How to tone down hair color that is too light with some simple steps

With women, beautiful hair plays a significant role to make they feel confident Suitable hair color is an important key to complete this desire. With some simple tricks below, you will have knowledge about how to tone down hair color that is too light. You will be not satisfied with the results you will have if you follow the tricks properly.

A lot of documents are researched to find out the effective way to solve this problem. If you have extremely light hair color, it is a high time for you to read this article carefully. Don’t hesitate anymore. Scroll down through the post and enjoy the meaningful information provided right now

How to tone down hair color that is too light

If you worry about toner that it can lead to the damage to your hair, you can feel comfortable from now on because of some amazing reasons as follow. Not only can it help the hair shade become darker, but it can limit over-bright tone color by removing the hints of red color, white color, yellow color, gold color, etc…

Because there are various hair colors that are available nowadays, it is important to choose a suitable one from different toners. If you don’t have too much knowledge about hair colors, it is a clever choice to ask the advice of professional hair stylists or experts to have the best results.

When you get the trouble with very light hair color, you will think about “gray your hair color down”. However, it is also a good way to neutralize the light tone by using its supportive color that it can be effective for your hair (both the warm color group and cool color group). Instead of using gray color,  you can think about these alternative colors.

For example, the different degrees of green or blue can be used to neutralize your light tone effectively. Although you can deal with the issue: ‘How to tone down hair color that is too light” at home by yourself, this issue has never been an easy mission. To make sure that you add the correct color, you should non-permanent color and take your hair seriously when applying.

how to tone down hair color that is too light

Tone down hair color naturally at home

Here are some simple steps for you to tone down light hair color properly. You will have beautiful hair if you have the right process to neutralize your hair color.

Step 1:

Using suitable shampoos and conditioners that are considered to be able to deposit colors to the hair. The products are manufactured to help the hair become cleaner, softer, and change the hair color. Especially, without ammonia and peroxides, you can feel comfortable when using them.You can check the color chart carefully and ask the advice from experts to make sure that the shade is suitable for the real hair color. You should choose a darker shade to tone down too bright colors easily

Step 2:

Apply the hair with a proper stain. Shampoo your hair and wash the hair with black coffee or tea from twice to third times. While applying the hair color, you should check the changing of your hair color regularly. If the final color doesn’t meet your expectation, you can repeat the process again and again. Remember to apply the tea or coffee to your hair for at least 15 mins. After that, you can wash your hair cleanly with the water.

how to tone down hair color that is too light

Useful tricks for you:

  • Choose the hair color products from the reliable provider that you are used to buying to apply the color to your hair.
  • Take care your hair properly to make sure your hair healthy enough before using any chemicals for your hair. Conditioning for your hair is necessary and you should do it 3 – 3 times per week
  • You should find out hair color charts to find the suitable color and shade. The swatches are very useful to choose the right shade. While toning down hair color, check the hair color regularly and wash your hair cleanly when you think the color is dark enough.
  • For the best results, you should visit the hair salons to apply the color.The process is quite complex that needs a professional hair stylist to make sure the hair color right.

How to keep the dyed hair color last long

  • Do not wash your hair before dyeing your hair

You should not wash your hair before dyeing your hair for 1-2 days, because the oil layer under the skin due to the hair roots regulates will be the protective layer on the scalp from allergies and the effects of the dye. When dyeing, avoid direct contact with the scalp.

If the dye accidentally sticks to the scalp, wash it off with water. After dyeing your hair for 2-3 hours, you just wash your hair and do not use shampoo with strong bleaching ingredients. Besides, you should dry it with a fan or a cold dryer after washing your hair. If not really necessary, avoid drying the hair with a hot dryer because the heat will affect the durability of the dye.

  • Avoid getting dyed hair in contact with the sun

For dyed hair, sunshine causes the color to fade and the hair becomes frayed. If you have to go to the sun after dyeing your hair, you should regularly shield your hair with a wide-brimmed hat and neatly tie your hair, avoiding direct hair exposure to the sun.

In addition, salt in seawater and chlorine in the pool water are also harmful to dyed hair. Before swimming or going to the beach, you should wet your hair and comb your hair with conditioner or use a swimming cap to “hide” your hair. You should also steam the hair oil once a week.

