How To Get Vaseline Out Of Hair? 5 Easy Methods You Should Try

Vaseline has always been an effective solution to deal with dry lips that we should have in our handbags or medical kits. Its exceptionally greasy ingredients can moisturize your lips within seconds.

However, many people accidentally stroke their hair with a palm filled with vaseline, leading to greasy hair. This might frustrate you throughout the day and will be very difficult to eliminate with improper methods.

In this post, Ivirgo Hair Factory will guide you on how to get vaseline out of hair. Let’s jump straight into the instruction.

How To Get Vaseline Out Of Hair?

Here are five ways you should try to handle greasy hair caused by vaseline. You might prepare some tools and ingredients in different ways.

Use A Clarifying Shampoo 

Regarding clarifying shampoo, you should have conditioners, lukewarm water, and specialized shampoo. To start with, you need to rinse your hair under lukewarm water to damp your hair.

Then, you should distribute clarifying shampoo evenly on your natural hair. This will be an efficient way to handle greasy hair, as the shampoo will eliminate any accumulation on your head within seconds.

During the washing process, you must ensure that you have rinsed the clarifying shampoo cleanly to lessen the likelihood of shampoo accumulation.

Consider conditioning your hair to moisturize your hair. Conditioners will provide necessary nutrients such as glycerin, oil, and pH adjusters to moisturize your hair from deep inside.

Some clarifying shampoo contains ingredients that aren’t suitable for specific hair types. You should read the instructions carefully to have the desired result.

Rise your hair several times after applying shampoo
Rise your hair several times after applying shampoo

Use Some Glycerin Soap

Glycerin refers to the specialized products that help complement your skin tone and cover skin imperfections. However, you can also use this beauty product to get vaseline out of your hair.

First, you should use a clean cloth to remove as much of the greasy substance as possible. This helps eliminate a certain amount of vaseline and facilitates the washing process.

Then, use the glycerin soap to create a lather before washing your greasy hair. Remember to make as much lather as possible to enhance the result. After massaging your head with shampoo, rinse your hair with water carefully.

You should use another clean cloth to dry your damp hair and brush the hair strands with a wide-tooth brush to ensure a smooth texture.

Conditioning is essential if you want to finish the treatment perfectly. However, over-conditioning can make your hair become oily again.

Cleanse With Natural Oils

With this solution, you will need natural oil (coconut or olive oil), lukewarm water, and some paper towels.

You can apply these oils evenly to your natural hair from roots to top. Remember to separate the oily hair section if you don’t want to distribute natural oil all over your head.

Leave the hair for at least 20 minutes before washing. This time frame will allow natural oil to penetrate your hair shaft.

The natural oil delivers unique components, allowing us to eliminate any stubborn vaseline accumulation. These components combine with water to create a clean solution, facilitating the washing process.

Consider using some paper towels to wipe your hair. You can notice that the natural oil starts to leave the lock. Then, put your head underneath running water for several minutes.

Rub It With Baby Oil 

Commonly, you cannot eliminate vaseline with warm water. Because water can’t only eliminate a small amount of vaseline clung to your hair and leave a dirty look during the day.

You can put baby oil in your palm and distribute it evenly on your head. Consider waiting for 10 to 15 minutes to achieve the desired result. The baby oil will eliminate vaseline while dispersing all over your hair strands.

Depending on your hair care regimen, you can condition and shampoo your hair as usual. These techniques are unnecessary, but you can achieve a silky and smooth hair surface with a bit of extra work.

Baby oil is a great way you should consider
Baby oil is a great way you should consider

Soak It Up With Flour

This is another affordable solution, as you can try almost all flour brands. After several minutes, the flour will absorb vaseline and give you a clean hair surface.

Consider using a clean cloth and paper towel to remove excessive vaseline on your natural hair. Then, distribute a moderate flour concentration evenly on your hair.

It would be best if you focused on the hair roots. Because flour effectively transmits from the roots to the top of your hair to wash away any vaseline buildup. Like other methods, the last step is to rinse your hair with warm water.

However, this method might have some disadvantages. Without careful preparation, you can mess up your house with flour. Consider putting some paper towels on the floor to minimize the clutter.

You can use any flour brands available in the market
You can use any flour brands available in the market


Is It Ok To Sleep With Vaseline On?

It would help if you didn’t sleep with vaseline on your hair. Vaseline can make your hair feel heavy and oily, which frustrates you during sleep.

The situation can worsen if you leave this stuff in for too long. This substance will create a barrier, preventing your hair shaft from breathing. Over time, your hair becomes coarse and requires more work to style.

Does Vaseline Soak Into Hair?

The short answer is no. Even though vaseline can lock in moisture in your skin, it can’t soak into your hair roots. Instead, this substance coats your hair shafts and weighs them down significantly.

Moreover, the oily hair texture can attract dust and debris to your hair, making you uncomfortable when doing daily activities. Remember to remove as much of this substance as possible to reduce the frustrated feelings.

How Long Can I Leave Vaseline In My Hair?

It’s not recommended to leave vaseline in your hair for too long. Because the longer you leave this substance in your hair, the more difficult it can be to remove it entirely.

If you accidentally leave vaseline in your hair, you can’t leave it for several hours. After that, you should shampoo and warm water to wash away the substance as soon as possible.


In summary, you can get vaseline out of hair with the above solutions. With proper approaches, you will no longer have uncomfortable feelings when encountering these problems.

The article below answers the question: How to get vaseline out of hair? I hope you achieve the desired result. Thank you for reading!

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