A fashionable and luxurious statement – How to give yourself an undercut?

Reckless? masculine? strong? Undercut is currently dominating the world with its freshness and daring. Not only that, undercut is also extremely easy to implement and suitable for young people who want to experience the new.

But, sadly, many people think undercut is only for men. Today, more and more women choose undercut as a way of expressing their equality and strength. But, many people still do not know how to get a beautiful undercut. So, now, we will bring you a comprehensive guide on how to give yourself an undercut.

What is an undercut as you know?

Undercut is commonly known as a hairstyle that is shaved on both sides and back while the top part of the hair is kept as long as normal, you can also create a few close-to-scalp shaving lines, parallel.

This hairstyle has been favored by men and exploded many years ago. However, undercut is not a trend of male privilege, in later years many famous women did not hesitate to try this style and create a “undercut” trend in the community of fans tomb.

Rihanna, the one who made this rebellious hair look stylish and rebellious towards maturity, had to shave off one side of her head in combination with letting one side of her hair be curled up, the image filling her lap look and show feminism stronger than ever.

Source: Internet)

Not long after that, many famous superstars in the world also tried this hot hair, like Avril Lavigne, Rita Ora, Cassie and so on. In Asia, 2NE1’s Dara, a beloved idol girl of the time, boldly tried this hairstyle.

Female undercut hairstyles help you assert your style

As time passes, undercut is no longer simple hairstyles, many hair stylists have developed undercut towards personality, strong but equally feminine. In addition, hair stylists also thoroughly apply unique motifs to create a character for girls who love rebellion or love change.

  • Undercut for long hair
Source: Internet)

Undercut here is like a strong accent, making your long hair unusual or popular like other hairstyles.

You will be lightly shaved on one side from the sideburns to the nape, the length of hair that has just been shaved can be one hand or half burned.

Long hair will be pulled aside, you can choose curly, straight or choose your favorite dyed hair, these hairstyles have added a lot to the personality and ego of a lot.

  • Undercut female behind the nape
Source: Internet)

Undercut after the neck is an extremely HOT trend for those who love rebellious but still afraid. Or personality girls still do not dare to express themselves, this is the hairstyle that suits you.

This is a very simple beautiful hair model, you just need to shave part of the hair at the back of the neck, then create the shape with perfect straight lines, can be up arrow shape, zigzag shape, mold shape.

This hairstyle is not only cool, but also helps you express your “underground” personality not too daring but still super strong! Especially when you combine with trendy hair color gamut like smoky hair dye, moss color.

  • Undercut tomboy form
Source: Internet)

This hairstyle is quite similar to undercut boys, when cutting this hairstyle, the person who shows it must definitely have a very strong personality, dynamic and a bit “liberal” and charming.

A mix of different feelings from the undercut tomboy, unlike anyone else, but it helps you be much more beautiful and younger. A special feature of this hairstyle is that the hair at the top of the head is longer, more, and the hair around the ear to the neck is shaved close to the pattern.

Preparing your hair with the best practice and measure

how to give yourself an undercut
Preparing your hair with the best practice and measure (Source: Internet)

First you should question your hair’s texture. Before giving your hair a fresh new look, it is essential to go through your hair’s texture once again to make sure that it is thick and strong enough to have a nice undercut.

For women who have thin and light hair, you should make up your mind on choosing undercut. An undercut may look better with big, curly hair because it can free you from your puffy hair. So this is the first step of how to give yourself an undercut.

You should take into account how deep you want your undercut to be. You can customize infinitely with the undercut style, all to take into account the shortness you want when cutting.

A little longer undercut is recommended for women with long hair so that they can have the best look. If you want to simplify your undercut, keep it from 1.3 to 1.6 cm. For a more edgy undercut, give 0.6 to 1 cm a try.

When you are a beginner to this trendy hairstyle, it is perfect to go for a longer cut. You can always shorten your hair when it is long enough to begin with. Steps by steps and you can now easily know how to give yourself an undercut.

how to give yourself an undercut
Learn to identify how large an area you want to undercut (Source: Internet)

Learn to identify how large an area you want to undercut. How impressive your look will be depend on the size of your undercut. If you try to give yourself the first undercut, it is safer to keep the area you cut relatively small.

