex paint or something like that, but you can realize the difference between them. Therefore, now I am going to help you with how to tell some of them apart.

  • Latex paint: A water-based paint. It dries quickly, but it is not really durable.
  • Oil-based paint: It is more durable than latex paint, and it takes longer to dry.
  • Acrylic paint: It is a fast-drying and water-soluble paint. However, when it becomes dry, it can be waterproof.

How to get paint out of hair?

After learning some common types of paint, let’s check how to get them off your hair.

For latex paint

Because latex paint is not really resistant to water, the first thing you can do is soaking your hair in water for a period of time. After that, when the paint becomes weaken, you can use your finger to gently separate and remove the paint from your hair. There is a drawback of this method. That is the time you soak your hair. It is necessary to put your hair in water for a few hours to make sure that it has enough time for paint to be soft. Now, do you know how to get out of latex paint?

For oil-based paint

If you are finding how to get oil paint out of hair, stay here to find the answer. The way to remove oil-based paint from your hair is by using a familiar product in your kitchen, that is olive oil. There are just three steps that you need to follow:

  • Apply olive oil in the parts of hair that get paint
  • Pick a fine-tooth comb
  • Gently brush your hair to remove the paint

If you are still worried about some dried paint left on your hair, I have another way for you. Just use more olive oil, apply it to your hair then wrap it by plastic wrap for several hours and gently comb the hair. This way will have a stronger impact on your hair than the first one.

how to get paint out of hair
You can use olive oil to remove oil-based paint (Source: Internet)

For water-based paint and powder paint

If you have a child, maybe you will wonder how to get paint out of a child’s hair. Your child may be fond of playing with water-based paint or powder paint and coloring her or his hair with this. Do not worry because the water-based paint is the easiest one to remove. Just apply a bare amount of shampoo to the parts where paint covers your hair. Then take a fine-tooth comb and gently brush your hair. After doing so, rinse your hair thoroughly.

how to get paint out of hair
You can also use this method to remove powder paint from hair (Source: Internet)

For acrylic paint

Like latex paint, this type is also water-based. Therefore, you can use shampoo and oil to make the paint remove with no hurt or damage to your scalp.

*Using shampoo:

– Wet your hair: you can make your hair were by using warm water or taking a shower for a few minutes so that there will be time for parts of hair which are covered with paint to be soft. For better result, you can massage your hair scalp gently.

– Use your shampoo and let it sit on the hair for 10 to 20 minutes. You can massage the hair at the same time.

– Brush the hair with a fine-tooth comb

– Wash your hair off thoroughly with warm water and using your fingers to comb hair to remove as many as pieces of weak paint that flaked off.

– Use conditioner to moisturize your hair is the final step. Try to keep it sitting on the hair at least 3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

how to get paint out of hair
Wash your hair off thoroughly (Source: Internet)

*Using oil

– There are two types of oil you can use: olive oil or baby oil. Take a liberal amount of oil to saturate the hair. Or if these two oils are not available at your home, you can use peanut butter or WD-40 as alternatives, but remember to wear gloves to avoid skin problems. Besides, do not use WD-40 near your scalp.

– Let the oil sit on the hair for several minutes so that paint can flake off. Or you can wrap your hair with plastic wrap for a better result.

– Use a fine-tooth comb to get acrylic paint out of hair. You can divide the hair into small sections so that brushing separately will be easier.

Shampoo your hair to remove oil. If you used a lot of oil in advance, so just consider washing off the second time.

If your bleached hair was painted, those are two great choices for you to consider which one is really suitable for your bleached hair to get out of acrylic paint.

how to get paint out of hair
Use WD-40 to get off paint  (Source: Internet)

How to get paint out of hair if you do not know its type?

If you cannot determine what type of paint you get on your hair, so lucky you, I have another method to give you.

– First of all, try to remove paint from your hair by using your fingers. This is a chemical-free step which requires you to have patience.

– Next, if you feel that the first step is not really effective, please go to your kitchen and bathroom to take dish soap and toothpaste. Along with water, take a bare amount of dish wash to apply to your painted hair and start rubbing. Also, you can use toothpaste which will help to break down the paint, thanks to its abrasive properties.

how to get paint out of hair
How to get paint out of hair with toothpaste? (Source: Internet)

Small tips to get paint out of skin

Apart from providing you with some knowledge of how to get paint out of hair, I am going to briefly introduce 6 simple steps to remove paint from your skin.

  • Wash your skin with soap and try to scrub the paint out of your skin. You should do so as soon as possible because if the paint dries, it can be longer and harder to get out of it.
  • Take a small amount of mineral or baby oil to apply to the painted parts of the skin. Rub the paint for several minutes.
  • Use your fingertips to rub the paint. Thanks to the oil, the paint can be got off easier.
  • Use an oily cotton ball or old washcloth to remove the paint from tricky areas. Then rub gently in circles.
  • If oil cannot eliminate the paint, just try rubbing alcohol. Nail polish remover or makeup remover is not bad, too. In addition, use a moisturizing cream after doing so to prevent your skin from flaking or cracking cause alcohol can make your skin dry.

So I have already introduced to you some common ways to tackle your problem with paint. I hope that through this article, you will obtain more information about how to get paint out of hair. However, to avoid that matter, it is better for you to wear a hat or shower cap before working with paint. Thanks for your attention!

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