How To Hide Grey Hair On Brunettes? Step By Step Guides To Follow

how to hide grey hair on brunettes

Gray hair on a dark background is quite a problem for women as most want to be young and attractive. This two-tone contrast makes your overall hair look lacking sophistication. So how to hide gray hair on brunettes?

Completely covering gray hair on a dark background is a big challenge that not everyone can do. Fortunately, Ivirgo Hair Factory will share how to cover gray hair with excellent and straightforward tips in this article.

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How To Hide Grey Hair On Brunettes?

How to hide your grey hair on the brunettes?
How to hide your grey hair on the brunettes?

Gray hair is not bad but can make you look older and lifeless. Especially when it appears on the naturally dark hair background, it makes your face look more rustic. In this article, I will show you how to hide gray hair.

Perfect Blend

The color formula is essential to create unique color versions that completely cover your gray hair color. It will depend on many factors, including the graying degree and hair health. Specifically:

  • With 30% gray hair: Look for a color that matches your required medium length, which is compatible with the darkest part of the hair regrowth process. This way, you will cover your gray hair well.

  • With 30 – 50% gray hair: Consider mixing colors with similar pigment density. They will help limit the prominence of the gray areas on your head. Do not use lighter colors on a dark background because it will make your hair look worse.

  • With over 50% gray hair: Too much gray hair on a black background, complete dyeing is the best suggestion. You can use fresher dye tones like brown or red to refresh your hair. Of course, you will never see gray hair in your hair.

Saturation The Roots

You should consider taking the root saturation
You should consider taking the root saturation

Root saturation is required to hide gray hairs in your hair. It helps to harmonize colors on the same curl and make your hair more uniform and attractive.

You can choose dark versions for stains, similar to the previous black background or dyed color. Optimal options can be deep brown or high-coverage red wine.

If the roots are not saturated, the gray hair regrowth after dyeing will be faster. It will appear soon in about 4-6 weeks after dyeing.

Color Test

Tracking the evolution of color is a must. In high-temperature conditions, hair color needs at least 15 – 25 minutes to take effect. Without heat, the duration will be longer, about 40 – 50 minutes.

But, if you have a lot of free time, you can keep your hair longer. Thus, the color, when up, will be accurate and maintain good stability for the hair. How do you check the speed of chemical coloring?

Use a wide comb and slide a line from the roots to the stem; we can quickly check the color of the dye. If there are light streaks through, it means your hair will need more time for the stain to penetrate deeper.

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Add A Little Shadow

Adding a little shine will make your hair more attractive. It enhances the coverage and sophistication of your hair.

Of course, use the regular shaders sparingly, which can hinder your average hair growth. Regular shading maintenance once a week is the best way.

Color Hair Care Guide

What are some tips for color hair care?
What are some tips for color hair care?

Colored hair can fade quickly if not taken care of properly. Here are some great tips to help you maintain color consistency. Read on for more information.

Choose The Right Shampoo

Not all shampoos are available for colored hair. Oils with many harmful chemicals will dry hair quickly and increase damage.

It is best to use natural shampoos produced from soothing ingredients. They are helpful for color hair care and nourishment requirements.

In addition to shampoo, conditioner is also an essential factor to consider. It is preferable to use a pair of shampoo and conditioner together. Thus, care efficiency will increase many times.

Weekly Washing Frequency

Washing your hair too much will fade your hair color. Not only that, but it also can remove the natural oil layer on your hair. It makes the hair dry and brittle and increases breakage.

For individuals who don’t have any scalp or hair problems, shampooing 2-3 times a week is best to maintain color fastness.

If your scalp often or often works in a dusty environment, consider washing more to ensure that your hair is always clean.

Natural Drying

Colored hair must be dried naturally and gently to preserve color and health. Using a towel to rub your hair vigorously can cause it to become weak and break.

We should use linen or microfiber-textured wipes. It will help dry hair faster without affecting hair health.


Is It Better To Go Lighter Or Darker To Cover Gray Hair?

To cover gray hair, I recommend choosing darker tones. It can help you look younger and more confident. Lighter versions can still be available in case your hair is more than 50% gray.

How Can I Hide My Gray Hair From Brunettes Without Dye?

You can cover your gray hair in a variety of ways without necessarily dyeing your hair:

  • Use a headband

  • Use temporary hair dye spray

  • Pull your hair up.

Is It Better To Highlight Or Color Gray Hair?

I recommend dyeing your hair all the ways to coat the gray areas of your hair. This will bring uniformity to your hair.

How Does A Brunette Go Gray Gracefully?

Full hair dye is a good way for a brunette to turn gray gracefully.


We have your complete guide on how to hide gray hair on brunettes. Steps like choosing a dye color, easy saturating formula, and the temperature will help cover your gray hair well. It makes the hair look more beautiful.

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