Step-by-step guideline on how to trim your hair

Most of us, rational and sane human beings, would not take the risk of cutting our own hair. Even the professional hairdressers have others to do their haircuts. However, it is not an impossible task to do a simple haircut by yourself if you know the right way to execute it. Follow the steps below, you will know how to trim your hair in your own and never mess your own hair up.

You need to know the exact time to trim your hair

If you own a beautiful natural hair

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Cutting time: every 3 months

The great thing about these naturally long black hair is that there is no need to create anything, it is the healthiest and most wonderful hair. If you own a smooth hair, have never been exposed to chemicals or styling tools by heat, you can rest assured to trim them every 3 months so your hair grows quickly and more smoothly.


For the girl owns hair bob / lob

Cutting time: every 6 weeks

The bob hairstyle is often shaped by, the tail is neatly shaped, the A-shaped bob type should also be taken care of quite often. The ideal time to book an appointment with a hair salon is every 6 weeks so you always keep your hair in shape.


If you have shorter hair

Cutting time: 4 weeks / time

If you think short hair is easy to take care of, then you might be wrong. Perfect short hairstyles will be broken if they are too long, become messy and messy. So you need to trim it every 4 weeks if you don’t intend to keep your hair long. It sounds like you will have dense appointments with the salon but really every time you cut it, and to own a short hair “good quality”, it is worth it to take care of it!


What about bangs?

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Cutting time: every 2 weeks

Girls with bangs will understand the hardship of taking care of their bangs, especially the horizontal bangs or thin hair. If you still want to maintain the bangs to keep the youthful features, don’t forget to trim them every 2 weeks so that the roof is not too long, annoying and lose the form.


For large curls

Cutting time: 2-3 months / time

Curly curls often need a lot of care to always appear perfect. So the women who own this hairstyle often need to take care of it, moisturizing so that the hair always looks smooth. That’s why you don’t need to cut your hair too much to keep your hair healthy, only once every 2-3 months is enough.


If you like small curls

Cutting time: every 3 months

For those with small curls, the experience of experts is that the time between cuts is longer. That is when the hair is often split ends or tangled up the tail. If you still want to keep the length of your hair, just cut 0.5-1cm of the tail. In this way, your hair will grow strong enough to continue to be long.


For women with thin hair

Cutting time: 4-6 weeks / time

Girls with this type of hair often struggle every morning because they have to spend a lot of time to style their flat hair. The secret to taking care of thinning hair is to create style regularly but don’t cut it too much. Therefore, you only need to cut your hair every 4-6 weeks.

Prepare How to trim your hair

how to trim your hair
How to trim your hair

First, prepare scissors of good condition. Ideally, you can prepare hair scissors made for the sole purpose of cutting hair. A small shear with short blade works well for cutting hair.

When you go to hairdressers, they will have your hair wet before touching their scissors. It is because damp hair is more manageable. But if you want to trim your hair at home, you can skip this part. As the wet hair will not give you the right vision of how your hair looks like. It is a disadvantage for an amateur. The advice is to play it safe with a dry hair, or go with a little damp hair by spraying some water instead of soaking your hair in water.

You have to make sure that your hair is tangle-free and smooth before carrying the main task of cutting hair.

Hair ties, drop sheet, mirror and combs are also the essential kit to get your hair perfectly done.

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How to cut your own hair (for long hair)

How to trim your hair
How to trim your hair

Here is one of the easiest DIY haircuts to do.

Firstly, use elastic to tight a ponytail. A tight, neat, and centered ponytail on the top of your head makes a good start for a nice cut.

Decide the length that you want to trim your hair. Tip your head upside down, hold the ponytail straight and mark the desired length by placing an elastic band. Start cutting with the hairdressing scissors at the point where you decide to cut your hair.

Now, you will continue trimming the even ends because an even ends may look unnatural and blunt. This step is definitely the most difficult part that decides whether you know how to trim your hair or not. Point the scissors parallel, with your hair flow, and start chipping it off. Remember to cut it off bit by bit. It will help soften your ends, make it look less sharp-edged.

Now that you are basically done with your hair, you can let your hair down to the natural places, shake it for awhile. There might be some extra ends as a result of misplacing some hair strand. You can chip off these extra parts to the right length.

How to cut your own fringe

How to trim your hair

Normally, people would cut their hair after one and a half months or more. But if you have bangs, you have to visit hair salon more often than usual. Overgrown bang hinders your eyesight. It is just such an eyesore that you can not wait to get rid off. Knowing how to trim your hair will help you easily solve this trivial but annoying problem.

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Sometimes it is just frustrating to squeeze your tight schedule for a visit to your hairdresser and pay money for a 5-minute cut just to get rid off little amount of fringe. So, it would be awesome if you can get your bang cut right at home, by yourself.

Firstly, get your bangs dampened. Separate your bangs from the rest. Make sure that the bang section is a triangle with two equal sides (both start from your forehead to the top of your head).

After sectioning your bang, you pull it forward and hold it at a 90-degree angle. Now, you can start point-cutting it, which means you keep the blade pointing to your hair ends, then shear your hair little by little until your bang is done. You can use your finger holding your hair strands, just like the professionals.

If you start right away with scissors crossing your bang, it will end up looking blunt and awkward. Point-cutting and 90-degree position are the keys to have the natural and softer-edged bang. The bang tops right in front of your face. If you got it wrong, even the professional hairdresser could not fix it for you. So you have better stick to the guide, or else, you might have to make company with beanies or stay away from the crowd for a while.

The first steps might feel little scaring. But once if you get used to how to control your cuts, the result will be much better. You can save time and an amount of money spending on haircuts.

Notes when trimming hair

Haircut does not help hair grow faster

Removing the hair ends does not affect the hair growth process. Hair tails do not affect the follicles in the scalp, which determines the rate of hair growth. Trimming simply helps keep your hair healthier as it grows longer.


Cut your hair in layers and cut when your hair is dry

When cutting, you should create a thin line according to the texture of the hair. If you leave your hair curled, it may not be necessary to prune too much. But if your hair is straight, you need to spend more time with classes.


Find the right bangs

If you’re wondering about bangs, study the styles that suit your face and hair. Those with square face will match the style of long bangs. Conversely, if you have a round face, you should leave your hair short and thin.

In all hairstyles, short hair is easier to take care of, is trimmed regularly, giving a healthy shine. If not cut regularly, the split ends will spread out, making the hair weak and brittle. So, even if you don’t want to change your hair style, you still need to cut your hair every 2-3 months to ensure healthy hair.

The guideline above could only apply to the simple-structured hairstyle or and those who are not too particular about their hair looks. It is still advisable that you seek for professional helps to get a fabulous and magazine-like hairstyle as you expect.

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