4 Best Ways With Guidelines From Experts: How To Sleep With Box Braids

Box braids are hairstyle s which can protect from damage and help hair grow gradually. However, women also get  in trouble with it when sleeping because of its size or length after their back and here are 5 methods for you with the question how to sleep with box braids without ruining them?

These ways are applied by many women and bring  nice sleep without annoyance from box braids. In addition, this post also analyzes some advantages and disadvantages of each way for you to choose the suitable way.

Tie the box braid with scarf

Scarf is an important accessory with most girls’ hair. It not only makes a highlight on your hair but also is a good item to satisfy girls’ need whenever they want. And box braid isn’t an exception. It is an item that you can use to tie your hair during sleeping. You can make use of some second hand scarfs from your mother or some old scarfs which is no longer used

Here are some steps that teach you how to sleep with box braids by scarf:

  • Step 1: Use a clear elastic (or take a couple of hair behind your head) to tie your hair neatly
  • Step 2: Wrap the scarf into triangle and use it to cover your head and wrap around the hair and tie it underneath to fix the hair.
  • Step 3: Divide the tail into 2 parts and tie each part with a clear elastic.

That’s all. You can sleep all night with your box braids.

how to sleep with box braids
Sleep with scarf


You can save money by making use of the old scarf instead of buying other items.

The steps are easy to follow


This method seems to be suitable with short hair or medium hair because hair can be slipping out after your back while sleeping if your hair is long.

Cover the whole hair by bonnet

The first method with scarf seems to be suitable with short braids because if your hair is too long, you still feel your hair in your back and sometimes you will lie on it. Therefore, how to sleep with box braids for long hair is a difficult question? The answer is you can use bonnet to cover your hair before going to the bed.

how to sleep with box braids
Bonnet – a useful item for sleeping

Here are easy steps for you:

  • Step 1: Pull all your hair after your head and divide it into 2 parts
  • Step 2: Twist 2 parts together and tie them on the front of your head by a clear elastic or tie themselves.
  • Step 3: Use a bonnet to cover the hair


These steps are easy to make hairstyle.

This can be applied for most kinds of hair since the bonnet’s size is big enough for long hair.

The nightcap is a good way to protect hair and also keep hair intact. While sleeping, you don’t have to worry about your hair slipping out.


The period of time to use the bonnet is short, so you have to change it.

Use pocket tie bonnet 

Besides scarf or normal bonnet, there is one special item to solve the problem how to sleep with the box braids. It is a small pocket tie bonnet to take the hair into it. This kind of item is very effective for short and medium hair. With only two following steps, a pocket tie bonnet can ensure a nice sleep

Step 1: Pull all you back on one side and put it into the pocket tie bonnet

Step 2: Tie the bonnet to tighten the hair.

how to sleep with box braids
Amodern pocket tie bonnet

Using turban

Turban is a popular item that is available in the girls’ bag. For box braids, it plays an indispensable role in maintain ing your hair when sleeping. With some steps by a small turban, it can protect your hair from damage. Especially, it is quite comfortable when you watch TV and lie on the sofa.

There are 3 steps for this method, which are similar to the first method with scarf.

  • Step 1: Take all hair inthairstyl-for-dry-damaged-hairs, tie them by clear elastics and then put them on the shoulders.
how to sleep with box braids
Turban for girls

Thanks to 4 ways how to sleep with box braids, girls with braid can choose for themselves one best option to try. Each option has its own advantage and disadvantage; however, it’s better when you change your measure in typical situations. In addition to that, you should consider what kind of your hair and apply the suitable way.

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