22 inches clip ins straight piano 4 27



22 inches clip-ins straight piano is always distinguished by the convenience of expressing style to the user. Besides, this hair model also brings a higher naturalness than other wig versions. The following is detailed and specific information about our hair samples.  

Product Features

The 22-inch clip-ins straight piano will include specific hair length, color, and design characteristics. This product will generally have distinct differences, but the hair structure still ensures inherent naturalness like the versions we provided before. 


You will have many options for specific lengths, from 6 inches to 32 inches. Accordingly, anyone who loves short or long hair can use this product. 

Initially, you can apply it with long hair; after a while, you can design arbitrary lengths for your hair. The machinists are constantly creating conditions for you to have the best experience. 

One hair length shopping tip for you is to choose the length of the clip-ins model that is always longer than your actual hair. 

Because if you choose a short size, the natural hair will be exposed, causing a loss of aesthetics and naturalness of the hair. 


We continuously develop the color element based on the naturalness of traditional hair. The 22-inch clip-ins straight piano 4 27 will be black or dark. 

Of course, you can completely change the color or bleach your hair to a lighter color if desired. Everyone has a different style and preference for colors. 

When dyed in other colors, natural hair will be more beautiful than bleached hair. That’s why Ivirgo Hair Factory always prioritize dark colors in our original wig models.


We not only create a variety of lengths and colors, but we also focus on developing different hair levels for you. All include models from 5A to 9A. 

Of course, the higher the grade of hair, the higher the price and quality will be. With this variety, you can more choose a version that suits your needs better. 

In particular, you only need to spend a small amount of money to be able to own the best hair. We always target all users with different financial conditions, with no exception with a lot of money or a little money. 


Finally is the hair weight. We also have our policies. I will use 100gr/bundle as the standard. We have researched and selected weights for a long time, and the above average is guaranteed for your comfort. 

However, if you desire a different specification, we will still accommodate your needs through the order. Initially, we always try to create the best conditions and diversify the customer experience.  


Is 100g enough for a full head?

With 100g of hair, you can still cover your entire head. However, this parameter is essential, so you only have a moderate hair thickness. If you are hoping for more hair thickness, more than 100g is needed. You may have to equip up to 150g of hair.

In general, depending on the thickness and size of the head, you will have different weights. Notably, do not choose a hair model that is too thick because you will feel uncomfortable when your head becomes heavy. 

Will clip-ins fall out?

Clip-ins falling out during operation is no longer strange to many people. In general, the cause of this dilemma is installing the clamp incorrectly. A few other reasons could be that you did not choose the correct cutting position. 

Specifically, the clip is uneven between positions on the hair. In addition, other reasons come from the manufacturer’s design. 

Choose a reputable hair brand to fix it, and ask someone else to help clip your hair to limit visibility errors. If you have a problem with clip-ins, quickly reattach or remove all the wigs to avoid tangling and unsightly hair. 

Can you wear a ponytail with tape-in extensions?

The answer is yes. If you like the ponytail, the 22-inch clip-ins straight piano 4 27 can still satisfy you. In the extension, we always install adhesive tape for you to use your hair tie wherever you are. 

If not in use, you can hide the tape. In short, we always prioritize the most flexible style of tying and letting your hair down. However, you must ensure that the installation of the tapes is correct so as not to have unwanted hair problems. It is still best to have support from a professional. 

Can you wear clip-ins every day? 

You can carry clip-ins on your head every day if you like. Our design is highly safe, so you don’t have to worry about your scalp problems. 

The tip to better protect the scalp is not to use a wig while sleeping. In addition, you still have to do periodic cleaning every week to keep the hair from sticking. 

Pay attention to maintaining the hair if you use it regularly to avoid wear and tear and reduce the original quality of the hair. 


Here are the specs and detailed review regarding 22 inches clip ins straight piano 4 27. This information will help you to consider the best option for you.

If you have questions, leave a comment below to receive the earliest reply.

Thank you for reading!

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