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At Ivirgo Hair Factory, we develop a variety of hairstyles with different colors to bring an attractive hair extension collection for customers to choose from. 

Our hair salon can fully satisfy any hair color you want. This post reviews the 24 Inches Straight I Tips Color 24c quality. This style is a hair extension that many customers choose because of its vivid and attractive colors. 

Let’s check it out together! 


You want to change yourself with vibrant and outstanding hair colors, so 24 Inches Straight I Tips Color 24c is the best choice. 

The hair has a unique and impressive platinum smoke color, which makes you more memorable in the crowd. 

Compared to the platinum versions using dye bleach, our products give more accurate and vibrant colors. Health and luster are also often better than products sold today. 

The product is made from natural human hair, allowing it to withstand high temperatures and common bleaching chemicals. 

Accordingly, you can freely change your desired hairstyle and hair color. 

Different from the usual tones, this color version is especially useful for transitioning to brighter colors and does not need to use harmful chemicals. 

Yet, it should be available wisely. Take care of your hair and minimize chemical use to maintain long-term health for your hair. 


With this product, we prefer to develop the 24-inch version because it is suitable for the needs of the majority of customers today. It is perfect for giving users long, shiny, and vibrant hair. 

It is not feasible to produce in other length segments, as most of the hairs we collect are pretty long, which cannot be in shortcut to creating the desired hairstyles. 


Hair has a natural straight texture and quickly transforms into many desired hairstyles, be it a high bun, wavy, or whatever you like. 

Different from the packaging in many products, with this hair model, we choose to divide it into many smaller tubes. Thus, it will be more convenient for you to use and take care of. 


Because it is natural hair, collected and processed from many different sources, these hairs are thin and light. 

On average, each finished hair bundle will be in a 100g pack, including many separate small tubes. That way, it will be easier for you to divide and use at different times. 

In addition, we also serve orders with larger weight requirements depending on the customer’s wishes. 

Every month, we supply to the market about 1000 – 2000kg of hair with standard quality and reputation for users. 


Over the years, we have constantly been trying and striving to improve our shipping service to speed up the delivery of your order to your correct address. 

On average, about every 2 – 5 days, you will successfully receive your order. In case of any problems or unexpected problems, our customer service department will directly contact and refund the actual value of the order to you. 

So please rest assured and continue to support us! 


Is hair suitable for black people?

No, it is not. This hairstyle is not for people with dark skin. It quickly dulls the skin and makes your face ugly and unrefined. This unique hair color should only be used for white, blonde, or slightly brunette people. 

If you like this product too much, you can completely dye them into your favorite colors and match your black skin.

Can I curl my hair?

It is entirely possible to curl your hair when using this product. It is recommended to use tools with moderate heat and combine them with an intensive curling conditioner. This one will help keep the curl longer and ensure it does not affect the hair’s health. 

Does hair extension take a long time?

The specific hair extension time will depend on the number of hair extensions and the area you choose to connect. 

It will usually take quite a while. On average, it will take about 10-15 hours or even a day with the number of permanent hair extensions. 

Hair extension is relatively tricky, so only some addresses can satisfy you. Take the time to learn carefully about reputable establishments to soon have full and bouncy hair extensions!

Should I cut my hair short?

Do not cut your hair short because it will destroy the finished texture of the hair. Accordingly, your hair will quickly become damaged and reduce its resistance to external factors, typically the sun. 

What are the harmful effects of regular bleaching?

Regular hair bleaching on the hair extension base will seriously affect your hair health. It will make your hair tangled, broken, and unable to absorb the necessary nutrients. In the long run, your hair will disappear. 


Hopefully, the detailed reviews about the 24 Inches Straight I Tips Color 24c features above will help you better understand the product and decide to buy it. 

Read the article, and remember to leave feedback after use. 

Thank you for reading!

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