How to put in hair extensions easily you must know

Today we want to introduce about how to put in hair extensions for you. The way to apply hair extensions is so important that it decides the success of wearing hair extensions. This is the reason for us to write this article. We hope you will have some amazing information which helps you find the best method to install your extensions.

After reading this post, installing the extensions will be easy as a piece of cake. Don’t hesitate anymore. Let’s discovery with us and receive the newest beauty tips right now. You will be satisfied with the useful information about extensions and how to install them

How to put in clip in hair extensions

how to put in hair extensions
How to put in hair extensions

Clip in hair extension

Clip in hair is the method that is suitable for thin or fine hair. If you want to find some extensions which help you look like more gorgeous in the parties, events or occasions, you shouldn’t overlook this type of hair extensions. First, clip in hair requires quick and easy installation. After reading this article, you unreservedly it yourself.

Secondly, clip in hair is a perfect choice to achieve longer and thicker hair. You don’t worry about any damages or pains. Additionally, you can reuse them many times, which can help you save the amount of money.

However, clip in hair is only a temporary method because it is not good for you if you wear them for a long time. Experts advise you shouldn’t wear clip in hair when you go to sleep in order to avoid the uncomfortable feeling and the damaged of the hair

how to put in hair extensions
how to put in hair extensions

How to put in them?

Clip in hair is popular all over the world because of the easy using, quick installation and high quality. You can buy them easily by searching in the online websites or visiting the store directly. The length of the clip in hair is usually from 12 inches to 30 inches.

You should make sure that the color of extensions is blended with the color of your real hair. Additionally, you should be aware of the texture of the hair. If the extensions are curly or wavy, it is a good choice to use a hair curling iron to style for your hair.

If you have straight hair, you should straighten your hair by hairdressing tools to have the same texture with the extensions. Remember to use some hair care product to protect hair from the healing before you style your hair. Hair sprays. argan oil,… are some of the great choices to avoid any damage to the hair. After finding some favorite extensions and style for your hair, you are ready to start the installation of extensions

Step 1

First, you should brush your natural hair gently and tightly to make sure that your hair is tangle free and dry enough. After then, you need to divide your natural hair into two parts. Use two fingers and put them on two sides of the hair which are below the ear one inch.

Next, separate your hair by drawing a comb from left ear to right ear to create the horizontal line and then tie the top of your hair to lock this part of the hair. You can use some pieces of the clip in hair for the bottom of the hair. The longest pieces are usually used for the back of your scalp. Be careful and remember to attach the wefts as near to the roots as possible.

Step 2

After installing this part of hair already, it is the time you took down a half’s the rest of hair. You are also aware that your hair is no tangle. You should choose the long pieces in the sets and put in them by the same method you use in the first step.

You start at the bottom of hair then attach to the sides of your hair. You need to be more careful be gentle on the hair if you own the fine hair.Some clip in hair extensions has different length so that you need to apply them one by one and make sure that all parts of your hair are distributed.

Step 3

It is a high time to care the sides of your head. You should choose some pieces that have the same width. Starting with the part that is above the eyebrows, you choose a piece and clip it on the side of your head that is nearest your face. After then, attach other wefts towards the back to cover all of the head sides with some suitable wefts.

Step 4

After three steps above, you need to handle the front of your hair. Some small pieces are the good choice for this position. Because the hair of each person have different shapes so that we can not give you the detailed descriptions to apply them to the front of the head. You need to be aware of clipping them skillfully and hide them in order to not be detected by other people.

Here are some tips which may help you to install the clip in hair successfully. You need to follow our advice seriously to have the best results

How to put in tape in hair extensions

how to put in hair extensions
How to put in hair extensions

Tape in hair extensions

Tape in hair extension is a favorite choice for many women. It is absolutely one of the best methods for fine or thin hair. Tape in hair has a variety of advantages that can persuade most customers. First, tape in hair has an affordable price and it is quite easy to install if you know the way to put in it.

Therefore, you can save money for the application. Additionally, it is easy to maintain the extensions and you can wear it before removing for about three months. Besides, tape in hair is gentle on your natural hair.

