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Hair extensions have grown in popularity thanks to their versatility and convenience. With a standard hair extension, you can customize it with any hairstyle and color available in the hair business market.

At Ivirgo Hair Factory, we recognize the growing demand for aesthetic hair extensions. Therefore, our store has come up with the 18 inches body wavy Itip 1b to fulfill consumers’ requirements.

This post will provide detailed information and straightforward answers relating to 18 inches of hair body wavy Itip 1b. Keep scrolling, and explore!

Hair Length

Our store’s best-selling category is 18 inch extensions, which typically reach your back. However, the length of hair extension can be very different for two people with two body proportions.

We can fulfill your needs with a collection of extensions ranging from 6 to 32 inches if you are looking for different lengths. Depending on your face shape and height, you can choose the suitable length without much effort.

For those who usually move around and participate in outdoor activities, consider choosing extensions ranging from 10 to 12 inches, allowing us to manage the extensions easily.

For those fascinated with classic long black hair, consider choosing extensions of about 16 to 20 inches. This will make you look more elegant and attractive at home or outside.

Regardless of face shape or natural hair, you can choose any hairstyle according to your needs and preferences, becoming the model you admire.

Hair Color

Nothing is more exciting than choosing colors to dye your hair. Our store has various colors, including cold and hot colors, to fulfill complex requirements.

This season, natural black and brown are the two most popular colors. These hues give consumers a vibrant and young appearance. If you are still trying to find out which color suits your skin, our professional hair stylist will help you.

However, it would be best to remember that regular bleaching and dyeing can gradually degrade the hair structure, resulting in hair loss and breakage over time.

Hair Grade

Regarding hair grade, 18 inches body wave Itip provides consumers with four main grades, including 6A, 7A, 8A, and 9A. They are different in hair cuticles and textures.

The 6A and 7A hair extensions will be ideal for those who want to invest less money in hair extensions. They deliver cuticles in one direction, which makes the hair less likely to be tangled.

If you are looking for high-class hair extensions for the next 2 years, consider choosing 8A and 9A grades. They are 100% natural hair from donors and have not been chemically treated.

Thanks to a fiber-rich diet and hair care routine, the 8A and 9A grades deliver healthy hair strands, allowing you to redesign any hairstyle without worrying about breakage or hair loss.


Many find wavy hair attractive on every face shape and length. Even if you are a boy with short hair or a college student girl with long black hair, the wavy texture will change your appearance aesthetically.

Moreover, wavy hair allows customers to switch between many hairstyles. With rollers and a hair dryer, you can redesign your hair with a curly texture, covering your imperfections and highlighting your gorgeous cheekbone.

You can easily straighten the wavy hair texture effortlessly with a hair straightener. Depending on occasion and preferences, you can change the hairstyle with several steps.

Hair wefts

Our hair extensions deliver single-weft and clip-in attachments. The core difference between single-weft and multiple-weft is the thickness.

Single-weft extensions typically have one-layer hair, while multiple-weft extensions deliver at least double layers of hair. This adds more volume to the extensions, but costumes might feel hot and discomfort during use.

The single-weft extensions are thinner and lighter than other multiple-weft products, allowing users to move around and participate in outdoor activities without worrying about weight.


What Should Wavy Hair Avoid?

Frizzles are the most common problems that people encounter with wavy hair extensions. It would be best to keep your hair extensions hydrated throughout the day to tackle these problems.

Try not to use shampoo with a high amount of sulfates as it can thoroughly wash away the sebum oil from your scalp, leading to hair drying over time.

Should You Brush Wavy Hair?

The improper brush can cause pressure on the hair strands, making them pull out and destroy the wave texture.

You should only brush wavy hair when the hair is damp with conditioner.

First, use your fingers to detangle and gently brush the hair from the bottom up. Consider using a wide-tooth comb to have the best result.

Should Wavy Hair Have Layers?

Adding layers to your wavy hairstyle can look good if you have medium to thick hair. Layers can further add movement and character to waves while reducing some of the weight of your hair.


Ivirgo Hair Factory guarantees to fulfill any hairdressing requirement while providing high-end products and customer services. You can access our website to explore more interesting products. Thank you for reading!

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