24 inches straight flattips ombre 8c 18c



If you are looking for a high-quality hair extension with a unique color, then 24 inches straight flat tips ombre 8c 18c will be the most suitable choice.

These models are a harmonious combination of hair conditioner and distinctive ombre tones. You will certainly become more remarkable with these products.

Let’s check out the information about this impressive straight flat tips ombre 8c 18c model from Ivirgo Hair Factory. This knowledge will help you a lot in choosing the right products.

Product Features

24 inches straight flat tips ombre 8c 18c possesses excellent build quality in many elements. So it’s not surprising that this hairstyle is one of our most popular and loved products. Like many others, you will not regret choosing this ombre hairstyle.

At Ivirgo Hair Factory, we always try to bring you a variety of hair extensions for the smoothest and strongest hair. So, immediately refer to the information below to know how good straight flat tips ombre 8c 18c is.


For 24 inches straight flat tips ombre 8c 18c, we only use natural hair from contributors from different countries.

This product line does not use harsh chemicals to create or preserve. Therefore, the beauty of each curl is always the most natural.

The hair quality will also be somewhat poorer by not using chemical substances for processing. So you can only manipulate or style a little. But in other respects, this feature makes straight flat tips ombre more health-friendly.


The most characteristic feature of this hairline lies in the ombre color with the ability to create a change of shades. That’s why you will stand out from the crowd with hair that can attract any look.

In addition, you can color correct or bleach the ombre of 24 inches straight flat tips ombre 8c 18c if you want to change the style. At this point, the original color of the hair will appear. Despite having such a striking appearance, the actual color of the hair is still black or dark brown, the basic shades of human hair.


Regarding quality factors, 24 inches straight flat tips ombre 8c 18c is equal to any product on the market. Each curl must undergo a lengthy screening process with strict standards to reach customers.

Therefore, the hair model you will use to make yourself more beautiful will have a durable structure, straight hair, and no split ends.

Even breakage will not appear on this quality hair extension. The texture of the hair is also strong enough for us to style in the styles we love.


True to its name, this product has an average length of 24 inches from the base to the tip. With this size, 24 inches straight flat tips ombre 8c 18c will be suitable for us to let loose or create highly complex hairstyles. If you are a lover of short hair, you should consider it carefully before choosing this hair extension.

In addition, the deviation from the average length of natural hair can cause some people to feel uncomfortable because hair roots tend to stab the body, causing an itching sensation.

Shipping services

With 24 inches straight flat tips ombre 8c 18c, the product will reach you in less than 5 working days.

We have cooperation with many large shipping companies such as UPS and DHL to make deliveries every day of the week.

You need to press the order button, fill in the information and wait for the package to appear at your door.


Can you wear 24 inches straight flat tips ombre 8c 18c without ombre hair?

Ombre hair extensions are pretty challenging to combine with one-color hair. The differences in chroma will appear and reduce their beauty.

But there are some exceptions, so you can use 24 inches straight flat tips ombre 8c 18c without worrying about the above problems.

It is when you have short or medium hair. In this case, when connecting the ombre hair, it will be difficult to see the gap between the natural hair color and the hair color, as in long hair.

What is the difference between ombre and Balayage?

Although users tend to confuse ombre with Balayage, there are many apparent differences between the two.

The ombre is composed of horizontal brightener and maximum saturation. These elements will combine to disperse the line. In contrast, Balayage uses minor cuts to paint the hair surface.


There’s no denying the impressive 24 inches straight flat tips ombre 8c 18c. If you also realize the same, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and order now. Thank you for following this post! 


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