How to hide your short hair under extension with 5 easy steps

Hair extension is the magical tool to transform your hair look, especially with short hair, so that  you can surprise all of your friends by doing this little trick to your hair; however, it only happens if you know how to hide your short hair under extension and make your hair looks blended and natural. Here are some tips and detail guidelines to completely hide the fact that you are wearing hair extensions.

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Choosing a matching hair extensions: The fundamental step on how to hide your short hair under extension

Finding the matching extension with your natural hair is the first and the most crucial step to hide your short hair under extension. It is a wise choice to choose the hair extension with the same color or at least the color of the same shade.

There is no way that you could fool people into believing that you are wearing no hair extension when these two parts of hair just are both black and blonde in a very confusing way.

If there are little differences between your real hair and your hair extension, it will be easier to blend your hair.

how to hide your short hair under extension
The choice of same colors or same shads is essential to a perfectly natural look.

You should also take the amount of hair extension that your hair needs into consideration. For example, the thicker your hair is, the more tape and more hair extensions that you need to completely cover your short hair; or else, your natural hair will dominate and overwhelm your hair extensions and make it less real. 200-gram hair extension collection is the good choice for thick, short hair to be hidden completely.

Straighten your hair with a flat iron

Before clipping your hair extensions into your hair, you have to straighten your hair first. A straight, smooth hair will pave an easier way to blend with hair extensions.

Braid or twist the bottom hair layer behind your head

When putting hair extensions on, for the short hair, the hair at the bottom of your scalp is the most revealing and visible part of your hair. They are of the shortest length; therefore, it is unlikely to blend and merge with your extensions. This hair layer will keep rubbing your neck and giving itself away.

To hide this part effectively, you can braid your twist it (with hairspray if possible) and use pins to secure this part from showing off.

Next, you can clip your hair weft above or beneath this hair twist/braid. It will be the base layer for your hair and allow your hair’s movement to be more natural and less rigid.

how to hide your short hair under extension

Start to wear your hair extension- the essential step on how to hide your short hair under extensions

Here we go to the main part: put your hair extension wefts on.

You will start sectioning your hair and make a ponytail on the top of your head. Start stacking a new hair extension from the lowest part, and then let down the next hair layer from the ponytail, put a hair extension to cover this layer. Keep stacking your hair until you make it to the top.

Tips for clipping hair extension to hide your short hair:

  • Clip your hair at an angle: Wearing hair extensions to the front hair is the trickiest part. If you are not careful enough, it could easily give away the fact you are wearing hair extensions. Having extensions to be clipped at an angle could fix this problem. The hair extensions will flow naturally at an angle.
  • Clip extensions closely: This might be the key answer to the question “How to hide short hair under extensions?” Putting extension closely together will make your actual short hair layer unnoticeable and blended more easily with the hair extensions.

Blend your hair extensions with natural hair by waving your hair

This step will finalize your hair by making your short hair to looks seamlessly blended with your hair extensions. Waving hair and extension together will prevent the blunt short hair from revealing. Creating seamless wavy hair flow is the best way to hide hair extensions.

how to hide your short hair under extension
Wave your hair and hair extension together to get the most satisfactory hairstyle.

Here is the right way to do this: Firstly, strengthen your hair and extensions together. Wait for your hair to cool off (from about 5 to 10 minutes). Now start to style your hair by curling it with a hair iron in the same way as applied to the normal hair. This final stage will make your hair blend nicely and flawlessly.

Wearing hair extensions could be easier with these tips. With a blended and natural long hair flow, you could try countless hairstyle without giving your short hair or wait until your hair grows longer.

You can get more tips on how to take care of your hair extension and many other useful tips about hair care on our blog. If you want to ask more about our hair extension product, connect us by phone, email, and Facebook page.

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