  • Do not dry your hair with a hot dryer

After washing your hair, you should dry your hair with a fan or a cold dryer. Avoid drying hair with a hot dryer because the heat will make the hair unsuitable (wet to hot) so it is prone to cuticle damage and split ends. In addition, if not really necessary, you should also limit hair drying too often, affecting the durability of the dye.

  • Use natural nutrients to help stabilize hair color

Caring for hair dyed with natural nutrients is the best way to help hair recover quickly. Nutrients in coconut oil, olive oil help balance the natural moisture for hair, restore damaged hair and help healthy scalp from inside out. These are also popular and economical hair care nutrients, which many women apply to dyed hair. Particularly coconut milk and milk will help hair shine. If you want your hair to be shiny and soft, just mix ½ cup of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of honey and 3-4 cups of warm water, rub the mixture over your hair and wash your hair after 1 hour.

Also, depending on the type of hair dye, you should have proper hair care measures. For a more beautiful and shiny hair color, before shampooing, mix strawberries with hydrogen peroxide solution for 15-20 seconds, apply to hair, rinse and shampoo normally. As for light-colored hair, you should use hair-balm and water. Particularly for dark hair, in the final discharge water, you use pure coffee to apply to your hair like a discharge, which will help your hair color more durable and beautiful.

  • Applying a mask to nourish dyed hair

For general hair care and care for dyed hair in particular, masking is an indispensable measure to nurture hair much more beautiful. The types of masks you can use to maintain your healthy, durable hair color include:

Applying mask with coconut oil: Coconut oil has long become a “medicinal god” for healthy and beautiful hair, but the way to perform it is very simple, you just need to use coconut oil to spread on hair, 1cm from hairline . Then massage gently for 10 minutes, overnight and rinse with shampoo for dyed hair. This mask works to moisturize hair extremely well.

Apply the mask with lemon juice + honey: Mix 5 tablespoons of lemon juice, 5 tablespoons of honey with ½ cup warm water 1 homogeneous mixture, apply this mixture to the hair and gently massage then shampoo Again in cold water, make 1 time a week.

Apply a mask with strawberries + olive oil: Grind about 5-6 ripe strawberries and mix well with 3 tablespoons of olive oil, then use this mixture to spread evenly over your hair, use a warm towel or plastic hat to Incubate the hair for 30 minutes then rinse with cold water and shampoo for dyed hair to maintain color.

  • Use hot oil method – hot oil treatment to care for dyed hair

This is a particularly necessary method for girls who dye their hair. However, you only need to implement this method once per month. On the market today there are some natural oil care treatments that you can buy, but, you can also make this “medicine” by mixing olive oil and sweet almond oil. You will need to wait for the oil to soak into your hair before shampooing.

  • Use own shampoo for dyed hair

The shampoo for hair dyes will contain the right formula, while protecting the hair less fiber and split ends, while keeping the hair color longer.

Here are some tips that are useful for you if you don’t know how to tone down hair color that is too light. They are really effective for most of the people. Therefore, you will have meaningful tricks from this article. If you have any questions, please let us know. We have the hotline that you can call to receive the great sharings from us. Please call us at +84 968 509 490 to require the answer from our assistants.

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how to tone down hair color that is too light
How to tone down hair color that is too light

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: I have too red hair tones. Therefore, I was confused and don’t know how to solve it. Thanks for your article, I have very interesting tips to neutralize my hair color. I think the article is very meaningful. The tip that recommends using coffee and tea is really effective. I hope you will have more amazing articles about hair color

We are glad to know that the article is useful for you. The tips shown in this post are suggested to most people. With natural ingredients, you can have the right hair color and healthy hair. We hope you will support us for the next time!

Q2: My hair is the light blonde hair but I don’t really like my hair color. What can I do to tone down the hair color? Can I do it myself?

Following your description, we will give you some advice. There are lots of hair colors that you can choose. However, it is highly suggested that you should choose semi-permanent hair colors that are not permanent. They have many advantages such as being able to deposit dark color without causing any damage your hair like permanent colors, amazing effectiveness, etc… Your hair will become more suitable, healthier and stronger than one if you use permanent hair color. Besides, you can try the natural method to apply the color we introduce in the article.

Q3. I think that dying hair is not good for my hair. What should I do to have healthy hair?

To have healthy hair, you should have a proper method to take care of your hair. Before applying the color to your hair, deep – conditioning is very important to protect your hair from the damage. Besides, suitable shampoos and conditioners also play an essential role to take care of your hair. You should ask the advice of hair stylist before doing anything

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