22 inchesstraight u tipspiano 12 16 hotshade



Piano color U-shaped hair extensions are becoming popular among young users. 

Therefore, 22 inches straight u-tips piano 12 16 hot shades are one of the most prominent products at Ivirgo Hair Factory

We are proud to be the address that provides straight U-tips with piano color effects and impressive volume. 

Product Features

There are many reasons why investing in 22 inches straight u-tips piano 12 16 hot shade certainly won’t let you down. This hair extension model is durable and of good quality, giving users the most fashionable, outstanding look. 


One of the most prominent advantages of this hair extension is the impressive color scheme. This piano hair model is a natural combination but still trendy colors. We always strive to provide products with vertical color combinations in the most aesthetically pleasing way. 

Your layers will be different colors, giving you a unique look. You get a striking color effect when you move to cause your hair to sway. And you can attract more attention when bleaching and dyeing your hair. 

Remember to use hair care shampoo and conditioner after styling to get the beautiful piano color wig. 


Ivirgo Hair Factory offers 22inches long natural straight u-tips piano hair. This length is ideal for giving the user a glamorous and luxurious look. 

You can also freely curl your hair for a stunning look. 22 inches is long enough to be creative without worrying about your extensions being too short for your natural hair. 


Ivirgo Hair Factory announced that 22 inches straight u-tips piano 12 16 hot shade materials is high-quality Remy hair. This hair type is cut directly from the donor’s hair, so the cuticle is intact and even. 

With the same impressive quality of materials as above, our U-shaped hair extensions have a reasonably natural shine and superior durability compared to the competition. 


The structural feature of the U-Tips extension is the cuticle, and its horn tip is quite stiff. You can trim the top of the horn to remove excess horny matter.

Stylists are fond of hair extensions with hard horns like the above. This unique structure limits the adverse effects that curlers and styling machines cause. 


You can take advantage of 22 inches straight u-tips piano 12 16 hot shade in many ways. Of course, you might immediately use this extension or make some adjustments for a different look. 

You hardly have difficulty bleaching, dyeing your hair, shortcutting, or curling.


What are the advantages of U-tip hair extensions?

It is no coincidence that U-Tips is one of the most popular hair extensions today. 

This hair extension model possesses many impressive advantages, including natural styling, space for hair movement, easy styling, and durability. And it can be customized according to your style. 

In particular, u tips are one of the most effortless and natural hair extensions. You only need to attach the strands near the hairline, creating links that are almost impossible to detect. 

Can I wear tip extensions if I have fine/thin hair?

You can use hair extensions if you have thin hair. Because compared to using clips, hair extensions bring more natural beauty. Unlike bulky clips, this method does not cause hair damage, breakage, or baldness. 

How do you apply for tip extensions? Can I do it myself?

You can mount your tip extension at home. One of the easiest methods of attaching tip extensions is using heat. This method will use just enough heat to bond the hairs without breaking the bonds. 

Should hair extensions be lighter or darker than my natural hair?

For the most natural look, you should choose an extension hair color about 2-3 tones lighter than your natural hair. 12-16 hot shade is quite a color to consider.

This extraordinary combination of primary colors will suit many different styles, helping you stand out and express your personality. 

Should this 22-inch hair extension be cut short?

You can cut hair extensions, but incorrect manipulation will accidentally damage the original structure of the hair. After being cut short, even some hair models will lose the smooth, bouncy they once loved.


For many years to come, 22 inches straight u-tips piano 12 16 hot shade is still the most popular hair extension model. 

With unique color effects and high-quality materials, users are sure to be satisfied with the experience that this hair model brings. 

If you have any related questions, remember to comment in the section below for us to respond promptly. Thank you for reading!


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