Finding out how to hide thinning hair on top and some useful advices

Hair is a very important part of our body. It not only protects your scalp but also makes up your beauty. However, having pretty hair is not easy. Many people have to deal with hair problem such as hair loss which causes thinning hair on top. Thinning hair can drive some people on the edge of inferiority complex. So how to hide thinning hair on top of your head? You can read the post below to get more information about this topic.

how to hide thinning hair on top
Hair loss and thinning hair on top

Causes of thinning hair

There are a lot of reasons that cause hair loss. Some general ones are:

  • Genetics problem: Generally, if parents have hair loss, their children have higher ability to get hair loss as well. A study of American scientists shows that 99% of men start losing their hair at young age due to genetics problem.
  • Hormone changes: This element has a great influence on hair growth, which leads to hair loss, hair tangle, split ends, dry hair, and so on.
  • Chemicals use: chemicals hereof are understood as all products applied to your hair. Although you look after your hair carefully, these chemicals still damage your hair. Even maintenance products also have side effects, so you should use products that are in accordance with your hair materials.
  • Stress: Overthinking and stress are reasons for thinning hair. Stress disturbs the nervous system and affects the blood circulation of the scalp. Therefore, your hair starts to fall off, which will reveal your scalp.
  • Shortage of nutrients: Lack of nutrients not only makes your skin pale but it also leads to hair loss.
how to hide thinning hair on top
Hair loss

These causes can be cured or remedied. But during treatment time, you don’t want to show your ugly hair to other people. Instead, you need to hide thinning hair on top to be good-looking every time. Let us point out some methods below to disguise your hair.

How to hide thinning hair on top

Cut it off

how to hide thinning hair on top
Short hair with big volume

A suitable hairstyle will give you an attractive appearance as well as hide thinning hair on top. Everyone else cannot find out your hair defect if you choose the right hairstyle. Remember that, the longer your hair is, the heavier it is. Therefore, it makes pressure to your scalp, then your hair falls off quicker. Normally, short hair with big volume has ability to hide thinning hair better. However, if it is too short, you will find it more difficult to blow up the volume of hair.

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Lighten your hair

how to hide thinning hair on top
Hair dying is a solution for thinning hair

Apart from black, other colors can trick everyone’s eyes out. It is more difficult to realize the shortage of lighter hair than the one of darker hair. Besides, a brand new color can refresh your look and makes you more attractive at the same time. Nevertheless, hair loss shows that you are having damaged hair and scalp problems. Hence, you shouldn’t dye bright color or bleach your hair. Brown or grey is reasonable to hide your thinning hair on top.

Apply pigment powder to scalp

how to hide thinning hair on top
Color your scalp (how to hide thinning hair on top)

How to hide thinning hair on top? It is obvious that you should cover your scalp so that people cannot know about your thinning hair. Coloring your scalp will reduce the contrast between hair and scalp. Especially, pigment powder which is suitable to your hair color makes it harder to recognize your exposed scalp.

However, if you do not wash your scalp cleanly, the pigment particles will stay on your scalp and clog the pore, which cause hair loss and other scalp problems. These pigments may contain toxic substances so that you shouldn’t use it regularly.

Wear wigs

Wigs can be considered as accessories in the beauty schedule of many people, because you can have many hairstyles without damaging your natural hair. Wig is a perfect choice for people with thinning hair. Yet, a disadvantage of wig is its price. To hide the thinning hair on top, you had better choose a wig made from human hair instead of a wig made from synthetic hair. Therefore, this wig will be definitely more expensive.

how to hide thinning hair on top
Wig – a perfect choice for people with thinning hair

Although wearing wigs can conceal the defect of your hair, it will make your scalp unable to breathe well, forcing scalp to excrete more sweat and causing dandruff. So you should not put wig on for a long time and remember to clean the wig before using it. It will be a great idea to have your wig on in 10 hours for most.

These tips above show you how to hide your thinning hair on top. It is not too hard for you to have fluffy and beautiful hair, isn’t it? Hope that this post is helpful to you. If you have any question, please let us know. Do not hesitate any longer, let follow our website in order to discover the beauty secrets right once and for all.


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