How to wear a headscarf with short hair by 5 popular hairstyles 

Short hair is one of the common hairstyles in most generation because girls can not only let their hair down but also create a lot of unique styles. There are various items girls can use to make a highlight for their hair and headscarf is a one of the best accessory for girls with short hair. However, a few girls have ability to make attractive styles or they will either waste a lot of time to complete it or know exactly what they have to do. Therefore, in this post, I will recommend 10 popular to wear a headscarf with short hair.Thanks to some kind of hairstyles, not only you can have a beautiful hair, but also you will match it with your clothes to make a difference among people.

How to wear a headscarf with short hair by low ponytail with a twist hairstyle

how to wear a headscarf with short hair
Low ponytail with a twist hairstyle (Source: Internet)

This kind of hairstyle is very common and easy to make for all girls. There are 3 basic steps for this way:

Step 1: Divide your hair into two parts and take 2 front pieces of hair and twist the first and the second section from our crown to the end of the hair

Step 2: Pull the end of both sections into a low ponytail by an elastic.

Step 3: Fold a beautiful square headscarf into a half in a triangle, continue to fold it into a long straight headscarf.

Step 4:  Place the scarf in front of your head and tie the scarf underneath the low ponytails.

How to wear a headscarf with short hair by low messy bun hairstyle

how to wear a headscarf with short hair
(Source: Internet)

Low messy bun with a headscarf – it is such an easy hairstyle for all girls and very convenient in most cases. Some following steps will help you show off your hair directly to other people.

Step 1: Take all your hair back to make a ponytail and tie it with a clear elastic.

Step 2: Create a bun by rolling the hair or laying it flat and tie with a clear elastic

Step 3: Fold the scarf, put it underneath the bun and tie scarf on your head into a cute bow.

How to wear a headscarf with short hair by top messy bun hairstyle

how to wear a headscarf with short hair
Top messy bun hairstyle ( Source: Internet)

 The third way how to wear a headscarf with short hair is a top messy bun. As usual, this hairstyle will bring an energetic performance for girls. It is very similar to the previous ways: low messy bun. However, low or top bun depend on your choice and your face. Here are some steps for top messy bun:

Step 1: Flip the head down and pull hair into a high ponytail

Step 2: Twist the hair into a nut on the top of your head and tie them by a clear elastic.

Step 3: Cover the scarf from the back and tie the scarf towards the front of you head.

How to wear a headscarf with short hair by extremely messy low bun hairstyle

how to wear a headscarf with short hair
(Source: Internet)

The next favorite hairstyle is extremely messy low bun

Some basic steps for this kind of hairstyle:

Step 1: From your crown, divide the hair into 2 parts and tie the back parts into a low bun.

Step 2: Cover the scarf around from the underneath of the low bun and tie the scarf in the front of your head

Step 3: The rest front hair will be fixed underneath the low bun by a bobby pin

How to wear a headscarf with short hair by messy French twist hairstyle

how to wear a headscarf with short hair
Messy French twist hairstyle ( Source: Internet)

Here is messy French twist tutorial to know how to wear a headscarf with short hair

Step 1: Use your comb to tease the crown section. Get a little bit of your hair on one side and lightly tease the rest of hair.

Step 2: Lightly “comb” all the hair back by your fingers if you want to have a ponytail.

Step 3: Follow through to the ends and start rolling the ends to the direction you want the twist in. We rolled to the left.

Step 4: Keep rolling until you reach the head, this is also the part where you can “poof” out the crown a bit and loosen it up.

Step 5: Now that you have the shape you want, go ahead and pin the twist to the rest of the hair. Pin the bobby’s as if you’re crocheting through the hair so you don’t flatten the twist. Lock it down by spraying.

How to take care of short hair in the right way

Limit the use of heat tools

Hair dryer is a familiar item for anyone after shampooing. Some people have a habit of using a dryer a lot, even using a dryer. It is often those who do not have much time to naturally dry their hair, moreover the wetness of the hair makes them uncomfortable leading to the use of hair dryers as much as possible.

This habit has a very bad effect on your hair, because if you overdo it, using a hair dryer will make your hair more dry and rough. Because of the convenience of quick drying, the use of a hair dryer to dry out loses the naturalness of the hair.

If you have time to take care of short hair, let it dry naturally, gently wipe it with a towel, then use a solution, a protective mixture, to moisturize the hair.

Occasionally, lift your hair up and down to allow air to get in and make it drier. Note that you should not go to sleep in a state of wet hair.

If you use a hair dryer, you should keep the device away and adjust the temperature accordingly to avoid the heat from the dryer causing hair damage. To dry hair naturally is a good way to keep short hair always shiny and healthy.

Wash your hair and comb your hair properly

When washing your hair or combing your hair, you should only use a comb gently, even if you are untangling your hair, the impact is too strong. Excessive shampooing will adversely affect the care of short hair because this will lose the natural oils of the hair and cause hair to harden.

The use of conditioner is required. The use of conditioner must be suitable for your hair such as oily hair or dry hair to provide natural oils to help short hair stay soft and completely overcome the weaknesses of your hair.

Also, sometimes you should steam it cold at home or steam it hot at the store.

If there is no condition or time to shop, put some soft wax in your hair after washing your head, or when rinsing your hair, add some lemon juice to the discharge.

If you want your short hair to be beautiful and smooth, choosing the right hair comb for your hair and hair condition is indispensable. A long-haired comb is a great choice for thin hair, while wide-toothed combs are suitable for short hair.

When you have time and conditions to take care of your hair, you can steam oil or condition your hair at the hair salon so that your short hair is healthier and smoother.

The way to keep short hair out of proning

When newly cut, the hair is still very short, but only a few months later, the hair will become prone. The way to take care of short hair so as not to be prone and sticky during this time is to use both hands to swipe from the back to the front and drop on the shoulder. If you want to keep your hair short, this is the time to go to the salon to cut off all the prickle.

Besides, to keep the short hair style tangled into the face, before going to sleep, you should use your hands to smooth your hair down to prevent hair from getting tangled and not curl your hair after getting up.

The scarf is a useful item for girls in most cases if you know some tips on how to wear a headscarf with short hair. Each hairstyle brings a new appearance for you and if you know how to match clothes, you will show off your personalities and fashion styles. Moreover, you don’t spend too much money on hairdressers in the store and just spend 10-15 minutes to have a perfect style according to your taste. If you have any questions about some hairstyles, please write down in the comment section below.

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