How To Start A Hair Business With No Money And 3 Important Steps

How to start a hair business with no money – Start a hair business would be the dream of many women who are passionate about beauty but money is the matter that discourages them the most. However, let your dream guide you towards success because no money then no problem if you follow the 3 important steps provided by Ivirgo.

Believe it or not, from home, you can completely start a hair business and gain profits with NO money and NO experience.

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Step 1: In-depth Market Research To Start A Hair Business With No Money

You have a special liking for hair and you are full of energy to make others confident by working on rejuvenating their hairstyles. So why not turn your dream come true into a successful work at home? With no money, you are still able to start a hair business from the scratch as long as you take a close look at the demands of users and Ivirgo also calls it in-depth market research.

how to start a hair business with no money
Start a hair business with no money: Research (Source: Internet)

According to SBDCNet, it is reported that people aged 35 to 64 years have spent above the average of 10 to 14% on hair products and services. Additionally, profits have been estimated to reach $49.3 billion by 2017, thus opening up a hair business could be a new trend nowadays.

There are 4 stages you have to pay close attention to when starting a hair business:

  • Who will be your target audience?
  • What are your customer persona (where they live, what hairstyles are they into, which beauty vloggers they follow, etc.)
  • What are their demands?
  • Know how to target your clients

Only by understanding your customers even more than your partner, you could be successful in persuading them to utilize and be your loyal clients.

One more thing you should bear in mind is you have to do all the work yourself. Starting a hair business from the scratch means you are learning to multitask. It is exhausting when you need to deal with everything nearly at the same time but you do not have enough budget to hire anyone to help.

Step 2: Drop Shipping Is Advantageous To Start A Hair Business With No Money

Firstly, we need to get to know what drop shipping means. Ivirgo defines it as a retail fulfillment method where the products are not kept in stock. Instead, sellers purchase items from a third party, and when a customer orders a certain product, sellers get it shipped directly to that client.

For you to understand more about this concept, we illustrate drop shipping in three simple steps:

  • Sellers update hair items in her online store/page/platforms
  • Users surf the web, place an order and pay for certain hair product(s)
  • Sellers transfer their customers’ details to the manufacturer or provider so that they ship the right hair items to the right customer.
How to start a hair business with no money
Drop shipping is advantageous (Source: Internet)

Drop shipping requires less capital or even no money at all. Should you not have any first-hand experience in the hair business, it will be fine if you adopt the drop shipping method. With the drop-shipping model, you do not need to tie up a huge quantity of money purchasing hair inventory.

Nonetheless, the serious matter is that you need to co-operate with trustworthy hair suppliers. Reliable providers ensure you have high-quality products, which helps you avoid unwanted complaints and negative feedback from customers. Reputation is hard to build and keep, especially for start-ups.

Step 3: Great Online Marketing To Start A Hair Business With No Money

Now you know who your client persona and you have a list of attractive products from a reliable manufacturer without any risks of losing money. Then it is time for you to tell your potential market that you have eyes for them.

In the media boom, with the growing demand for beauty products, the hair business has become a highly lucrative business. Technology facilitates people to stay at home, comfortably checking and shopping for what they want. Therefore, you need to keep up with trends and raise your brand awareness and your online presence as well.

how to start a hair business with no money
Great online marketing (Source: Internet)

Why not promote your Facebook page, blog, or Youtube channel by writing the right metatags and keywords? You hold what hair items your target clients are looking for in the palm of your hands, so let’s get started by writing blogs about those topics or leaving a comment on a blog that shares interesting tips about proper hair care or convincing reviews about hair-related products.

As soon as they see you, they will come to you and seek free beauty advice in general. Ivirgo is pretty sure that they will buy something from your online store if you skillfully talk them into purchasing.

Should you still wonder about these three steps or should you want us to be your supplier, ask us how and we will help you.

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