How to grow your hair in a week? – 3 main solutions for hair growth

Girls, how often do you have your haircut? Not many times, right? As it takes time to grow one, we always hesitate to make changes to our hair. However, people often say: “Girls do haircut when they are lovelorn”. Pitiful, isn’t it? Just because of some negative emotions or thoughtlessness, they give up their precious long glossy hair. Surely many will regret instantly, and tormented themselves days by days with the question: “How to grow your hair in a week?”

How to grow your hair in a week and how your hair grows?

How to grow your hair in a week

How do your hair grow from scratch? (Source: Internet)

So, how does your hair grow? On average, in a month, your hair grows about 1.5 cm in length, which means that a normal human hair can grow up to 12 cm a year.

Determining the growth of your hair may be based on the genes or structure of the hair and scalp. Asians generally have thicker hair than Europeans and Americans. In addition, diet, hair care as well as remedies also affect the hair complex, and in turn affects the extra length of the hair each week.

Hair is growing from the follicles on the scalp. Normally, the scalp has between 150,000 and 200,000 follicles. Even though the hair falls every day, the number of new hair is even more. There are 3 stages of hair growth:

  • Stage 1: Hair starts to grow from the follicle, which usually takes a few years to mature.
  • Stage 2: The follicle gradually closes, the hair loses its existing nutrient supply and stops growing.
  • Stage 3: Hair becomes weak and eventually falls out of the follicle.

To answer the question: “How to grow your hair in a week”, there are many simple and effective ways to stimulate hair growth that you can do at home. Although hair can only grow to a certain length, applying the following methods will maximize your hair grow in one week.

Coconut oil – A sufficient practice to grow hair in a week

How to grow your hair in a week

Coconut oil for hair growth (Source: Internet)

Coconut oil is one of the essences of nature in hair care. It contains lauric acid – the substance also found in breast milk – including high levels of hormone development materials. In addition, coconut oil also has compounds that help protect and prevent hair damages. The endosmose of coconut oil into the hair follicles also makes it more effective than other oils. To make coconut oil your hair grow faster for a week, you need to follow these steps:

  • Take a bowl of warm water, put a small amount of coconut oil according to your favor. Remember, just using water with enough heat, too hot water will adversely affect your hair follicles, too cold water will prevent the coconut oil from dissolving in the water.
  • Then, use your fingers to apply the light oil to your hair, apply it from hair roots to hair ends or apply in a circular motion. It is better if you ask someone else to apply the mixture, so you will not accidentally rub too strongly into your hair.
  • Leave the mixture on the hair for 30 minutes and then shampoo with shampoo. With this method, you should only use with shampoo. Too much shampoo will result in hair loss and hair loss

New hair care – New inch every week

How to grow your hair in a week

Shampoo and condition (Source: Internet)

To grow your hair in a week, just shampooing is not enough, to keep your hair healthy, you need to use conditioner as well. Conditioner can act as a massage method to keep the hair protected from damages. The conditioner is also used to make hair shiny and smooth, increase moisture as well as the softness and thickness.

You can also wash your hair with cold water after each bath. This helps shrink the hair roots on the scalp, giving your hair a stronger look so that you can freely style it later. Frequent use of cold water also helps the hair adapt better during winter – the time when hair is prone to dry and break. Shampooing with cold water also helps to retain better the oil contained in the hair follicles, giving the hair more nutrients to grow.

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How to grow your hair in a week

Covering wet hair after showering is a bad habit (Source: Internet)

To keep your hair grow well in a week, just taking care is not enough, you also need to pay attention to seemingly harmless habits. One is wrapping wet hair in a towel. When being wet, hair is most susceptible to damage. Your hair become hard, tight and easy to break. Using a towel with a rough textile makes the hair go under great pressure, resulting in permanent harms.

How to grow your hair in a week

Remember to comb your hair before bed (Source: Internet)

However, you also need to develop useful habits, such as combing your hair before going to bed. When you sleep, your hair grows the most and you need to create the right environment for this development. Brushing your hair before bed helps you spread evenly the amount of oil contained in the hair roots, giving your hair a protective film and avoiding dryness. Hair combing also increase blood flow in the capillaries under the scalp, providing the hair with the necessary nutrients to grow. However, over-combing is counterproductive, and hair is more prone to breaking and damages.

Diet – Growing hair without touching it

How to grow your hair in a week

Vitamin pills (Source: Internet)

Your hair can grow longer in a week through the number of nutrients you absorb into your body everyday. In particular, vitamins and proteins help keep hair healthy, well-developed as well as create a protective film. You need to take  vitamin and protein supplements regularly, remember to choose the type of hair – that is the kind containing supplements to aid you with a stronger hair such as vitamin B, vitamin C … However, you need to ask for advice before using these high-vitamin supplements to get the best results.

How to grow your hair in a week

Protein-rich diet helps hair growth stronger (Source: Internet)

Only taking these vitamins is not enough, it is best to use foods that are available in nature. A diet enriching in protein and vitamins will help your hair grow faster. You should balance between protein dishes such as meat, fish and shrimp; Starched dishes like rice and bread or oil-based dishes such as nuts or peanuts.

How to grow your hair in a week

Vegetables – Nutrients for the hair (Source: Internet)

Eating more vegetables also helps your hair moisturize better. In addition, dairy products also provide enough nutrients for the hair. However, consuming too much fat and starched foods will cause undue health problems.

Now you can answer the question: “How to grow your hair in a week?” Just freely style your hair and ignore the consequences. After all, your hair will be just fine within a week.

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