You can feel safe when wearing it because it doesn’t make any damage to your hair. You will be amazed because tape in hair is very invisible and flexible. You also can reuse it for many times.

How to put in tape in hair

Tape in hair should be installed by the professional hair stylists to maintain for the longest time. Although there are clips and posts on the Internet can instruct you how to install it but you should find hair salons to have your hair extensions.

The extensions are easy to slip out if you apply unsuitably. Each person has different hair texture and the professional hair stylist need to depend on the statement of your hair to decide how to apply tape in hair extensions perfectly. For example, some people who have oily hair need to have some things as the adhesive when the stylist put in extensions for them.

Other people need some single side tape for their hair. Besides, you need a skillful level to apply extensions that are not too near or too far from your scalp or not put too much hair between two wefts. Therefore, if you want to last up to a long time for your tape in hair extensions, it is a good choice to find professional hair stylists who attend some courses about tape in hair to care for your extensions brilliantly.

If you have some knowledge about tape in hair and want to install them at home. Here are some instructions that can be useful for you

Wash your hair cleanly

Remember to clean your hair because it is a good start for you to install extensions. Besides, you should dry your hair completely and naturally to make sure your tape in hair can be maintained for a longer time. If you ignore your dirty hair, the extensions can leave quickly and be difficult to control. Don’t you want that this thing happens, right?


It is a good way to start at the bottom of your head and then you move up. Take the row which has two inches from the bottom of your head After then, you should use your hand or a comb to separate the top of the hair and keep them tightly.

Get an extremely thin section of your natural hair

You should to get a very small part of your hair and then you can put it between two wefts. Be careful and remember to place the weft underneath the hair as close as possible. After then, you can put the other extensions right on the top of the extensions before. Remember to use your brush to get them look like nice.

Apply for the extensions until you feel satisfied

It is a good way to make the section is thin enough to apply for the bottom extensions. Then you can use your finger to check whether the extensions is steady enough. If you don’t feel satisfied, you can use the brush to pull the part of your hair off the tape.

When sticking the top with the bottom tape, please press strongly within 30 seconds to make sure that they are difficult to be detached. You should repeat this method until you complete with all of your hair.

Remember to put the tapes that make sure they are placed next to each other. Hairstylist always avoids creating some gaps between the wefts. You can use the number of wefts depend on the thickness of your hair. You must be aware of not putting the tapes too high because people can realize them easily.

For the better results, you should put them lower to make them become invisible. The installation can take you about from two hours to three hours but the results are worthy if you apply for extensions properly and wonderfully.

Style for your hair

It is important to cut or style your hair after installing. If you feel the new extensions do not really blend with your natural hair, you need to find the problem and fix them. If you use the Remy extensions, it is possible for you to change the shape or color of the extensions.

You can style them in your favorite way or trim them if you think it is necessary. After styling, you can be confident to go out and attend the parties with your friends and express your beauty convincingly

Here are some useful instructions we want to introduce to you about how to put in hair extensions. The beauty of hair is really the art and you totally can become an artist. The only thing you need to do is following our instruction and the installation of hair extensions will become easy as a piece of cake.

Ivirgo Hair is proud of being one of the top vendors that supply hair extensions all over the world. take care of your hair and want to give the most meaningful advice for you to become more beautiful. If you have any questions, please connect with us at  +84 968 509 490 to give the useful meaningful. Don’t hesitate anymore. Let’s us help you and you will shine your light naturally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have installed clip in hair but I don’t know how to take care of it. Can you show me?

To have healthy hair, you should use suitable shampoos and conditioners which provide moisture and protein for your hair. Besides, you should use hair dryer meagerly in order to protect your hair.

You also use hair masks for your hair at least once a month to keep your hair smooth and bright. Additionally, using serum is a good way to take care of the hair. You also need to use hair protection products to protect your hair from hairdressing tools and sunshine. A proper diet is an important method that helps your hair is always strong.

Q: I want to put in tape in hair at home. However, the result doesn’t meet my expectation. Should I do to install the extensions?

We think you have some mistakes when installing the extensions. You need a professional hair stylist to apply tape in hair. You should visit hair salons to receive the most exact advice for your hair

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