How To Take Care Of Wavy Hair? The Ultimate Guide

Wavy hair has a texture and nature far different from the usual curly and straight hairstyles. It requires special care to maintain its buoyancy and stable health.

So, if you need clarification on the practical solution, I will help you know how to take care of wavy hair right now.

In this article, Ivirgo Hair Factory will detail the best ways to care for your wavy hair. It includes simple, easy-to-implement methods and is suitable for many hair conditions. Let’s read together!

The Wavy Hair Nature

The wavy hair nature
The wavy hair nature

Wavy hair has a rather distinctive curly texture, which can be easily flattened with heat tools. Like other curly hairstyles, it is dry and easy to tangle without careful care.

Hair with finger waves is often greasy and oily. Hence, it causes stickiness and makes your head feel uncomfortable. To overcome these conditions, a proper daily care regimen is essential. Read these sections for more helpful information!

How To Take Care Of Wavy Hair?

Many people still misunderstand wavy hair care. Most are pretty stubborn and conservative to traditional methods. For example, they brush their hair less often, fearing damaged hair roots.

If you still need to find the correct way, continue reading below for details!

Find The Right Shampoo

Find the right shampoo
Find the right shampoo

Compared to many regular straight hairstyles, wavy hair requires more moisture. But, unfortunately, the shampoos we use sometimes leave them dry and dull. So what should be done to improve this disadvantageous situation?

Eliminating shampoos with harmful chemical ingredients you often use will help limit dry hair. Instead, you can learn and use products extracted from nature.

They have a slower care effect than other products but ensure to retain the hair’s natural moisture. To increase moisture, we should consider using more specialized conditioners. It is best to buy a conditioner sold with shampoo, so the nourishing and caring effect will be better.

How Often Do You Wash Your Hair?

For wavy hair, the washing frequency is fundamental, which directly affects the hair’s shine and bounce.

Many experts recommend that we only wash our hair about 2-3 times a week. If you are often exposed to dirt outdoors, try cleaning it 1-2 times a week or daily.

Yet, washing your hair too often a week will damage your scalp and make your hair greasy. As such, the hair will become weaker and more susceptible to many environmental factors.

Use Cold Water

Washing your hair with cold water is also an excellent way to take care of your hair effectively. Accordingly, it allows the removal of dandruff plaque on the head quickly and makes the hair more bouncy and smooth.

Not only that, but it also helps to improve the hair with a firmer texture. You will minimize the adverse sun effects or the living environment from there.

Brush Your Hair Often

Regular brushing with wide-tooth combs is necessary to maintain healthy wavy hair. That helps prevent breakage and tangles.

But be especially careful about this activity. With wavy hair, you need to brush gently from top to bottom not to break your hair.

Moisturizing Hair

Moisture with wavy hair is more important. We should use intensive creams to ensure robust, bouncy, and smooth hair.

It acts as a protective layer for the hair against weather or environmental factors. So, the foot conditioners inside can better hold moisture for your hair.

In addition to moisturizer, you can also refer to and apply some other hair masks, such as egg and banana masks.

Dry Your Hair

Dry your hair
Dry your hair

Dry your hair before going to bed. It ensures your hair stays bouncy and smooth. If you have more free time, let your hair dry naturally.

You can use microfiber towels and roll them into your hair. The hair will dry faster without worrying about drying and frizz as in many conventional ways.

In case you are busy, the dryer is the only solution. Using too much heat can make your hair dry and worse.

Limit Heat Impact

Styling frequently with high-heat tools can weaken your hair quickly. Accordingly, the hair will be dry and break more.

The right temperature for healthy curly hair is usually below 180 degrees. The above heat ranges will quickly change the texture of your hair, leading to moisture imbalance and frizz.

To limit these disadvantages, consider adding a hair conditioner, which helps keep the style well and perfectly protects your hair health.


Should You Brush Wavy Hair?

It would help to use a wide tooth comb to make your hair softer. It won’t damage the structure of your curls. Notably, it would help if you did not use a tight-tooth comb, which will increase your wavy hair tangles.

Is Wavy Hair Hard To Maintain?

Special considerations should include shampoo, washing frequency, and heat effect to maintain an impressive curl structure with a particular shine.

In addition, pay attention to a specific regimen of care with intensive cream to make your hair consistently smooth.

Should I Wet Wavy Hair Every Day?

Yes. Wetting wavy hair daily is also a way to maintain moisture.

How Can I Make My Wavy Hair Look Good?

You can successfully make your hair look better with the proper care regimen. Specifically, you should note the following:

  • Wash your hair 2-3 times a week

  • Untangle with a comb or fingers

  • Use natural shampoo

  • Combine using conditioner and cream

  • Limit heat impact.

What Should Wavy Hair Avoid?

Wavy hair should avoid salt products, which will dehydrate and make your hair heavier.


Caring for wavy hair requires proper cleaning, regular deep moisturizing, and gentle styling. It is essential to use products that cater to wavy hair’s specific needs and avoid excessive styling and exposure to extreme heat.

Sharing how to take care of·wavy hair will help you better understand the right hair care plan. From there, you can make it easier to maintain stable health for your hair. Read the article and remember to leave feedback!

Thank you for reading!

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