Yet if you want a daring look, don’t be afraid of using a larger area for the undercut so more of it will be noticed. Mostly you can see that undercut looks good or not comes from the back of the head .

The area will stretch from your shaved hair to the hairline. When your hair is short or you bend over, the more you can see better than your cool undercut.

Identify and segment the logical parts you want to cut

how to give yourself an undercut
Identify and segment the logical parts you want to cut (Source: Internet)

In hair styling, visual acuity is the most important part, when you see the hairstyle as well as the results you aim for, you know what you need and what to do.

And undercut is a hairstyle that requires a 360 degree view because you have to handle the back of the head. So you need a big mirror to get the best results. In addition, we recommend having a medium size hand mirror so you can keep an eye on your nape.

Knowing how to give yourself an undercut is one thing, but the progress of making it is another thing. So, in order for the hair cut process to proceed smoothly, the first thing you should do is to bend the hair at the top of the head neatly.

With trendy and eye-catching undercut, one wrong cut can lead to unintended consequences later on. So you do not want to cut the lock of hair needed. Clip the top of the hair in the way that you feel most comfortable while maintaining it fixed. The importance of this leads to the uniformity that your undercut style becomes.

how to give yourself an undercut
The calmness is the most practical and necessary element (Source: Internet)

The calmness is the most practical and necessary element in hair styling. In order to create the most appropriate and tidy undercut, divide it with the rest of the hair that needs to be fit. Spread the hair to be cut with a multi-lane comb. For straight lines, cutting will be easier.

Cut the first lines calmly and surely because of the haste and the grievances will only create the inconsistency of undercut hairstyles. Break the hair to cut into layers, so you can easily control the part of your hair to cut.

Today, undercut hair is not only popular because of the difference and coolness it brings, but it is also more prominent than many women’s hairstyles today because of its interesting zigzag.

If simply undercut hair is not enough to charm your soul, then perhaps the zigzag lines of undercut hairstyles will give you other thoughts. The eye-catching and special way that these curved lines make up is.

With women choosing a safe way for this personalized hairstyle, one option that can not be overlooked is wearing a small bandage. A change like this does not affect the tremendous advantages.

This will make sure your hair is fixed on the top so you will not accidentally drop the hairs that fall off. Carefulness is essential in the progress of how to give yourself an undercut

The most important part in how to give yourself an undercut – cut and style your hair

how to give yourself an undercut
The most important part in how to give yourself an undercut – cut and style your hair (Source: Internet)

Do not hesitate to cut off the long pieces of hair because the first step does not require complete accuracy. For women with long tail hair and small hairpin can not hold it, special scissors for cutting hair is very necessary. And thanks to that magical scissors, now the hairpin has done a great job. It will help you clamp the newly cut hair.

Razors are also included in how to give yourself an undercut. Choosing the right razor for the shaver is also very important. Each sharp razor blade will give you a certain amount of length, and the length of the hair that is best for you will determine the length.

If you wholeheartedly come up with short, bobo-sharp and undercut hairstyles, perhaps you should shave the first hair lengths and then shave them shorter. It is certainly a very scientific and effective way of doing things, and the great thing is that it will bring about desirable results. What’s more, though, this shave is a shame, but the ribbon that you wear on your head will keep the shave firmer and firmer.

To complete this fun undercut style and become the modern and cool girl you want, the last knot is to change the smallest razor to be able to adjust the parts and hair details. not satisfied And above all, you should not panic or heat up unnecessarily because your hair cutter is too short. Surely your hair will grow back quickly and you can freely play with your undercut personality.

When referring to the undercut, there will definitely be many women who thrive because of the boldness as well as the difference that this hairstyle brings. But in a growing society with a vast array of hairstyles, more and more women are confident to choose undercut as to assert themselves.

In particular, through this article, there are probably many women who find the ease of having an undercut style. Never hesitate to try this new undercut and let it speak for you. These are the ways of how to give yourself an undercut.

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