How To Increase Anagen Phase Of Hair ? Prevent Hair Loss

For many people, hair loss is a hard problem that they really want to erase. There are a lot of methods to promote your hair growth, and one of them is increasing Anagen phase. But maybe there will be many people wondering that “What is Anagen phase?” and “ How to increase Anagen phase of hair ?”. Do not worry because this article will give you the answers. Firstly, let’s check out what Anagen phase really means!

What is Anagen phase?

Anagen phase is the phase when the hair starts growing. Nearly all of your hair is in this phase from three to five years, even ten years but it depends on the individual and genetics. During Anagen phase, you can expect that your hair will grow at the average rate, approximately ½ inch per month. However, if you want to your hair grow faster and longer in order to have thicker hair, first of all, you need to find out the reasons making your hair fall out, after that you can find out how to increase Anagen phase of hair.

What can cause hair loss?

There are a huge number of causes leading to hair loss, but today I just list 3 main reasons for you to avoid.

– Physical and psychological stress: If you get surgery or get hurt, even if you get pregnant, you will get stressed because you have to think of it too much. Or stress from workplace is also the reason triggering hair loss.

How to increase Anagen phase of hair
Stress is one of the factor resulting in hair loss

– Lack of protein: If you do not have enough protein and vitamin as a whole, your growing hair process cannot run well.

– Genes: This is unavoidable cause. When you are genetically predisposed to hair thinning, you will see a gradual reduction in hair volume.

How to increase Anagen phase of hair? Here is the answer!

As I said, Anagen phase is the phase helping hair growing. To increase this phase efficiently, please follow these below instructions.


Exercising is not only enhance your health but also improve hair growth. A good health plays an important part in the process of hair growth. The more healthy you are, the more healthy your hair is. Besides, controlling your stress level is essential, too. Maybe you do not know that there are three phases of hair growth: the Anagen phase (Growing phase), the Catagen phase (Resting phase) and the Telogen phase (Shedding phase). Stressful events can push more hair from Growing phase to Shedding phase, and that why your hair falls out. In order to reduce physical as well as psychological stress, you need to do exercises regularly because exercising can help your hair growth goal. Some sports or easy exercises you can take up such as yoga, badminton, swimming and so on.

How to increase Anagen phase of hair
Try to to do exercises regularly


If you want to know how to increase Anagen phase of hair, just control your diet. Your diet also has a significant effect on your hair growth. Maybe you do not know that protein is one of the main factors making hair. Therefore, supplying enough protein is so essential. Just eating protein-rich foods such as fish, egg or milk, you are going to see the big difference. Moreover, vitamin deficiency is a contributing point causing hair loss. So, to avoid hair loss and raise Anagen phase, you should provide yourself with various vitamins to gain better result. Just find foods that rich in vitamin C, B, D, omega-3 fatty acids and iron to assist hair to grow faster and longer.

How to increase Anagen phase of hair
Protein containing in fish, egg, nuts and more


Drinking water is really necessary. Water is an important component which not only helps to flush your body from toxins disrupting your hormone levels as well as other systems but also protect your locks by providing hydration. So, please remember to drink enough 2  s of water per day!

How to increase Anagen phase of hair
Drinking 2 liter of water per day helps to refresh your body


Besides eating rich-in vitamin and protein foods, you can utilize extra supplements to lengthen the Anagen phase of growth. Adding supplements to your routine can help your dream of owning thick and beautiful hair to come true as soon as possible. Selecting supplements which include biotin, niacin and zinc is so ideal to extend Anagen phase. Indeed, Supplement is an important factor helping you learn how to increase Anagen phase of hair.

One of common hair growth supplements nowadays is Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Growth Supplement. Including hair growth vitamins like vitamin C, biotin, iron and an exclusive ingredient called AminoMar. AminoMar which is derived from marine protein molecules and other elements can promote hair growth inside. Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Growth Supplement is also top 1 selling hair growth in the US, so if you want to improve your hair’s thickness and reduce shedding within 3 to 6 months, just try it out!

How to increase Anagen phase of hair
Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Growth Supplement

Changing your habit

If you brush your hair when it is still wet, just stop now because that is one of the reason causing hair breakage. Let your hair dry, then gently brush your hair. Brushing your hair correctly can promote blood circulation and allow your scalp to absorb nutrition better.

In addition, scalp massage is a useful method you should follow to promote hair growth. Using essential oils to speed up growing process. This is also a good way to reduce stress after hard days of work. Coconut oil is not bad idea for you to choose.

How to increase Anagen phase of hair
Massaging your scalp is a way of relaxing

Ask for some help

It is surely difficult to find the solutions, so you can find and meet some prestigious experts and hair stylists. Make regular appointments with them so that they can give you some helpful advice on how to increase Anagen phase of hair correctly.

How to increase Anagen phase of hair
Listen to experts’ advice

There is one thing I can say for certain that if you can follow these instructions and apply to your daily life, definitely you will see the obvious difference before and after applying them. I believe that through this post, you guys already know how to increase Anagen phase of hair, right? Finally, I hope you all can succeed in follow the guideline and have your dream hair. Thanks for reading!

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