How to lighten hair without bleach at home – natural treatments

For a more glamorous look and color, many people are willing to accept the pain and a long process at the salon to bleach and then brighten their hair. Others dare not go blonde or try a lighter appearance on budget due to this reason. So, are there any expert tips showing how to lighten hair without bleach and do we really need to visit hair stylists?

This article is here to help you to find answers to these aforementioned questions. In our viewpoint, it is unnecessary to sacrifice your healthy and natural locks for a lighter color. Now, you can achieve that transformation thanks to natural treatments that you can do them yourself.

Follow us and figure out your best suited method, just from the stuff that you have in your house or easily find in the market or supermarket nearby!

 Why is bleach not highly recommended?

Though bleach is made of natural sources, the making process radically changes the substance into chlorine and caustic soda which are extremely dangerous to both humans and environment. It is notable that not all natural compounds are good for us.

how to lighten hair without bleach
Even when your hair is bleached by a professional stylist, it still suffers from damages. (Source: Internet)

The natural pigment is regarded as a protective coating subject. Once bleach is carried out, the hair shaft has to be fully penetrated. As a result, your hair will face up to a continuous loss of moisture and end up being dry and brittle. Sometimes, clients are likely to get an allergic reaction and their skin is eventually damaged.

Therefore, if it is not really necessary, just say no to bleach. Not only is bleaching damaging to your lovely locks but it is also a costly investment. In this article, our goal is not to discourage you from bleaching. If you really have to do it, do not forget to be gentle with your bleached hair and pay attention to post-bleaching care.

Moreover, three days before bleaching, it is better if you use deep conditioning shampoo. This is to make the strands in the proximity of hair cuticles stronger and better capable of putting up with harsh chemical products.

Let’s leave all the different layers that make up your hair be healthy and actively growing. Should you desire a few shades lighters, why not attempt to find other ways? In this guide – how to lighten hair without bleach, there appear plenty of methods only by using natural or household items.

how to lighten hair without bleach
Say no to bleaching as soon as possible
(Source: Internet)

How to lighten hair without bleach at home – 5 natural treatments

It can be seen that many customers are moaning and groaning about how dry and brittle their natural hair is due to the abuse of bleaching. They keep asking us how to lighten hair without bleach and how they could find a natural treatment as they still want incredibly lighter strand.

For those who are overusing bleaching, please spend some time on recovering badly damaged strands before getting started with a new color. For those who have not had a chance to enjoy a new nuance, just go to the market and find one of the materials below.

Lime juice to colorize

how to lighten hair without bleach
Lemon (lime) is available in almost all the regions in the world with a low price, which is a feasible method to go for.
(Source: Internet)

Lime juice is by far the safest and the most popular method to lighten your hair. No matter where you are, in California or in Hanoi, you can easily buy some lemons to bleach your strand on your own. Once you have an idea of colorizing your hair, do not need to google how to lighten hair without bleach. Instead, just go to Youtube and search how to use lemon juice as a bleach.

The way lemon juice works for your hair is here. When you are exposed to sunshine, this accidentally opens the cuticles on top of your scalp. Then as lime juice is applied, it is easier to lift the original color of the hair.

How to do it? The simple principle is to squeeze some fresh lime juice into a spray bottle and let your head be soaked in it. Note: olive oil or leave in conditioner should be added to create more moisture.

how to lighten hair without bleach
You must be amazed at the result.
(Source: Internet)

Camomile tea to lift your shade

Camomile tea is a dream of many people in a cold day but now, it is also a perfect remedy when you are wondering how to lighten hair without bleaching. Nevertheless, should you unfortunately be allergic to camomile or ragweed, do not perform it because it is a contraindication to sensitive people.

how to lighten hair without bleach
Have you ever thought of camomile tea as a bleaching method? The answer should be ‘no way.
(Source: Internet)

Steps to make a camomile tea to brighten and highlight your strands:

  1. Brew approximately 4 to 6 bags of this tea into a cup to heat up. Should you want a more concentrated mixture, just soak one or two bags. It is optional to add honey – similar to olive oil, it is used to retain moisture and void dryness and brittle.
  2. Let the tea cool down in about 1 – 2 hours or until you feel it is in luke water.
  3. Transfer it to the spray bottle and begin to spritz thoroughly
  4. A few dosage twice a day and the result would come. It is up to you if you want to rinse out or not.

