3 super easy tricks on How to make short african american hair curly 

Curly hairdos are the always favorite style for afros, but it is quite a challenge to create and maintain these lovely curls. Since African American hair is naturally dry and delicate, heat methods would just damage the strands. So the question is: Could we own heat-free yet fascinating curls? Fortunately, yes. There are multiple ways for you to remove this danger from your regimen in styling the coiled strands. In this article, we will introduce you 3 super easy tricks on How to make short African American hair curly

Braid out

There’s no doubt that this is the easiest way to curl up your hair. This not only is a heatless, protective style for your coiled stresses but also gives your hair lovely layers of ripples. Also, depending on each person’s hair texture, the braids would give out hundreds of different results.

How to make short african american hair curly
Braid out gives your hair lovely layers of ripples. (Source: Pinterest)

Let’s get on the steps now:

Step 1: Stretch and gently detangle your hair

Before you jump into any heat-free methods to make short African American hair curly, make sure that your hair is clean and well-moistened. If not want to stick with knots and tangles while braiding, you should gently detangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb or your fingers, use water spray if necessary.

Step 2: Put curl cream on

Curl cream is a magic assistant to have perfect wavy hair. Some would still braid their hair without cream, which would not only reduce the result but shorten your dreaming ripples. If you can’t find available curl creams, try styling with damp hair.

Step 3: Braid, braid, and braid

Easy peasy! Yes, just gradually take out every portion of hair and braid it tightly. The bigger the portion is, the more voluminous your hair would become. However, avoid too big nor too small braids, as they would lack definition or volumes. Remember to braid it tight so the ripples would be well-defined.

Yes, you’re almost there! Everything you need to do now is to wear a soft bonnet over your hair, go to sleep and wait for gorgeous results next morning.

How to make short african american hair curly
Braid and wait for gorgeous results next morning (Source: Pinterest)

Step 4: Unbraid with hair oil

Gently unbraid the ties with your fingers. Stay away from the comb as it would break your volumes. Besides, don’t forget a few drops of hair oil for more defined and shinier curly African American hair.

This hairdo is not so time-consuming nor difficult to do, you can even style your hair every evening before bed. Just about half an hour and no more worries about the next day’s look.

Finger Coils

If you are searching for a low-maintenance yet lovely and long-lasting style, give a try with finger coils. This hairdo would take some time, but it worths, with the impressive result of beautiful corkscrew curls. And it’s easy peasy: all you need is a curl cream, and… your fingers.

How to make short african american hair curly
Fingers coils would give you impressive corkscrew curls. (Source: Pinterest)

Here’s how to make short African American hair curly with your fingers:

Step 1: Apply a leave-in conditioner

It’s the key, to begin with clean, fresh and conditioned hair. Spread the product onto your wet hair with a wide-tooth brush or your fingers. Try to use a light conditioner so it won’t stretch your strands down. This step is to ensure that your hair is fully nourished with moisture.  

Step 2: Distribute curl cream into your hair

Put a teaspoon of curl cream onto every three-inch piece of your hair and massage. It would be easier to detangle your hair before applying the product.

Step 3: Twist the hair around your fingers

Twist each hair section (as divided before) around your finger until it’s well spiraled. Repeat to the rest strands. After all your hair is tightly twirled, take a cotton towel to squeeze the excess water and let your hair air dry.

How to make short african american hair curly
Tightly twist each hair section around your finger (Source: Pinterest)

Step 4: Re-twirl your hair with oil

Take several drops of your favorite hair oil onto your hand and re-twirl each section. Because African American hair is much drier than other hair types, this step will have the moisture locked within every strand, for beautiful long-lasting curls.  

How to make short african american hair curly
Make short African American hair curly with fingers coil (Source: Pinterest)

It would take nearly a day for your hair to dry completely, so you’d better start in the morning and have the best time for air dry. Remember to let it air dry completely, so your curls could be in their best look for about a week.

Bantu Knots

If you want an edgy, dynamic and active look to rock this summer, Bantu knots is designed for you! It’s diverse in volumes, applicable for almost all hair types and really works with impressive, bouncy curls. This hairdo is also a piece of cake as it just takes some hair ties and time.

How to make short african american hair curly
Bantu knots give you an edgy, dynamic and active look! (Source: Pinterest)

Step 1: Clean and moisten your hair

Never forget the rule of washing and moisturizing. Make sure your hair is clean and have been damp with leave-in conditioner.

Step 2: Divide your hair into small parts

To make it easier, you can comb your hair with fingers or a wide-tooth brush. Then part them into small sections for knotting. You may use a rat tail comb to create styling or simple parts.

Step 3: Apply curl cream or setting lotion

Apply a considerable portion of the product on each hair section, more to the hair ends. Yet don’t get your hair soaked with the cream.

Step 4: Twist the knot

Use your fingers to roll or twist every hair part to form a corkscrew. Tuck the rolled hair and secure them with a bobby pin or rubber bands. Repeat with the rest of hair.

How to make short african american hair curly
Tuck the rolled hair and tightly secure them (Source: Pinterest)

This hairdo would take less than an hour to style. Let it air dry overnight at least, or you can leave it for days or a week. To complete the look, just remove the pins and bands, untwist the knots and gently apply some oil onto your hair. And wala, your short curly afro is finished!

Short hair care tips

Limit the use of heat tools

(Source: Internet)

Hair dryer is a familiar item for anyone after shampooing. Some people have a habit of using a dryer a lot, even using a dryer. This habit has a very bad effect on your hair, because if you overdo it, using a hair dryer will make your hair more dry and rough. Because of the convenience of quick drying, the use of a hair dryer to dry out loses the naturalness of the hair.

If possible, let your hair dry naturally, gently wipe it with a towel, then use a solution, a protective mixture, to moisturize your hair by spraying a small amount on the comb and combing evenly throughout the hair. Occasionally, lift your hair up and down to allow air to get in and make it drier. Note that you should not go to sleep in a state of wet hair.

Wash your hair and comb your hair properly

When shampooing or combing your hair, you should only use a comb gently. Even if you untangle your hair, you shouldn’t be too strong. Avoid washing your hair too well, as this will lose the natural oils of your hair and cause hair to harden.

The use of conditioner is required. The use of conditioner must be suitable for your hair such as oily hair or dry hair to provide natural essential oils to keep short hair soft and overcome the weaknesses of your hair.

Sleep and pillow on a silk pillow

(Source: Internet)

You may not know, but pillows are things that make your hair change the most after a night. The harder the pillow, the more stressed the hair will lead to loss of wrinkles or even damage to hair cells that damage the hair. Silk pillows are the best way to keep your hair short when sleeping. Not only that, it also helps you have a deeper, better and healthier sleep the next morning.

You can also use linen or satin pillows instead.

Use natural hair conditioners

Essential oil is a way to keep hair short when sleeping effectively. Most essential oils (coconut oil, argan oil, linseed oil or olive oil) have a powerful moisturizing effect, moisturized hair will be naturally healthy and resist the impact of the surrounding environment.

A moisturizing hair will soften and the hair will not change easily even when you are sleeping. Before going to bed, warm a small amount of coconut or argan oil, rub it all over your hair, use a comb to re-style the hair before wrapping it in a silk scarf. The small amount of essential oil does not affect the hair the next morning, you will not need to wash your hair because most of the essential oil is completely absorbed by the hair.

Hope that these 3 super easy ways above would save you when it comes to the question: How to make short African American hair curly. Don’t hesitate for any questions and leave comments below to show us your beautiful heatless curls!

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