The essential guide on how to remove permanent hair dye naturally

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Are you dying your hair but unfortunately the hair color is too bright, or too dark so you do not like it? Are you not satisfied with the new hair color? If you’re dying one or two tones of hair brighter than you want, you’ll want to remove the dye color and make it a little more suitable color on your hair, or you can dye your hair darker. If you are not happy with your recent hair color, read this one – the ultimate guide on how to remove permanent hair dye naturally. You can try the following to quickly remove the dye color from your hair. After reading this article, you have various ways to reduce the color of your hair.

Some ways on how to remove permanent hair dye naturally

Use fresh lemon

how to remove permanent hair dye naturally
Fresh lemon can help you to remove the hair color of your hair (Source: Internet)

Fresh lemon juice is a natural detergent, which can both smooth and brighten hair, so it has the ability to how to remove permanent hair dye naturally. Fresh lemon juice is a natural cleanser and has a beneficial effect on hair after dyeing. If your hair is dyed with a too dark color, using fresh lemon juice to wash your hair several times will help you color hair fade as you want.

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This is how to do it: After washing your head with shampoo, take 1 cup of lemon juice and apply it to your hair for 5 minutes. Then wash with warm water. Only after about 5 times will you see the dyed hair color has faded and your dry hair tangled with chemicals will greatly improve.

Use Vitamin C

how to remove permanent hair dye naturally
Vitamin C is another solution for you (Source: Internet)

Treat your hair with vitamin C [1] by crushing it into a smooth powder to reduce the color of your hair dye. Vitamin C is not only a good form of nutrients for the body, but it is also used in health care. Now, this vitamin is a way on how to remove permanent hair dye naturally as a “magic” treatment that any girls should care about.

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If your hair is colored, your hair color is too dark, you can reduce the intensity by using vitamin C tablets as follows: Grind the vitamin C into a fine powder then mix with the filtered water to form a paste mixture. Incubate for 1 hour to have a lighter color. After moisturizing the hair with conditioner, comb the vitamin C on the hair and gently brush, you must note that the hairbrush to reduce the color evenly. Then, incubate the hair for 1 hour, then rinse thoroughly with shampoo and warm water. You will have light hair color than the original. This method is very safe for your hair.

Use vinegar

Vinegar [2] can also be used to make hair dye very effective and safe. Vinegar has the ability to effectively remove hair dyes. Mix 3 tablespoons of vinegar with the shampoo and apply to the scalp until the soap bubbles spread throughout the hair. Then wash your hair with clean water 2-3 times until you notice that your hair does not fade. The color of your hair has gone down a lot.

Coconut oil or olive oil which has been heated to remove permanent hair dye naturally

how to remove permanent hair dye naturally
These natural oils can effectively help you to remove the hair dye color (Source: Internet)

Olive oil or coconut oil [3] helps to keep the hair shiny and reduces the dye color very well. Add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil or olive oil to the microwave, then heat up and use as shampoo. It will reduce the color of hair dyed and shine hair. If you do not have a microwave oven, you can use the boiler to heat the oil before shampooing. Or you can use warm water to wash your hair after coconut oil/olive oil.

Use detergent

Using a detergent powder may sound funny, but this is an effective solution when you want to reduce the color of hair dyed quickly. Laundry detergent can damage the skin of hands but has a powerful bleaching effect To protect your skin and your eyes from shampooing, do not wash your hair too regularly with this kind of detergent

Or you can wash at home by Dissolving detergent in the pot and then sponge. Bend your head down so your hair rips completely outwards and then use a damp cloth to wash your hair. Massage and rinse well with clean water

Wash hair with dandruff shampoos

The anti-dandruff shampoo [4] is considered a great enemy for hair dyed. So, this is going to be the fastest and most effective way how to remove permanent hair dye naturally for women. You just need to use more dandruff shampoo than normal shampoo just a little, it can be clearly seen to be effective.

After using dandruff shampoo, you should pay attention to use conditioner because dandruff shampoo can cause dryness to your hair. This is a safe and harmless method on how to remove permanent hair dye naturally, which you can easily do at home.

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Use baking soda

Baking soda not only helps to remove the dirt on the hair but also helps to fade the hair color. This method helps hair to fly color naturally and safest. Ingredients needed for this method include dandruff shampoo, 1 teaspoon of baking soda, conditioner, plastic bowl, stirring spoon. Next, here are steps on how to remove permanent hair dye naturally with baking soda.

Step 1: Wash your hair with dandruff shampoo. Dandruff shampoo also has the effect of bleaching from the hair.
Step 2: Mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda with 1 teaspoon of dandruff shampoo in a small bowl and stir until the mixture is even.
Step 3: Apply evenly, massage this mixture into the hair color and wait 5-10 minutes.
Step 4: Wash your hair with clean water.
Step 5: Apply and massage the hair with conditioner, cultivate the hair with the conditioner for 15 minutes before shampooing with clean water.

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Use salt

You can use sodium bicarbonate [5] bath salts and Epsom salts to remove unwanted hair color.

It is very easy to add bath salt to your hair when shampooing. You will see the dye gradually fade out.

Some notes about how to remove permanent hair dye naturally

You can use the above methods on how to remove permanent hair dye naturally at home; however, at the same time you should note that:

– Vitamin C will work best if you use it only a few days after the first hair dye.

– Although baking soda brightens the hair color it does not remove the color of the hair after the first bleach. Therefore, you need to wait several days and repeat this process, if necessary.

– Heat does not lighten the hair dyed in equal proportions but also depending on the thickness, texture of the hair. This takes a lot of time, so you need to be patient.

– Lemon juice is not as effective as other ways, so it should be used repeatedly to produce the desired results.

These above are completely great ways on how to remove permanent hair dye naturally, without using chemicals and their price is very cheap. If you do not want to use baking soda, try some of the other ingredients above to bleach your dyed hair. Hopefully, you will have a suitable hair color for yourself. Wishing you all the best.

Source: Wholesale Hair Vendors – Virgin Hair Distributors/ Manufacturer – Hair Extensions Supplier


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