Vodka – the secret of Eva Herzigova

When being asked how to lighten hair without bleach by Dailymail, Eva Herzigova – a supermodel on her forties, claimed that her only daily vodka helps her to be confident with her blonde. There is no miracle here; it is just a good recipe to make lighter shades based on scientific documents.

how to lighten hair without bleach
To your surprise, vodka does work to your strands.
(Source: Internet)

As for this method, you need to ask for the help of the sun. The alcohol is capable of lifting the pigments of your hair to achieve a lighter nuance. Besides, direct sunlight will facilitate the color change process. One more interesting benefit of vodka is to reduce the amount of frizz on the scalp. You can kill two birds with one stone. Therefore, if you cannot enjoy some last drops in the cocktail, just leave it for hair dye treatment.

From now on, when taking bleach into consideration or being confused at how to lighten hair without bleach, vodka will help you to forget all the sadness and bring you to the new level of beauty. Remember to mix ¼ cups of vodka with a cup of seltzer before spraying it onto your dark hair.

Honey for blonder hair

It has been decades since honey proved to be wonderful for hair and skin. However, you may feel cynical about mixing honey with your hair as in your mind, it could be a sticky disaster. No matter how sticky the mess could be, it cannot be denied that honey is bound to add highlights to your natural hair and get it a bit lighter.

how to lighten hair without bleach
A magical product from the mother of nature
(Source: Internet)

Honey contains a useful enzyme called glucose oxidase which creates hydrogen peroxide – a natural bleaching component. Why not begin with mixing ¼ cup of honey with a cup of water. Be sure to mix them well. You can add conditioner, the cinnamon paste or even lime juice. Put this mixture into an empty shampoo bottle for less mess.

After one hour to leave it there, pass it onto your wet hair. It is vital to remain the damp condition all the time you are lightening hair. Shower cap should be used to form on forehead. You can feel smoother and silkier strands after rinsing it out.

The color change is a gradual process and if your hair slightly changes, do not immediately blame us for providing you with a wrong guide how to lighten hair without bleach. For your hair to possess a perfect transformation, be patient and apply a certain treatment frequently.

 A thing to consider

how to lighten hair without bleach
Is direct sunlight healthy to your hair in particular and to your body in general?
(Source: Internet)

As information gathered from a myriad of sources both online and offline, sunshine is also a way to lighten hair without bleach. When being exposed to UV rays, the melanins in your hair are easily getting bleached. Therefore, you happen to have a lighter color. You can be aware of this gradual change because the frequency of sun exposure is quite high.

However, there is a likelihood that the sun degrades hair as well. Direct sunlight definitely weakens hair shaft, thus resulting in split ends, dryness and hundreds of inevitable damages.

The thing is that sunlight can speed up the color change in hair and we also note that these aforementioned methods should be accompanied with sunlight exposure. So, how to lighten hair without bleach and without damaging strands? The answer is to wear a hat as a protectant from ultraviolet radiation.

Take care of your hair carefully before taking beauty measures

  • Regularly cut hair

According to hair stylists, hair trimmed, every 1.5cm in 6-8 weeks is an ideal plan to help hair grow fast. By sticking to this schedule, you can prevent splitting hair ends up to the hair shaft, causing a break in the hair structure. While waiting for about 12 weeks, the trimmed hair becomes a charming, beautiful hairstyle.

  • Do not wash your hair often and gently brush your hair

Many people think that when hair is dry and tangled, wash your hair several times a week. However, it is a completely wrong view because this makes the hair become dehydrated and more prone to dryness. Wash your hair regularly and keep a reasonable distance between times. It is best to wash once every 2 days, unless you have to work or work outdoors a lot.

Using cool water to wash your hair will help tighten the pores, but will not affect the epidermis of the hair. When shampooing, do not put shampoo directly on your head but you have to wet your hair, put shampoo into the palm of your hand to mix with foaming water. Then rub the shampoo over your hair, gently scratch, massage for a while, then rinse with water until the foam has cleared.

Dry your hair and comb your hair with your fingers first or with a comb, because when you wash your hair it is easy to tangle so if you comb it with a thick toothbrush, it will usually cause hair loss. Also combined with soft massage operations to avoid scalp damage as well as reduce the shine of the hair.

  • Regular scalp massage

Regular massage for your hair gives you many benefits that prevent hair loss from being one of them. Spend 10 to 15 minutes of gentle scalp massage every day. This will help increase blood circulation on the scalp, stimulating hair growth. The effect of scalp massage will be greatly increased if you apply lavender essential oil, or nuts, to your scalp.

After a long analysis of each method, we believe that now you know how to lighten hair without bleach and also tighten your budget. In fact, natural treatments are always cheaper than a visit to professional hair stylist. Should you still have a question that makes you be in two minds, do not hesitate to comment below or ask for our consultancy! Thank you for your reading!

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