Women need to know how to neutralize red tones in hair

Hi everybody. I am a 23-year-old girl. I have the long beautiful hair. I have an interesting question that I want to receive a proper answer. I wonder how to neutralize red tones in hair. The red tones in hair will make my hair become unique and prettier.Therefore, I really want the experts help me find some tricks to make the dream come true.

I have had the hair with three tones in my hair currently and read tones make me feel not confident. I wonder whether some simple tips are really effective and how to do it easily.I don’t have too much knowledge about the problems. Therefore, I want to find out some effective solution to deal with this trouble. Hope the experts will answer my question soon. (Alice – Brazillian)


With Alice’s question, it is considered that this is a popular question for many women in the world. There are many reasons which can explain it. Because of the bad effectiveness of weather, or sun, or chlorine, etc…, your hair can appear unwanted color tones. 

Fortunately, this problem can be solved easily. With abundant experiences in hair field, we have researched many documents to find out the best tips to neutralize red tones in blonde and brown hair. Here are some tips for you which are useful to neutralize red tones in hair. They are really effective and have a cheap price that you totally can apply at home

how to neutralize red tones in hair

How to neutralize red tones in hair with food color

The green food coloring is a good way to remove red tones from your hair naturally. With some simple steps below, the results will meet your expectation:

Step 1:

Use from 2 to 3 drops of green food color and add them to the shampoo and conditioner and shake well. Because green is a color that is placed in the opposite position with the red on the color wheel, the slight green color in the shampoos or conditioners can make your hair reduce the red tones.

Step 2:

Apply the mixture to your hair and make sure that the mixture can cover all over your hair. Wait for a few minutes to have the best results

Step 3:

Rinse your hair carefully with the clean water. It is important to check the color carefully to make sure that your hair was neutralized. If your hair still looks likes too red, you can add some drops of green food coloring to the shampoo and conditioner and apply them again. However, don’t use too much food coloring because they can make a color disaster want. If you follow the guidance, the results will make you feel amazing!

how to neutralize red tones in hair
How to neutralize red tones in hair

How to neutralize red tones with ash

Red hair is gorgeous and quite interesting. However, if you have owned the brown or blonde hair, red tones are not really suitable. The great choice is using ash shades that are considered as a cool tone in order to neutralize the red tones in hair

Step 1:

It is suggested that you should use some semi-permanent ashes which look like nearly the same shade with your real hair color. They will help the process is more convenient and easier. Besides, it is a good way to try a different color which can be darker or lighter lightly than the natural hair

Step 2

In the package, the producers will write the user instructions for the users. You should take the instructions seriously and mix the ingredients together following the guidance carefully and exactly.

Step 3

To complete step 3, you should rinse your hair before and avoid using any hair styling products. Then it is necessary to apply the color mixture to your hair totally and take care of the roots of your hair. You should start with the hair tips and move up to hair roots. Be aware of applying skillful in order to make the hair color absorbs into most of the hair strands.

Step 4

Tie your hair tightly on the top of the head to make sure your hair not move. If you have the very thick hair, you can find some strong clips to keep your hair in place easily. You also avoid moving the hair too much and wait for enough time that is suggested in the instructions.

Step 5

Wash your hair carefully with water. After that, using your hand to get the water out of your hair significantly. After washing, you can feel more comfortable and ready for the next step.

Step 6

Use a suitable conditioner that is suggested to be safe for dyed hair. Apply it to your hair from the top to the end of your hair. Wait for a few minutes to make sure that the stands all over your hair are absorbed the nutrients and moisture from the conditioner.

Step 7

Washing your hair clearly with water. Your hair will become more silky, softer, brighter and stronger.

Step 8

In this step, you can use a soft towel and wipe the hair gently. Let’s your hair dry naturally. Finally, you can style for your hair comfortably and enjoy the new hair color without any red tones.

Some meaningful information above is the advice the expert want to share with you. To own the professional hair dying products, you need to find them at a lot of the beauty shops or drug stores. You should ask the experts and hair stylists carefully before doing anything for the best results.

Here are some meaningful steps that are introduced to you to know how to neutralize red tones in hair. If you want to have new hair color without any red tones, you are not alone. You only need to follow our instructions, you totally can dye your hair at home and not spend money on visiting air salons.  

Hope you will have favorite hair color with these useful tips. If you have any questions, please connect with us at +84 968 509 490.  We are always welcome you and will give you the most a meaningful advisory. Don’t hesitate anymore. Please take some actions to have beautiful hair right now. It is a high time for you to shine your light.

how to neutralize red tones in hair
How to neutralize red tones in hair

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have brown hair. However, it is not natural after a long time. My hair has red tones and I don’t know how to rid of them. Especially, when I walk in sunlight, red tones in my hair become lighter and I really feel confused with it.  Fortunately. I have found your article. I think it is very useful for me. I have followed your instructions, the results meet my expectation. My hair come back natural hair with very little red tones. I hope Ivirgo hair will have more useful articles for the readers

A: We are very happy with your sharing because the results are good for you. We have researched many documents to have the best information for the reader. Hope you will support us of the next articles.

Q: I have the natural hair. However, I worry about the red tones. How can I avoid this tones?

A: The red tones are caused because of many reasons. First, you need to wear a hat when you attend outdoor activities in the sunlight. You also use some hair protect products to prevent the hair from UV lights. Besides, you should protect your hair when swimming at the swimming pool because the water of the swimming pools can be harmful to your natural hair color.

You also need to visit hair salon regularly to maintain your hair color in a good condition. With some simple tricks, you will have beautiful and attractive hair with the right color. You also feel more comfortable and confident

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